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Reach Round 30 in Carrier.

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  • Bill4482Bill4482132,071
    03 Jun 2015 03 Jun 2015
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    Got this playing solo--make sure early on you get the new weapon LZ-52 Limbo. This will be your main gun throughout the run. The main area I camped in was the cargo hold--I just ran in circles around the map getting large trains of zombies and then using the LZ-52 to mow them down. Just make sure you don't waste ammo and use it when you get a larger group of zombies. Since the LZ slices zombies in half you'll almost always be guaranteed a crawler at the end of the round. With one or more crawlers left make sure you upgrade the LZ at least once per round in the later stages in the armory room (will refill ammo when you do this) and make sure to get all orbital drops. For the bomb diffusing make sure you get to the bomb area as fast as possible and spray the LZ-52 at the soldiers as quickly as you can. They will drop a camouflage icon every time you kill one giving you enough time to diffuse the bomb and then make a b-line back to the cargo hold. For infection rounds I tried running the trains as long as possible in the cargo room and retreated to the moon room when I would get infected. Then just run trains in the moon room and if you get infected again just cure yourself until the round ends.
    Toward the later rounds you'll need to start using the LZ the entire time so make sure you have enough money saved in case you need to run to the armory for a quick ammo refill and upgrade.
    Good luck!
  • Col CoffeeCol Coffee106,678
    05 Jun 2015 06 Jun 2015
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    There are a few things to do for this achievement in order to make it simple.

    First of all, I suggest getting as many perks as possible, preferably Health and Medic if on solo. Also, try to get yourself some Distraction Drones as well as the new Stockpile perk to get additional Drones.

    If you want to do this on your own, a couple of good places to train are in the Moon Pool and in Cargo. The reason for these two areas are because they offer plenty of open space, they both have traps available for use and they both have a wall weapon that you can purchase and upgrade to which you will have unlimited ammo whenever you need it.

    In the interest of making this as simple as possible, here is a couple of glitches that we have found to be quite useful. The links below will lead you to our Youtube Channel.

    (We don't recommend using these glitches in public matches for the sake of banning possibilities, however, the achievement can be obtained from private matches which are fine.)

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