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Criminal Activity Title Update

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Enforcing the Law

Get 10,000 kills with the Enforcer class

Enforcing the Law0
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Achievement Guide for Enforcing the Law

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    30 Jul 2016 08 Jul 2015 09 Jul 2015
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    Please go read this solution for a definitive version of all the achievements:
    Battlefield HardlineHave Some ProfessionalismThe Have Some Professionalism achievement in Battlefield Hardline worth 481 pointsGet 10,000 kills with the Professional class

    Like I said above that solution has a 'more' complete list of what to do. Below I'll list a bunch of stuff that will help you with this achievement.

    Weapons: Below I've ranked all the weapons in terms of their effectiveness against enemies (I have not used all these weapons).

    1. SA-58 OSW (Battle Rifle) (Criminals)
    2. SCAR-H (Battle Rifle) (Cops)
    3. HCAR (Battle Rifle) (Cops)
    4. SPAS-12 (Shotgun) (Criminals)
    5. HK51 (Battle Rifle) (Criminals)
    6. 870P Magnum (Shotgun) (Cops and Criminals)
    7. 37 Stakeout (Shotgun) (Cops)
    8. Double-Barrel Shotgun (Shotgun) (Cops and Criminals)

    The M1A1 is also available for all classes.

    1. Bald Eagle (Cops and Criminals)
    2. M1911A1 (Cops)
    3. 45T (Cops and Criminals)
    4. .40 Pro (Criminals)

    Use ammo box, breaching charges and Ballistic shield.

    Now for some helpful and insightful tips (these are tips that are exclusively to the Enforcer class, if you want to see more click the link at the top of this solution) smile:

    - Use Enforcer's Ballistic shield to completely block your back from enemies firing at you; however avoid pulling it out cause you more often than not will die when you hold it out unfortunately.
    - Don't play Enforcer exclusively! Change it up a bit, play a different class from time to time so the grind isn't so boring.
    - Im not 100% sure to whether or not vehicle kills count.
    - Battle pick ups and equipment kills count towards the achievement
    - When you get 1250 kills with any of the guns you unlock the weapon license ability which allows you to use that weapon regardless of what team you're on.

    Got anymore tips I can add?

    Sorry for any grammatical errors and or mistakes on this guide; I tried my best okay cry If you have any questions regarding this game or any of these achievements hit me up with a message or comment on this solution. Anyway thank you so much for reading and have yourself a good day! Happy Hunting everybody! toast wave clap headspin
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    17 Jan 2017 05 Feb 2017
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    hey guys
    so i made a video guide for this achievement with some helpful tips on class set up, what gun to use and what game modes are best for anyone whos going for this legit ... i have used it all the way through this achievement and my best kills in a single match was around 126 :) hope it can help you guys

  • Magicking610Magicking610170,275
    26 May 2016 26 May 2016
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    Personally, I enjoy the Enforcer the most out of all 4 of the classes, as having ammo boxes means you don't have to rely on your team when you run low. Depending on what game mode you are playing, breaching charges are also extremely helpful.

    I mostly play Conquest on servers that play Dust Bowl and Downtown. If you will be defending objectives, I highly recommend using molotovs; otherwise, use frag grenades.

    I have been using an ammo pack and a gas mask (which can be changed to a shield or breaching charge, depending on what is being used in your server).

    Both of my primary gun recommendations can be used for all classes.

    -RO933 .300 BLK: Very good weapon all around, it's my go to weapon for every class. It has an internal suppressor meaning it's very quiet, and you don't appear on the map when you shoot. I use a Kobra sight and a stubby grip for it.

    -MK110K5: This thing is strong, use it for mid-range targets. I recommend firing in bursts to keep the recoil under control. Also internally suppressed, I use it with the Kobra sight and the angled grip.

    -Bald Eagle: It's a pistol that is a two shot kill, who can say no?

    These are very subjective, but here's what I use.

    -Fast Throw: Getting grenades off quickly is a nice starter.

    -Flak Jacket: I play the objective a lot, I like not getting blown to shreds.

    -Fast Aim: Having a second ammo box is completely useless (you can only have 1 down at a time, anyways). It's much better to be able to aim faster.

    -Fast Reload: Who wants to reload during a gun fight? With this upgrade, you don't have to worry nearly as much.

    -Go around the edge of the map, not through the center. The closer to the edge you are, the less directions you can be shot from.

    -Stay calm. In this game, as soon as you turn your back to an enemy, you're as good as dead. Keep yourself close to cover, and make sure to use it.

    -Don't rush in. Yes, it's very tempting to burst into a building guns blazing, but there's a very good chance that the other team has trip mines all over it. As tempting as it is to take on 4 players from the other team yourself, it's very likely that they'll mow you down before you get more than a couple of shots off.

    -Play the objectives. Generally, you'll find that there are a handful of snipers on each team. As long as you stay out of their line of sight, you'll be okay. Once you get in the objectives, you will be attacked constantly. If they have to hunt for you, it means you have the advantage. If you have a headset, use it to listen for footsteps. Also, keep in mind that they can hear you move AND resupply, so be very careful with when and where you get more ammo.

    -If you are using breaching charges, stick one on the doorways to get into objectives; set it off if the door opens.

    -Ammo, ammo, ammo. If you aren't using one of the two guns I listed, you'll be running out of ammo quickly. Don't be afraid to step out of the fight for a few seconds to drop your ammo pack and resupply.

    If you have any questions, leave them in the comments! If I missed anything, let me know and I will add it in!
  • FaintKitten3455FaintKitten3455811,743
    21 Jan 2016 14 Jul 2016
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    Most efficient method
    zero boosting sessions required. Its all on your own schedule

    SOLO 4-6 console boosting(can use up to 6 consoles but I use 4)

    Required items:

    4 xbox one's(4-6)
    4 controllers(4-6)
    4 xbox live gold accounts(4-6)
    2+ TV's
    1 Rubber Band
    1 Rented Server($1.49 for a day, $6.99 for a week)

    Server Setup: game mode is conquest on night woods. lower the respawn time % as well as increasing the damage per bullet %. You can adjust the time settings to whichever time length you prefer with a maximum of 1.5 hours per match. make sure the server is set on RANKED in order for the kills to count and minimize randoms joining. Make the ticket % maximum.

    The Method:

    With your main account join your rented server. Then bring all three of your dummy accounts into the match. once the match begins use your main account to move the dummy player on the main accounts team over to the other team. this is done by going to server settings then scrolling over one spot RB and pressing A on the player you want to move. Now it is 1 vs 3 with your main account being solo.

    Next, spawn all dummy accounts into the mobile command vehicle and drive the vehicle over to the 'C' command point and position the vehicle against the wall of the building containing the nail gun. This will allow the players to spawn out of only one side of the vehicle(very important). Spawn your main account into the command vehicle and position it so that it is directly in front of the mobile command center that the dummys will spawn out of. position your main account directly in front of the spot that the dummy accounts will be exiting their command vehicle. Now, RUBBER BAND the right trigger down so that it will constantly be firing. As long as you are close enough to the command post it will constantly replenish your ammo. You may have to adjust the position of the main account player a little bit to make sure it is killing the spawning dummys 100% of the time.

    Now that the main account is set into killing position while constantly firing and being reloaded, you can start spawning in each of the dummy accounts repeatedly. You want to make sure each dummy account is spawning into the mobile command post vehicle. Press A to spawn and then X to exit the vehicle. The dummys will be immediately killed upon exiting the vehicle. Spawn over and over again for the remainder of the match. You can watch movies or TV shows while you press A and then X on your dummy account controllers. However, be on the lookout for randoms because they can try to make things alittle harder for you. Randoms can be booted by simply going to the server settings and pressing x to kick the player.

    Mathematics and Grind Time:
    I am averaging 1,000 kills every 1.5 hour match.

    Thus, it will take about 10 matches at 1.5 hours to achieve the 10,000 kills

    10 matches x 1.5 hrs/match = 15 hours. (probably more like 16 total including setup time)

    Repeat this process for each of the 10,000 kill achievements

    40 matches x 1.5 hours/match = 60 total hours

    Doing this with 2 people and 4 consoles will double the time taking 120 hours total.
    Doing this with 4 people and 4 consoles will quadruple the time taking 240 hour
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