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Mean Streets of New Mombasa

H3: ODST: Complete every level of the game on Legendary difficulty.

Mean Streets of New Mombasa0
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  • vDANEvvDANEv73,912
    08 Jun 2015 29 Jun 2015
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    It looks like the last solution was deleted for some reason. It wasn't mine but I'm happy to share what I know.

    Obviously this is to beat every level of the game on legendary difficulty. It is stackable so completing the game on legendary should unlock the achievements for completing the game on Heroic, Normal, and Easy difficulties.

    If you complete each mission and the achievement(s) don't unlock and you are sure you've met the requirements, log on to your Halo Waypoint account. From there go to your profile, and then look at your ODST service record. If there is not a time, score, or legendary symbol next a level, that is the level you need to redo.
    I'm not entirely sure what causes this glitch but I think it has to do with dying too much in a level, or quitting in the middle of the mission. Good luck and I hope this solution works.
  • PiCkLE SQU1DPiCkLE SQU1D849,225
    06 Nov 2017 02 Nov 2017
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    Halo 3: ODST is the shortest and probably easiest out of the Halo: Master Chief Collection. There are a few achievements which require completing the game on Legendary anyways so you might as well focus on them.

    1) You must beat the game under 3 hours on Legendary. You probably will end up getting this by playing in coop or going through the game quickly by yourself.

    2) You must also beat the game finishing one of the two LASO playlists. Once of the LASO playlists does not include the Mombasa streets as well as the Prologue and Epilogue which you must complete.

    3) There is also an achievement for completing 3 playlists. Since the LASO Playlist is one of them, there is also one for completing a Legendary playlist which will count as a 2nd one. So if you wanted to, you could do the Legendary Playlist while speed running through it to make progress for multiple achievements.

    NOTE: To be on the safe side and making sure this achievement unlocks, complete the Prologue, Mombasa Streets & Epilogue on Legendary difficulty.

    Below is a Legendary playlist link, a Legendary speedrun playlist link & a LASO playlist link. Follow these videos if you should get stuck at a certain part.

    Legendary Walkthrough:


    Legendary Speedrun:


    Halo 3: ODST LASO:

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