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Déjà Vu achievement in Halo MCC

Déjà Vu

H3: ODST: Complete Coastal Highway on 4-player Legendary co-op, with Iron and no 'Hog or Scorpion.

Déjà Vu0
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How to unlock the Déjà Vu achievement

  • Kiwi SoldierKiwi Soldier529,936
    01 Jun 2015 01 Jun 2015
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    First thing is first, get together three of your mates so that you can begin a four-player co-op game. Set your difficulty to Legendary of course, and play the final level in the campaign 'Coastal Highway'. Be sure to also turn on the Iron skull (this causes the entire team to reset to a checkpoint whenever a person dies).

    This is going to take a lot of patience, lol.

    Best way is to keep on keeping on with your four players, who I recommend be ably skilled at Halo. Be sure not to run and gun into heated fights with brutes, and vehicles.

    For the tip that'll make it all that much easier, once you reach the highway, don't take the Warthogs (or Scorpions) obviously and proceed on foot. In the middle of the highway up ahead is an off-ramp, take this down and you'll find a nice cache of two Mongoose and four rocket launchers with a ludicrous amount of ammo (998 in reserve, to be exact).

    Now there's only one thing to do, push on and try your hardest. Be patient and just try to milk checkpoints cause it'll make this all that much easier.

    As noted above, Hogs and Scorpions are a no-no, though if you stumble across an abandoned Ghost or perhaps the aforementioned stashed Mongeese, then you're entitled to those. So good luck and hopefully this has been marginally helpful.


    Full credit to The Dear Hunter for this guide

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    Mr ShaggersI'm looking for a group to complete this and/or Annual as well. GT: Mr Shaggers
    Posted by Mr Shaggers on 03 Nov at 03:14
    Mr ShaggersI'm looking for a group to complete this and/or Annual as well. GT: Mr Shaggers
    Posted by Mr Shaggers on 04 Nov at 02:35
    Mr ShaggersI'm looking for a group to complete this and/or Annual as well. GT: Mr Shaggers
    Posted by Mr Shaggers on 06 Nov at 02:12
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  • YOOPER 906YOOPER 906953,445
    12 Nov 2017 02 Nov 2017
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    Here is a video guide by Achievement Hunter who has done a wonderful guide for this annoying achievement.

  • Foxarya ElenFoxarya Elen75,107
    16 May 2021 17 May 2021 17 May 2021
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    You can actually do this solo with 4 controllers or in my case 2 people with 2 controllers each.

    Just start the Coastal Highway mission in Legendary with Iron skull mixing up local coop with some online friend and you’re good to go.

    Just play with your normal controller and let the rest idle for the entire mission. I would advise to press jump every few minutes on the idle controllers so it doesn’t turn off, it pop ups a warning to plug it in again and may get you killed during an important firefight

    If you have some skill with any Halo in Legendary you should not have any problem getting through the first zone until you reach the Highway.

    Don’t ever jump into any Warthog or Scorpion, but Mongoose and Ghosts are permitted.

    When you get to the Highway, go straight into the first tunnel you encounter at the start and you will find a couple Rocket Launchers with almost 1000 missiles which should make your life a lot easier. There are also a couple of Mongoose.

    You should be able to power through the rest of the mission with these rocket launchers and have a lot of ammo still when it’s over

    Try and not get too far behind the truck (it tends to blow up if you get too far away)

    If you’re doing it solo you can pick up a Fuel Rod Cannon that one Grunt drops after you kill the first batch of enemies you encounter in the Highway, give it to Buck and get near him with a Mongoose so he jumps in. He should fire at everything he sees. You could also give him a Rocket Launcher but he fires it with a lot less cadence, making it a bit annoying.

    Another tip is every time you get at a door, don’t get in so it doesn’t open and wait for the Checkpoint to pop up. In some doors you can take your time and wipe out the Banshees. If Buck has a Fuel Rod he can help you destroy them.

    At the final firefight, take all your idle controllers and move them inside the building, normally enemies don’t enter this and won’t get killed. just go nuts with the Rocket Launcher with your normal controllers and at the end the achievement will pop up
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    StatManlyGreat solution, thank you.

    Confirmed. Did this "solo" today (2 xbox's 2 accounts 2 guests each account)

    I Put Buck in the back of a mongoose, with a rocket launcher. Kinda useless, but he managed to kill a few ghosts.

    Definitely a pain, on the sections of highway where there are 6+ ghosts and banshees, but it is doable. A bit of luck and get out of the mongoose a few times to kill ghosts.

    Past the highway, final fight is a joke with your rockets.
    Posted by StatManly on 01 Aug at 21:10
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