Great Tycoon achievement in Make It Rain: The Love of Money (Win 8)

Great Tycoon

Invest on Cryogenic Brain Storage

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How to unlock the Great Tycoon achievement

  • KalebKaleb195,601
    05 Jun 2015 05 Jun 2015 05 Jun 2015
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    You can either get this achievement with time which would take quite a while, or you can use glitches.

    The glitch I would recommend doing is done by snapping the Make it Rain application and then snapping the desktop app, on the desktop app set the time forward a few days or even months and watch your money jump, be very careful doing this glitch with the following achievements:

    Make It Rain: The Love of Money (Win 8)Nouveau richeThe Nouveau riche achievement in Make It Rain: The Love of Money (Win 8) worth 6 pointsMake your first million

    Make It Rain: The Love of Money (Win 8)Nine figuresThe Nine figures achievement in Make It Rain: The Love of Money (Win 8) worth 12 pointsMake your first billion

    If you don't have one of these achievements and go past those amounts while on another date/time you might bug the achievements and they could fail to sync, if you're in this situation I'd advise setting the time forward small increments until its just under that number, set the date / time back to the actual time using internet time, restart the game, ensure you're synced to xbox live by going to the achievements tab and viewing them, then collect from the bucket and pop the achievements, if your bucket capacity is weak invest to increase it using the glitch.

    If you do already have those achievements no worries, set your time forward quite a bit, while the game is snapped and your money will increase quite a bit depending on your revenue per second, do it until you have enough to buy the Brain Storage but before you buy it make sure to set the time back using internet time, and to be extra safe I personally logged in and out of my account, then launch the game again, ensure you're synced to xbox live by going to the achievements tab and viewing them, then buy the storage. This works for all other achievements but as I've said be sure you're not on another date/time to avoid sync issues.

    Leave a comment if you're confused see issues with the solution or have any ideas to improve it.
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  • SashamorningSashamorning2,074,900
    06 Jun 2015 06 Jun 2015
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    Note: Mike Marcelais came up with the script for this, so absolute credit to him for that. It's beautiful. toast

    Basically, this is the same idea as the WP version of the same achievement except that you don't have to use Project My Screen. You still need a metric frakton of money, which is where this script comes in. I used AutoHotKey (free download at Once you install it, make a document in your Documents folder called AutoHotKey.ahk with just the following:

    Mike Marcelais said:
    CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
    SetMouseDelay 1
    Loop 10
    MouseClick, WheelUp
    GetKeyState, state, Shift, "P"
    if state = D
    As opposed to the macro I posted before, this one has an on/off switch. Pres Ctrl-Alt-R to start, and Shift to stop. Otherwise it'll run until the FBI stops you (which you need for Guilty and Untouchable anyway. Erased Fingerprints will be a joke.

    The beauty of this is the mouse wheel. I used the free golden minute with this method (I STRONGLY advise you to wait until you have bigger bills to use your freebie) and calculated that this was getting me over 1000 swipes/second.

    Yep. That's right. 1000/second. Watch this video, which I started from the beginning of the game (and therefore had to keep clicking to bypass the tutorial):

    It runs so fast that it doesn't even register all of the swipes. Guilty came well past 10k swipes (although not too far). Erased Fingerprints (100k swipes) was within 5 minutes. My CPU fan started running like a jet engine.

    You'll still need to run this for a while (upgrading to bigger bills, obviously) to get what you need, but seriously, this makes the bucket and financial investments worthless. You're making money far too quickly.

    Enjoy! toast
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