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Safety Not Guaranteed achievement in Halo MCC

Safety Not Guaranteed

H3: ODST: Complete a Halo 3: ODST LASO Campaign playlist.

Safety Not Guaranteed-0.6
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How to unlock the Safety Not Guaranteed achievement

  • PingyPingy818,188
    31 May 2015 05 Jun 2015 13 Jun 2015
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    For this achievement you can choose between 2 playlists.

    Select either LASO Non Stop Action or SLASO Campaign, obviously Non Stop Action will be the go to playlist as there's less missions and you can play co-op.

    Follow these videos and hopefully you won't have too much trouble:

    I'll update this guide as the videos go live

    Prepare to Drop:

    Mombasa Streets:

    Tayari Plaza:

    Uplift Reserve:

    Kizingo Boulevard:

    ONI Alpha Site:

    NMPD HQ:

    Kikowani Station:

    Data Hive:

    Coastal Highway:

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    zzDatsPOOPzzLooking to get this done with a group

    GT zzDatsPOOPzz
    Posted by zzDatsPOOPzz on 08 Aug 21 at 21:27
    WARSCAR200Looking for someone that could share the epilogue. My game glitched and wouldn’t give the achievement
    Posted by WARSCAR200 on 15 Mar at 14:58
    Bridge188All these videos are private now?
    Posted by Bridge188 on 04 Sep at 21:26
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  • SweetJoey106831SweetJoey106831472,635
    07 Jun 2015 08 Jun 2015 31 May 2019
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    Edited 5/30/19 to remove corrupted video.

    Okay, so I've noticed the LASO checkpoint sharing threads are still getting a lot of attention, and while the Halo 1-4 LASO playlists are near-impossible for most of us without the checkpoint share, the ODST playlist is significantly easier (though still a definite challenge). Note from the start that this is not a checkpoint sharing method guide!

    First things first -- There are two ODST LASO playlists, but you are going to want to choose LASO NON STOP ACTION, as it is the shortest and easiest of the two. Next, decide whether you want to do this solo or with a team. There are pros and cons to both choices. Some are claiming that playing with a group does not guarantee all members the achievement. While I can't confirm this from personal experience, you can read about others' experiences here: ODST LASO checkpoint

    If you choose to play solo, you will be sacrificing additional firepower and experience. However, you will only have to worry about your own deaths, not your teammates'. Playing solo also gives you the ability to speed through a lot of the game. IF YOU CHOOSE TO PLAY SOLO, it is important to note the IRON SKULL WORKAROUND. If you die for any reason, press Start --> Save and Quit --> Resume. This will allow you to restart at your last checkpoint instead of starting back at the beginning of the mission. Sure, there will be load times, but they will give your nerves a much-needed break. As many know, you could just hook up a second controller to revert back to previous checkpoints, but then you risk loading your guest account into dangerous areas.

    Whether you've decided to play solo or in a group, it's time to prepare. Here are some tips that will make things significantly easier for you and your friends. Keep these tips in mind throughout your run.

    1. Load up the mission NMPD HQ (not LASO) and place a piece of scotch tape or a sticky note over the sniper rifle's reticle. Now, GENTLY trace the circle onto the piece of scotch tape, etc. Now, you will have a make-shift reticle to help increase firing accuracy. If you get into a vehicle, your reticle will be about an inch above your gun reticle. I suggest you do the same for your vehicles, if necessary.

    2. Always keep an eye out for plasma pistols and beam rifles. These are must-haves for this playlist. Make good use of your ammo, because the Famine Skull will be active, giving you and your teammates less ammo than before. Plasma charges will strip brutes of their shields immediately, and beam rifles will take their shields down in two to three shots, depending on placement (aim for the head, obviously laugh).

    3. Use your best judgment as far as which sections should be run through and which should be taken slowly. Likewise, some sections of the game require you to kill every enemy before advancing, while some are timer-based. For instance, toward the beginning of ONI Alpha Site, you can wait at the bottom of the stairs after killing a minimal amount of enemies, walk toward the door that needs to open, and bypass a large remainder of enemies. Toward the end of ONI Alpha Site, however, you must kill all the enemies before getting on the elevator. Choose your firefights carefully, and explore your options.

    4. If you find yourself in a pickle, remember that some of your AI teammates are invincible, and they fire an infinite amount of bullets, no matter what gun they're using! Hand the invincible guys the Spartan Laser or Rocket Launcher, and sit back and watch the show!

    5. Follow a guide. I found a fantastic video guide created by Halo Completionist that highlights several helpful hints and routes for completing missions. Note that he is running the playlist SOLO. He repeats some of the tips I have already mentioned, but will provide more specific help along the way. Shoot him a "like" if the videos help!

    6. Lastly, don't be intimidated, and take your run one mission at a time. If you are running solo, remember the Iron Skull workaround I mentioned. This LASO playlist isn't near as bad as the others, so don't feel like you can't do it! If you are getting frustrated, take a short break and come back to it. Good luck!


    Here is Halo Completionist's LASO guide:

    M1: Prepare To Drop (opening cinematic)

    M2: Tayari Plaza

    M3: Uplift Reserve

    M4: Kizingo Boulevard

    M5: ONI Alpha Site

    M6: NMPD HQ

    M7: Kikowani Station

    M8: Data Hive

    M9: Coastal Highway

    M10: Epilogue (closing cinematic)

    I hope this guide helps someone out there. Let me know if there is anything I missed or could add to help. Good luck!
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