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How to unlock the Level Beater 1 achievement

  • griffey95griffey95798,526
    04 Jun 2015 04 Jun 2015 12 Jul 2015
    78 8 29
    Word (Type) Size

    Audi (Brands) 4 letters
    Ford (Brands) 4 letters
    Pisa (Country and Places) 4 letters
    Hulk (Characters) 4 letters
    Pepsi (Brands) 5 letters
    Egypt (Country and Places) 5 letters
    Japan (Country and Places) 5 letters
    Google (Brands) 6 letters
    Disney (Brands) 6 letters
    Batman (Characters) 6 letters
    Obelix (Characters) 6 letters
    Popeye (Characters) 6 letters
    Vegeta (Characters) 6 letters
    Mexico (Country and Places) 6 letters
    Moscow(Country and Places) 6 letters
    Lacoste (Brands) 7 letters
    Rihanna (Celebrities) 7 letters
    Shakira (Celebrities) 7 letters
    Pokemon (TV & Movies) 7 letters
    New York (Country and Places) 7 letters
    Superman (Characters) 8 letters
    Las Vegas (Country and Places) 8 letters
    Toy Story (TV & Movies) 8 letters
    Star Wars (TV & Movies) 8 letters
    Kellogg's (Brands) 9 letters
    Mc Donalds (Brands) 9 letters
    Coca-Cola (Brands) 9 letters
    Microsoft (Brands) 9 letters
    Spider Man (Characters) 9 letters
    Spongebob (Characters) 9 letters
    Will Smith (Celebrities) 9 letters
    Tom Cruise (Celebrities) 9 letters
    Katy Perry (Celebrities) 9 letters
    Family Guy (TV & Movies) 9 letters
    Los Angeles (Country and Places) 10 letters
    Washington (Country and Places) 10 letters
    Mickey Mouse (Characters) 11 letters
    Harry Potter (TV & Movies) 11 letters
    Rafael Nadal (Celebrities) 11 letters
    Paris Hilton (Celebrities) 11 letters
    Cameron Diaz (Celebrities) 11 letters
    The Lion King (TV & Movies) 11 letters
    The Simpsons (TV & Movies) 11 letters
    Homer Simpson(Characters) 12 letters
    Justin Bieber (Celebrities) 12 letters
    Rio De Janeiro (Country and Places) 12 letters
    San Francisco (Country and Places) 12 letters
    The Godfather (TV & Movies) 12 letters
    Game Of Thrones (TV & Movies) 13 letters
    Big Bang Theory (TV & Movies) 13 letters
    Krusty The Clown (Characters) 14 letters
    Albert Einstein (Celebrities) 14 letters
    Michael Jackson (Celebrities) 14 letters
    Starbucks Coffee (Brands) 15 letters
    Beauty And The Beast (TV & Movies) 17 letters

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    The Fury I84IThis achievement didn't unlock for me. I had the same issue like some of the other comments. Game crashed after last correct answer and no achievement. Will have to try again in flight mode I guess.
    Posted by The Fury I84I on 08 Aug 15 at 09:12
    GiinceeNo delete it ans then do it again before you go further with your progress.
    Posted by Giincee on 08 Aug 15 at 14:19
    ApexAssassinThere is a answer missing. There's a guy with black hair and a red apple for 9 letters. First being 5 letters second word being 4 letters starting with J
    Posted by ApexAssassin on 17 Mar at 19:12
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  • LuckyKantLuckyKant741,091
    11 Jun 2015 07 Jun 2015 11 Jun 2015
    47 1 3
    TV & Movies
    - Beauty and the Beast (candlestick and cup)
    - Big Bang Theory (male in green shirt & female in pink dress)
    - Harry Potter (lightning bolt)
    - Family Guy (6 characters in rectangular shapes)
    - Game of Thrones (throne of swords, crow)
    - Pokemon (red-black-white & a white center circle)
    - Star Wars (blue and red diagonal lines)
    - The Godfather (black and white dinner suit, red flower)
    - The Lion King (rocks, blue sky)
    - The Simpsons (brown sofa, pink wall, green floor)
    - Toy Story (3 green Army men figures, sky wallpaper)

    - Albert Einstein (white male, white moustache and hair)
    - Cameron Diaz (white female, blonde short hair and red clothing)
    - Katy Perry (female with blue hair & dessert breasts)
    - Justin Bieber (male with brown hair & black clothing)
    - Michael Jackson (red jacket)
    - Paris Hilton (white woman, short hair, little brown dog)
    - Rafael Nadal (male with tennis racket & Spanish colours)
    - Rihanna (female with short black hair & pink lipstick)
    - Shakira (white female, red top, green skirt, African continent in background)
    - Tom Cruise (white male, brown hair, sunglasses)
    - Will Smith (black man, suit, short hair, smiling)

    - Audi (4 silver circles)
    - Coca-cola (red lines, white background)
    - Disney (black 'D')
    - Ford (white 'F', blue background)
    - Google (squares: blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red)
    - Kellogg's (green & red rooster, yellow background)
    - Lacoste (green body, white dots)
    - Mc Donalds (yellow 'M', red background)
    - Microsoft (four squares: red, green, blue, yellow)
    - Pepsi (red, white, blue)
    - Starbucks Coffee (black and white circular logo, green background)

    Countries & Cities
    - Egypt (pyramids, desert)
    - Japan (red circle, white background)
    - Las Vegas ('Welcome' sign, black background)
    - Los Angeles (Hollywood)
    - Mexico (taco)
    - Moscow (6 brown towers, St Basil's Cathedral)
    - New York (green figure holding a torch, city skyline)
    - Pisa (slanted tower)
    - Rio De Janeiro (statue of a man with arms stretched, Christ the Redeemer)
    - San Francisco (red bridge, Golden Gate Bridge)
    - Washington (white house, green lawn, USA flag)

    - Batman (grey suit, black y-fronts, yellow belt, cape)
    - Homer Simpson (yellow head, 3 black hairs)
    - Hulk (green muscular body, purple trousers)
    - Krusty the Clown (red nose, green hair, yellow background)
    - Mickey Mouse (red shorts, yellow shoes, black body)
    - Obelix (blue and white stripes, green and yellow belt)
    - Spiderman (red and blue outfit on a jumping male)
    - Spongebob (yellow body, red tie, white shirt, brown shorts)
    - Superman (white male undoing his shirt)
    - Vegeta (black spiky hair, red sun, yellow shoulder pads, Dragon Ball)
    - Popeye (white male, anchor arm tattoos)
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    SG Steelhead55/55? Mine says 158/330. I guess I'm getting super boned. Wonderful.
    Posted by SG Steelhead on 10 Jun 15 at 10:05
    LuckyKantIsn't 330 for all levels? 55 for level one? My phone is broke, so I cannot check.
    Posted by LuckyKant on 10 Jun 15 at 10:23
    GoldegearzMy level 1 says 61/220. So I guess I have to answer the same puzzles over and over?
    Posted by Goldegearz on 13 Jun 15 at 13:22
  • Crank 1o4oCrank 1o4o483,442
    05 Jun 2015 05 Jun 2015
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