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Squid Jackpot! achievement in Halo MCC

Squid Jackpot!

H3: ODST: Beat the par score on Kikowani Station.

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How to unlock the Squid Jackpot! achievement

  • shinyshirtheroshinyshirthero361,303
    09 Jun 2015 10 Jun 2015
    48 5 9
    This was the only level i didn't manage to pick up after my legendary and co op legendary runs so i wanted to share how i got this.

    Ok so i set it to legendary and then put on Famine and Thunderstorm. As you will be in Banshees and picking up weapons from crates (which aren't affected by famine) and Thunderstorm on Halo 3 and ODST doesn't really do much - definitely put these on.

    Now you will also want to put on Tilt (or alternatively tough luck). I think i chose Tilt as personally i hate tough luck as it makes overcharge PPing brutes a nightmare. I also didn't go with catch as i found the first area horrible! I would recommend Tilt though.

    Now the absolute key to getting the points on this mission is.... Destroy all the spare banshees after you leave a section. I think i was getting at least 800 points for each one.

    Tips wise for the only room you have to fight on foot in if you go straight across from the door then there is a box of snipers and carbines at the base of the stairs. Also make sure you find and overcharge PP the engineer.

    In the end on this mission i was well over double the time but i finished with about 55,000 points or so. Hope this helps someone. With this setup it was pretty easy to get the score in my first attempt.

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    Turtleman951Man tried it awhile ago but missed it by a few points. Now looks like they changed it so blowing up unoccupied vehicle doesn't grant points. Any tips for doing this on heroic?
    Posted by Turtleman951 on 19 Oct 20 at 19:12
    Turtleman951An update for anyone trying this in the future- blowing up unused banshees no longer works. It used to but the latest odst update takes it out. I'm nothing special when it comes to halo so I had trouble with this but I eventually did it on Heroic with thunderstorm, famine, and catch. I tried to hurry as much as I could through the level but heres what worked for me. (just fyi my memory might be hazy on some of this)

    Start of level, kill grunts for plasma pistol, kill turret and jackals, get a banshee, kill everything while phantom loads up with the boys. Waited at the door, flew past banshees, blew up watch tower, and flew past tank, killed banshee in new space, opened the door, went back to kill the tank and a few engineers, moving on, blew up phantom by blowing up the thing below it, get into new space with two anti air tanks. Killed both tanks for points went on foot into room. The room where you're out of the banshee here was tough, best advice is to head to the right immediately for health and 4 fully charged plasma pistols. Try your best to be quick about it. Open new door head to the far left and get in banshee. Kill the banshees flying around, kill the scarab, fly to the end. Took me quite a few tries but I finished with a few thousand points above what was needed
    Posted by Turtleman951 on 25 Oct 20 at 18:58
    Turtleman951One other hint- unmanned turrets and tanks don't net points either. So I'd wait to kill them until something got in them. For the turrets, blast them with your fuel rod bomb. I found shooting them with the plasma turret ended up killing the grunt inside. 2 blasts was enough to kill turret and grunt for big points
    Posted by Turtleman951 on 25 Oct 20 at 19:08
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  • SmallerHydra54SmallerHydra5469,045
    17 Jan 2021 19 Jan 2021 19 Jan 2021
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    Did this on Heroic, with Iron, Famine, and Catch skulls on. Most of it will be in a Banshee, so thrown grenades won't affect you too much. Remember to use save scumming to deal with Iron. Empty vehicles do not give you points. You may also want to wait until someone gets into a turret before destroying it for the same reason. Most of the open areas have spare Banshees, so get one if yours is too torn up. Finally, don't take too long. Time will be your enemy on this.

    In the beginning, drop the Grunts with your pistol. I then picked up the shotgun lying there, but if you don't like it then ignore it. Straight across from is a weapons crate with two Beam Rifles. Since they are in the crate, they aren't affected by Famine. Use it to pick off the remaining Covenant ground forces. You should be able to get all of them with both Rifles. Another nearby crate has the Brute Shot, so if you want you can grab that. One of the Grunts had a Fuel Rod Gun, definitely take it. Once you have whatever weapon combo you prefer, get in a Banshee. One balcony has a Jackal sniper, another has Brutes with shots and Grunts with Fuel Rod Guns. Waste them all. Then land on that rooftop and collect ammo for your FRG. Destroy the ground forces and Shades, and as said above, letting units get in the Shades before destroying them is what will get you points.

    Once the tunnel opens, two Banshees come out. Waste them both and head into the tunnel destroying the sniper tower in the process. In the back section, there are ground forces and an unoccupied Wraith. If you wait a bit, a Brute should get in the Wraith. This is more dangerous, but also allows more points. Your call.

    Back outside, a Phantom is deploying an Engineer Recharge station. If you destroy the "squid house" it will detonate the engineers the Phantom still has, which might let you destroy it. In any case, quickly destroy all enemy units. Remember that you need to open this door.

    Another tunnel, a few ground enemies, and a Phantom deploying a squid house. This Phantom you should always be able to kill. Back outside, one AA Wraith to your right, one Phantom deploying a squid house in front of you, another Phantom behind it dropping a second AA Wraith. The Phantoms escaped from me, but you should destroy the AA Wraiths before your team can. A balcony once again has Grunts with FRGs, so be careful about them but collect the ammo once they're dead.

    Once again, you need to open the door, and this time you need to go into the tunnel on foot to clear it out. This is probably the hardest part. There are Brutes, Jackals, Stalkers, a Chieftain, and an Engineer. The Engineer will of course give them more shields, and the Chieftain has Invincibility as an Armor Ability. Either kill the Engineer or lure enemies away from it. If you quickly run up and fire your FRG into the initial mass, you should get several of them and detonate the plasma crates. Otherwise, just be careful and kill them all. The building at the entrance of the tunnel has a health pack, the override is in the building near the end.

    Once done, back in your Banshee. Through the Tunnel a Scarab is waiting for you, along with Phantoms and squid houses. Fire at the squid house in front, and you should be able to kill that Phantom. Destroying the others should clear out other ground forces, and might damage the Scarab. There are also two Banshees flying around to attack you. Be very careful about switching Banshees out here, the Scarab might fire at you. Even if it doesn't kill you, it might send you new Banshee flying away before you can get it. Kill the Scarab as fast as you can, as you're probably over time by now. Then get to the door and open it. Fly in and blow up the closest squid house to trigger the cutscene.

    I was overtime by the time I finished, but I was able to get enough points. I will admit it was close however, so you really can't afford to waste time.
  • EditedAardvark0EditedAardvark020,320
    19 Jul 2021 19 Jul 2021 20 Jul 2021
    2 0 1
    I wasn't quick enough on Heroic, so I went the hard way and did it on Legendary with Catch, Famine, Iron, Thunderstorm, and Tilt skulls for a total multiplier of 9.88x. I tried the Mythic skull as I planned on noob-comboing everyone anyway, but even on Heroic that skull made Banshees and Engineers nigh-invulnerable so it was just not worth it.

    Catch turns Grunts into automatic grenade launchers, so headshot them ASAP with your pistol in the beginning section. The good news is that Catch also affects Mickey and he will also spam grenades at the Covenant. Swap your AR for a plasma pistol (there's a rack of them beside the Grunts) and noob-combo every Brute. I suggest not destroying mounted plasma turrets as Grunts and Brutes are attracted to them like moths to a flame and when they're using them they cannot dodge, which lets you easily headshot/noob-combo them. Shoot fusion coils if there are enemies near them; you might get lucky and kill a Grunt or a Jackal (which counts towards your score).

    Kill every Engineer you see! They're worth a lot of points. Kill as many piloted Banshees and Shade turrets as you can as vehicles are worth lots of points too. Keep in mind that only piloted vehicles give points! When engaging Covenant troops in your Banshee, stay far away to avoid their fire and grenades and spam Banshee bombs + plasma fire. Splatter them at your own risk; I stopped trying after I flew right into a power drain that made me drop into the water.

    Noob combo everyone when on foot, including the Jackals if you can't get them to expose their heads. I tried to lure the Brute Chieftain out of the jammed door so I could kill him with my Banshee (which was what I managed to do in a previous run), but this time he got stuck in his running animation behind the jammed door, so I went back in and melee'd him in the back.

    I could have finished the level with 70k+ points, but choked hard after the on-foot section and kept dying when trying get a Banshee. The Scarab beam kept knocking the Banshee into me which killed me multiple times. I eventually gave up and went back to the previously jammed door to get my old Banshee and flew straight to the final locked door, without destroying the Scarab. Don't wait for it to fully open as the Scarab will kill you. Go in through the human-sized doors after they open and there will be a Banshee to your right. I finished with 50k points in 17 minutes.
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    FosterJag15Now that the empty vehicles don't count for points, I think this is the way to do it. I easily got all the other par scores with skulls on heroic, but wasn't able to on this mission.
    I played on legendary with catch, famine, iron, and tough luck, finished in 16 minutes and ended with 54k points.
    Thanks for the great advice!
    Posted by FosterJag15 on 29 Jul at 21:41
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