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Flotsam & Jetsam achievement in Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare

Flotsam & Jetsam

Sink the boat in Carrier.

Flotsam & Jetsam0
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How to unlock the Flotsam & Jetsam achievement

  • coreymawfcoreymawf96,962
    04 Jun 2015 03 Jun 2015 01 Jul 2015
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    Completing this easter egg will END THE GAME you are playing

    You must have the Supremacy DLC pack. Load up Exo Zombies > Carrier.

    The youtube video at the bottom of this guide is all you should really need,
    however I have still included the steps in detail below.

    This IS possible solo or in co-op.
    There are no variations between the solo and co-op method.

    ---SOLO & CO-OP METHOD---

    In my opinion, this easter egg is easier in co-op.

    Remember to keep 2 or 3 zombies alive at the end of the rounds to allow you to more efficiently complete the steps without having to worry about killing.

    Open your way to the Armory then Lift then Cargo as soon as possible. Equip your exo suit. Head back to the Armory and buy Teleport Grenades off the wall. Head back to Cargo and activate chompy (the cleansweep robot) by interacting with the panel on the wall then immediately launch a teleport grenade into the room where chompy comes from and immediately activate the generator on the left of the room by interacting with it (if you miss you can try again before chompy goes back in or wait for the cooldown and activate him again).

    2. GRENADE DISPOSAL - pad #1
    NB: You can now also start working on weapon disposal for step 3 while doing step 2.
    Head to the armory. There should now be red lights to the right of the grenade disposal plinko board. Buy contact grenades off the wall as they will make this step easier and can be bought again to refill them. To use the grenade disposal plinko machine you must simply launch a grenade into the hole above the plinko board. Launch one teleport grenade into the hole and the grenade dropper will move to the left and a display cycling through different types of explosive equipment will appear on it. Launching a standard frag grenade or contact grenade into the hole will now drop out a piece of equipment onto the plinko matching what is displayed on the dropper. Launch grenades into the hole at the correct time so that the dropper drops grenades in the following order;

    ROW 1
    - Distraction Drone
    - Frag Grenade
    ROW 2
    Use a teleport grenade to move the grenade dropper to the left again
    - Explosive Drone
    - Distraction Drone
    - Explosisve Drone
    - Frag Grenade
    ROW 3
    Use a teleport grenade to move the grenade dropper to the left again
    - Explosive Drone
    - Nano Swarm
    - Explosive Drone
    - Distraction Drone
    - Explosive Drone
    - Frag Grenade

    Distraction Drone = Orange X with a red light
    Frag Grenade = ball covered in orange lights
    Explosive Drone = grey stick with a blue light
    Nano Swarm = ball covered with a glowing blue aura

    ...> distraction > frag > nano > explosive >...

    As this step can be difficult to memorise I recommend you either write this order down or keep this guide open. The machine resets every new round and gets increasingly more difficult every time you launch a grenade into it. When you do a grenade incorrectly simply input a frag grenade to reset it. When you complete a row correctly the frag will bounce over to the holder on the right and the red light will turn green. When all three rows are done correctly all three lights will be green and a data pad will now be ejected from a holder at the bottom right of the grenade disposal plinko board. Interact with it to take the data pad. The data pad should now appear in your inventory shown on the bottom left of your hud near your player security id card. Make your way to the Gun Deck and walk up to the vault door to the right of the teleporter and interact with it. A short audio log will play. Walk up to the vault door and hold x again when the audio log is finished and you will insert your data pad. You will know you have done this correctly when 2 of the 5 lights to the right of the door are green and a short audio log plays.

    3. DRUNKEN LAZ0RRZZZ - pad #2
    After activating the generator for step 1 you will have powered on the weapon disposal in the Armory (to the left of the contact grenades). This machine can be used by simpling walking up to it and interacting with it with a weapon in hand. The zombie arm will take your weapon and give you either 200 points or a piece for this easter egg. ANY gun can be traded in empty or full of ammo, from the wall or from the 3dprinter however I have had better luck attaining parts from 3dprinted guns. Trade guns into the weapon disposal until you receive a bottle which will then be permanently dropped on the floor to the right of the machine for your current game. If the weapon disposal zombie gives you parts of the fishing rod for the next step take them from the hand by walking up to it and interacting with it then add them to the fishing rod opposite the vault door on the gun deck by walking up to it and interacting with it. The fishing rod parts will be given in this order fishing reel > spool of red fishing line > hook. Once you have received the bottle and see it on the floor to the right of the machine open the door to the left of the machine to the Bio Lab then open the huge doors between the Bio Lab and Cargo then head down to the Moon Pool and open the door from the Moon Pool to the Hangar. You should now have a clear path from the weapon disposal machine through bio lab > cargo > lift > moon pool > hangar. Wait until the end of a round and keep a few zombies (if you're playing this coop have your friends train the remaining zombies for you to keep them away from you). If you're playing cooperatively ensure your teammates are not in any of the following areas while you attempt this step Cargo, Lift, Moon Pool, Hangar as this will cause you to fail the challenge. Walk up to the bottle near the weapon disposal and interact with it - this will make you 'drunk' and your players view will start pivoting making it hard to move - you will also not be able to properly sprint or exo dash and your movement speed is slowed dramatically. Head to the Bio Lab and press the keypad to the right of the cargo doors between the Bio Lab and Cargo - this will activate the laser grid challenge. You must then proceed through the following areas without touching any of the laser grid Cargo > Lift > Moon Pool > Hangar - there will be openings in the grid for you to make it there - the hardest part of this is the Cargo area where you have to double jump from one small opening in the grid to another (I use the path on the left the whole way and can do it first try now) and after that it's simply a matter of crouch walking, walking, mantling and hugging walls to avoid the lasers. The path through the laser field is fairly obvious but I recommend you watch the video below this written guide for reference anyway. Once you make it to the hangar and over or around the crate on the left you will come to the teleporter and on the ground directly in front of it will be the second data pad. walk up to it and interact with it to pick it up. The data pad should now appear in your inventory. The drunken effect will now wear off - proceed back to the vault at the Gun Deck and walk up to it and interact with it to insert the second data pad - 3 of 5 lights will now be green and a short audio log will play.

    4. LOST ISLAND - pad #3
    NB: You CAN start building the fishing rod while still working on step 3.
    Using the weapon disposal machine from step 2 proceed to swap out weapons until you receive all parts for the fishing rod - take them from the hand by walking up to it and interacting with it then add them to the fishing rod opposite the vault door on the gun deck by walking up to it and interacting with it. The fishing rod parts will be given in this order fishing reel > spool of red fishing line > hook. When all parts are added the rod will be built and for 100pts you will be able to fish by walking up to it and interacting with it.

    After completing step 3 when you kill a teleporting zombie OR teleporting dog it will ALWAYS drop a teleport fragment where they die (looks like a pyramid / half of a teleport grenade) which you can pick up by simply walking over it and it will then appear in your inventory. More than one player can pick up a teleport fragment at a time. Once you have a teleport fragment in your inventory head to the NOT lit up teleporter in the Bio Lab on the bottom floor to the left of the large zombie dog box. Walk up to this teleporter and interact with it to place your fragment in it - it will light up for a second and make a sound. You must repeat this with 20 total teleport fragments (as such this will take quite a few rounds so remember to keep upgrading weapons and buying all perks - see tips to survive at the bottom of this guide). You should be able to complete this step before round 20. Once you have filled the teleporter the blue light will stay constantly on indicating that it is ready for use. Head back to the fishing rod at the Gun Deck and 'Fish' until you receive a shovel. More than one player can have a shovel however only one is needed (but the more shovels the better for the next part). As many people as you'd like can go through the teleporter however you will NEED the person with the shovel to come through. When you use the teleporter you will be teleported to a small island and the person / people with the shovel(s) must then immediately dig up the sand all around the entire island as quickly as possible by spamming interact while looking at the ground until you hear a clink sound and a briefcase is uncovered which you then interact with to open and interact with again to collect the data pad from inside. If you fail to find the case you can simply wait for the teleporter to cooldown (takes about 30 seconds) however it will get increasingly more expensive for consecutive uses that round. The island is THE SAME ISLAND EVERY TIME you teleport to it that game so if you've definitely checked one area proceed to the next etc. or if you uncover the box but don't have time to open it when you go back it will still be there for you to open. Try to cover the ENTIRE island while digging (even the very edges of it) don't just dig in one area. The box has a pretty big hitbox so don't worry about digging every few centimetres - SPACE OUT WHERE YOU DIG AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! The data pad should now appear in your inventory. Proceed back to the vault at the Gun Deck and walk up to it and interact with it to insert the third data pad - 4 of 5 lights will now be green and a short audio log will play.

    Completing this step will also unlock a level 25 weapon upgrade machine on the gun deck to the right of the fishing rod which could be useful for having a high DPS gun to take down the drones in the next step.

    5. CAPTAIN DJ - pad #4
    Make your way to the Hangar area. Head to the lockers within the hangar, walk up to Captain DJ's locker and interact with it (have your volume up for this bit) - you'll know this has registered when your character says something about it being locked with a retina / eye scanner.

    NB: If you are doing this cooperatively have AT LEAST TWO players now use the fishing rod until they BOTH have a fish in their inventory - if you are doing this solo ignore this.

    After trying to open the locker you activate a random spawn for a drone carrying a lever. These drones are white and red and look like small UFOs - you may have seen them spawn in before carrying a power up which you could pick up if you destroy the drone before it flys away. Now though, this step will spawn in TWO drones onto the map eventually beside each other one with a standard power up which you need to ignore and one with the blue lever which you want. You can see the power up glowing green inside the drone with the power up the other one will appear empty so chase and destroy the one which looks empty. Waiting for the drones to spawn in can take MANY MANY ROUNDS (in my experience after activating the locker they will appear somewhere in the next 5 rounds and if you miss them they will appear again about once every 5 rounds after that (and seeing as you'll be in the high 20s for rounds by now do NOT miss them or things will get VERY hard).
    The drones in my experience spawn either in the;
    - Med Bay (near the generator)
    - Bio Lab (near the bottom of the stairs on the ground level)
    - Armory (in the middle near the 3dprinter)
    - Moon Pool (right in the centre of the room)

    I have never had the drones spawn anywhere other than this (let me know if you have) however I still believe it's worth checking the ENTIRE map (all areas) every round just in case. You can check the map at the end of the rounds by keeping a few zombies which will be easier however I believe checking at the start of the rounds is better due to the bombs (if you have to defuse a bomb and while doing so find the drones you're gonna have a bad time).

    When you see a drone it wont activate and start flying away until you are in that area so if you can see the drones but they haven't taken off from the ground yet if you're playing coop you can call your teammates over to help take it down. The drone takes a LOT of damage to take down so make sure you have a high damage upgraded gun with a lot of ammo to take it down. When you destroy the drone walk over the ground below where it exploded and look for a blue lever then walk up to it and press x to pick it up (if you can't see it just spam x to try pick it up anyway) - the blue lever should now appear in your inventory. Head to the Moon Pool. On the wall to the right of the 3dprinter will be a power box walk up to it and interact with it to add the lever to it. The switch is now active however do not use it yet.

    If you are doing this coop and had got the two fish as recommended at least one person should now still have a fish in their inventory. If not or if you're doing this solo fish until at least one person has a fish in their inventory. Head back to the Moon pool and kill zombies on the glass panels with long holes in them so that their blood flows down into the water and attracts the shark. The glass in question are the three square panels. You can apparently kill zombies only on one of these grates to attract the shark however in my experience killing as many zombies as possible on all three grates worked much quicker and more reliably in attracting the shark (of course throwing a distraction drone on top of the grating works very well for this step but is not necessary). Once you see the shark under the glass (it's fairly obvious) quickly go back to the switch near the 3d printer, interact with it to pull down the lever and lower the shark cage and open the moon pool doors. Quickly have the person with the fish jump into the shark cage from the side with the opening on the top of it (NOT the Lift room exit side but the OPPOSITE side to that) then press a to mantle the cage and get on top of it then drop into the hole in the top and you will be then lowered into the water. Quickly spin around while underwater to find the shark which should now be knawing at the cage and press interact on it and the fish will be exchanged for Captain DJ's eye. The severed eye should now appear in your inventory and you will be able to exit the shark cage. Head back to Captain DJ's locker in the hangar and use the eye to unlock it then look inside it and on the bottom shelf will be the data pad pick it up by walking up to it and interacting with it. The data pad should now appear in your inventory. Proceed back to the vault at the Gun Deck and walk up to it and interact with it to insert the fourth data pad - 5 of 5 lights will now be green and a short audio log will play.

    You now need to use the weapon exchange repeatedly until the zombie arm from the weapon exchange gives you some C4. Pick it up from him by walking up to it and interacting with it. The C4 should now appear in your inventory. Head back to the vault door at the Gun Deck and interact with the door to end the game, complete the easter egg, get your achievement and play the ending cutscene.

    Well done!
    You completed the hardest easter egg in Exo Zombies to date!

    1 like = 1 cry for Oz

    Tips to survive are:
    -Start the low rounds shooting in the legs and knifing for more points
    -Get your Exo Suit ASAP
    -Attain Exo Health / Juggernog ASAP (2500pts)
    -Attain two good weapons from the 3dPrinter/MysteryBox or the wall ASAP
    -Train zombies behind you (gather them up behind you and run in circles around the room or map) once you reach approximately round 7 and upwards
    -Upgrade your weapons using the upgrade machine whenever you can (2500pts)
    -Pick up all care packages! Why not they're free and they help you out!
    -Gain free points from green security consoles by walking up to them and pressing x (randomly change around the map).
    -Purchase all other perks in order of personal preference
    -Prioritise killing zombies: try pick off the EMP zombies from your trains

    Good areas for training are Cargo & Moon Pool.

    Some additional useful info is contained in my map below!

    External image

    Pop goes the cheevo!

    Hope this helps
    Happy Gaming!


    Check out my video guide below!

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    EarthboundXWhen do the drones spawn for the lever? We went through about 8 waves after checking the locker, and the drones never spawned. We had single drones spawn twice during those 8 or so waves, but never the doubles.

    I rechecked the locker quite a few times, but it only mentioned needing an eye scan on the first check. Seems I'm not the only one with trouble getting the dumb double drones to show.

    I think I know why people seem to hate these Easter Eggs now, so much random luck seems to be involved.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 18 Mar 18 at 04:15
    EarthboundXThink I figured it out, might have been a glitch, or it could have been me.

    I have been watching video guides, and I remembered when we were doing it, the 3rd light on the vault door wasn't lit up, but the fourth was. So I can only assume, that when I got the 2nd or 3rd disc, I never actually fed it to the vault door, I can only guess I walked into one of the teleport zombie drops, and it erased the disc from my inventory. Or I picked up the shovel and it did the same. If that's even possible, thinking that could be a glitch.

    Either way one of the vault door light wasn't green, but it still allowed me to start the locker door part, to spawn the drones.

    Or it's possible the double drones did spawn, but we never saw the empty one, because it went in a totally different direction.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 21 Mar 18 at 03:25
    CaptinStabbin45Anyone still need this I’ve attempted it twice but died on the shark cage step
    Posted by CaptinStabbin45 on 03 Sep at 11:35
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  • PirateLordPirateLord396,976
    13 Jul 2015 25 Jul 2015 25 Jul 2015
    12 0 0

    This achievement is for completing the Easter Egg on the new Supremacy DLC.
    I have done this achievement several times and finally perfected the steps. Below is the video and written guide depending on your learning preference! Enjoy!

    Recommended Equipment: OHM gun, Distraction drones.

    If it helps you to remember, you want the disc by 6!
    Then you'll get drunk and think you're in Heaven by 7!

    This makes then game a lot easier and at this point, it's easier to restart the game if you don't get drunk by 7!
    If you see the bombs activate in the other rooms, do not worry too much until you get to the higher rounds. If you DO NOT prevent all three bombs from going off, the next round will start with the huge zombie introduced in Burger Town!

    BEWARE!!! Each bomb is protect by two red guards that have GUNS!!!! They will kill you as you deactivate the bomb, so make sure you take them out. When you do, they will drop an invisibility every time, so pick it up and then deactivate the bomb! In the higher rounds, it will be one red guard, and one machine guard (pretty easy, just shoot two or so grenades at it!)

    NOTE: You want to have an invisibility in your inventory!!! Do not use it until STEP 7!!!!!!!!!

    Round 1: shoot zombies 4 times then knife!
    Round 2: shoot zombies 7 times then knife!
    Round 3: shoot zombies 9 times then knife

    During rounds 3-6, you should be doing the grenade disposal step.
    During rounds 3-6, go buy exo-health (moon pool) and exo-revive (hangar/gun deck)
    During rounds 3-7, keep shooting zombies with your pistol and then punch them for the final kill.

    You should be able to get contact grenades AND the new telefrag grenades off the walls by the end of round 1 if you get lucky with the plinko grenade disposal, otherwise it'll be by round 2!

    At the start of the game, you will leave the first starting room when you have a score of 1,450. Once you open the door, you'll have 200, activate the power to your right/left once you enter the ARMORY and you'll have 300.

    Toss all of your grenades into the grenade disposal (Plinko Board). Depending on what numbers you get, you should have enough to buy contact grenades (next to the hand) or telefrags (left of bio door).

    During round 2, you should have enough to open door to LIFT and stand next to the CARGO door until you get 2,000 (usually start of round 3).

    STEP 1:
    Once inside CARGO, turn on power to the right, grab your EXO-SUIT, and start punching zombies until you have over 1,000. Once at 1,000, go to the CHOMPY door (door #34) and activate it. THE MINUTE YOU ACTIVATE IT, CHOMPY WILL COME OUT AND YOU NEED TO SHOOT A TELEFRAG IN THAT ROOM BEFORE IT CLOSES!!!!

    Once in the room, activate the POWER and it will change the grenade disposal board. Head back to the Armory and begin the grenade disposal step!
    To make it move, you have to toss a telefrag into the slot. Once done, the slot will begin to move, and in the upper-left corner of the screen will be a random order of the 4 different types of grenades. Each red light requires a certain order of the grenades. Toss your frag/contact grenades when the upper-left corner of the screen reads the grenades in the following order...

    NOTE: When it says frag, you can either use the frags you start with or contact grenades that can be bought off the wall in the armory (next to the hand).
    Don't forget to buy telefrags off the wall in the armory!
    REMEMBER: if you mess up during this step, toss a frag into the grenade disposal. Also, if a new round starts, you DO NOT need to toss a telefrag to get it moving again, just continue where you left off!!!
    You'll know you did the order correctly when the red light changes to green!

    STEP 2
    First Red Light
    Distraction Drone (orange X)
    Frag (orange ball)

    Second Red Light
    Explosive (looks like an i with a blue dot)
    Distraction Drone (orange X)
    Explosive (blue i)
    Frag (orange ball)

    Third Red Light
    Explosive (blue i)
    Nano Swarm (blue ball)
    Explosive (blue i)
    Distraction Drone (orange X)
    Explosive (blue i)
    Frag (orange ball)

    Once done, to the right of the grenade disposal will be a slot where a disc will come out. Go over and pick it up! You then want to go back to the GUN DECK! As you descend the stairs, there will be a teleporter to your left and then immediately an engine room door. Constantly hit the action button and OZ will begin speaking. Once he's done, keep hitting the action button until the disc is no longer in your inventory.

    STEP 3:
    Give guns to the hand! Right now you're still in the GUN DECK, so go buy the bulldog gun off the wall (if you're facing the engine room door, enter the door on your right and it'll be on the left wall)!

    Once you have the gun, go back to the ARMORY and give it to the hand. Repeat this step. The second bulldog you give him, will make him drop a bottle.

    The following doors should be open or you should have enough to open them during this step.

    Armory TO Bio-Lab (NOW)
    Bio-Lab TO Cargo (NOW)
    Cargo TO Lift (during rounds 3-6)
    Lift TO Moon Pool (during rounds 3-6)
    Moon Pool to Hangar (NOW)

    This should be round 7! Make sure you have at least ONE zombie left alive. Look down at the bottle, keep hitting the action button until you notice your character start looking a bit drunk (screen has a orange-yellow tint).

    Enter the BIO-LAB and go to the CARGO door, but DON'T ENTER YET! To the right of the door will be a keypad. Hit the action button and you'll see a timer start on your screen and lasers in the cargo room. There is plenty of time to do this.

    I recommend going left. I find it easier. Just keep double-jumping over the lasers landing on the empty space. The hardest part of this room is the double-jumping over the crate onto the other side. Once you are out of this room, you can breathe!

    You will hit crouch and start crouching from the lift to the moon pool. Once you enter the moon pool, hit crouch to stand up and you can run to the right of the moon pool until you see a ledge that you can climb up (in front of exo-health). Enter the room with the power generator and you can either crouch or hug the wall to pass the next TWO laser puzzles. Once you see the HANGAR door, you are home free!

    Double jump or hug the crate to pass by it, and there will be a teleport machine in front of you. Directly on the floor in front of it, is the next DISC. Keep hitting the action button, and you'll pick it up. Then activate the teleport machine and head on back to the GUN DECK, to drop off the DISC.

    STEPS 4 & 5!

    These two steps can be completed together.
    You need to give guns to the hand, so that it gives you THREE items for the fishing pole that is directly across the engine room door on the GUN DECK!
    1: Spool
    2: Reel
    3: Hook

    I recommend getting guns from the 3D-printer as this has greatly increased the chances of him giving the parts needed. I usually do a couple of bulldogs and then a 3d-printed gun to conserve money!

    While doing this step, you will be TRAINING in the moon pool area! The teleport zombies will start appearing and each one you kill, will drop a teleport fragment. You can collect ONE at a time, so it is VERY IMPORTANT to drop them off immediately when you obtain one.

    Where do you drop it off?

    There is a broken teleport machine in the Bio-Lab room on the ground floor. Make sure you have ALL zombies behind you when you leave this room so that they don't block you on the stairs! This is the path you should take when doing these two steps.

    Moon Pool to LIFT
    Cargo to Bio-Lab
    Bio-Lab to Medical Room
    Medical Room to Gun Deck
    Gun Deck to Armory
    Armory to Lift
    Lift to Moon Pool

    Once you are done with the fishing pole parts objective, then the path will be...

    Moon Pool to LIFT
    Cargo to Bio-Lab
    Bio-Lab to Armory
    Armory to Lift
    Lift to Moon Pool

    Expect the teleport fragment step to take a VERY LONG TIME!!! When you see multiple teleport zombies, do not kill them at the same time. This will lose the fragment since you can only pick up one at a time and the other fragment will disappear by the time you get back. Be very careful to kill one at a time!!!

    Once you have collected 20 fragments (ouch), the teleport machine will activate. Now, go back to the GUN DECK and fish with the fishing pole (100 points each time). You want to fish for a SHOVEL!!! Keep fishing until it pulls it up and then keep hitting the action button. Once you get it, enter the newly activated teleport machine in Bio-Lab

    Step 6!
    Welcome to the island. You need to look down and start hitting the action button constantly as you are digging for buried treasure. The island will remain the same, so if you don't find it the first time, you'll have to wait until the machine cools down (30 seconds), and then you can reactivate and try again! The holes that you made previously will still be there meaning that the treasure location HAS NOT CHANGED!!!
    I recommend you try by the trees and rocks as this has been where the treasure usually spawns for me!
    Once you get it, constantly hit the action button until you open the chest and continue hitting the action button until you get the DISC! If you don't get it, then wait, reactivate, and it'll be waiting for you the next time you get to the island.

    Make sure you have a decent, high fire rate gun for the next step and that you have purchased Exo-Reload (LIFT ROOM). The upgrade machine is by the grenade disposal in the Armory. I upgrade my high powered gun to rank 10 and nothing higher, but the higher it is the better! I recommend the OHM gun (it's new!!!). It's firing rate is incredible and hasn't let me down!

    Step 7!
    I recommend that you do this next step towards the end of the round you are playing. The reason being is that once you activate the locker, the next round will spawn those green ships and one of them will contain what we need!

    Drop the DISC off at the Engine room, go to the HANGAR and you'll see a locker that is closed that belongs to Captain DJ (lockers are by the 3d-printer). Hit the action button to try to open it, and your character will mention something about a retinal scan. We need an EYEBALL!!!

    With your high powered gun, head back to the moon pool and finish off the round. You should have an invisibility in your inventory as said at the start! Start your train of zombies and this is the round where the green ships should spawn. One looks empty (that's the one you want). If you aren't on a super high round and have a decent gun, you should be fine! Make sure you have exo-reload just in case! With your train of zombies, you are going to go on a quest to find these two green ships. They can spawn in every room, so take the path as mentioned in step 4 & 5.

    Moon Pool to LIFT
    Cargo to Bio-Lab
    Bio-Lab to Medical Room
    Medical Room to Gun Deck
    Gun Deck to Armory
    Armory to Lift
    Lift to Moon Pool

    If you find the ship, activate your invisibility and OPEN FIRE!!!! Keep firing on the EMPTY green ship until it explodes. It contains a blue lever and will be where ever it blew up (meaning it might be dangling in the air). Find it and hit the action button until it appears in your inventory.
    NOTE: If you destroy the ship and it is out of reach, the lever WILL FALL to the ground!!! So Don't worry!!! This happened to me in the gun deck!!

    Pick it up and run to the moon pool before the invisibility runs out!!!

    In the moon pool area, across from exo-health (next to 3d-printer), will be an electrical box missing a lever. Hit the action button to place the lever on it, but DO NOT activate it yet! Continue to train in the moon pool area.

    There are THREE slots on the ground covered with bars to prevent you from falling into the water below. You need to toss a distraction drone on top of it and start killing zombies on the bars. Their blood will drain into the water, making a tasty snack for a shark. When you killed enough zombies (usually takes 1 or 2 distraction drones), your character will say something about SHARKS!!! This is your time to run to the electrical box, hit the action button to pull the lever, and a diving cage will lower from the ceiling. Jump on in (I recommend tossing a distraction drone, so you safely jump on top of it.

    You will now be under water!!! Look around you until you see a shark biting the cage! Keep hitting the action button on the shark until you come up out of the water. Your inventory should now include an eyeball!!!!

    Drop that eyeball off at DJ's locker (ARMORY ROOM) and pick up the DISC on the floor.
    Drop off the DISC at the engine room's door (GUN DECK).

    Step 8 (FINAL STEP!!!!)
    You need C-4 to blow up that engine room! We need to give guns to the hand again until he gives us that c-4! I recommend you get rid of your least powerful gun and continue to train, train, train running back and forth until you get that package of C-4!

    Once you get it, run to the engine room door and hit the action button!

    THE GAME WILL END and your achievement will pop!!!
  • ISavage WinkISavage Wink224,842
    05 Jun 2015 15 Jun 2015
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    Hey guys! Just letting you know that, a lot of people think you need the fish during the last step of this achievement. But you don't, just get the switch then get the shark ready and put yourself into the cage and hold X at his month. It will give you the eye ball without any problems.
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    EarthboundXI can confirm, did this twice for both versions, didn't need the fish either time.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 26 Mar 18 at 12:44
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