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Have Some Professionalism achievement in Battlefield Hardline

Have Some Professionalism

Get 10,000 kills with the Professional class

Have Some Professionalism0
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How to unlock the Have Some Professionalism achievement

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    30 Jul 2016 08 Jul 2015 14 Sep 2015
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    So you wanna get considerably one of the most time consuming collection of achievements on TA huh? Well luckily for you I'm here (kinda) to help. smile

    Now theres multiple ways you could tackle these achievements; the easiest way would be playing the game normally, however I can understand if you're not good at FPS's then this won't be plausible for you unfortunately. cry

    Down below I'm going to list two methods to get these achievements which will hopefully help towards you getting themsmile:

    1. Boosting Method: This will take forever but is very achievable. Firstly from the main menu go Multiplayer--Server Browser. When you're on the Server Browser menu click cn_X, now a whole bunch of options will show up. Avoid the following game modes Hotwire, Crosshair, Rescue and Bounty Hunter. The two very best game modes for boosting these achievements are Heist and Blood Money. TDM complicates things due to its spawns and Conquest is too big. Map doesn't necessarily matter however the best maps for boosting are - The Block, Hollywood Hills, Greenhouse and Bank Job. These are poplar maps so be wary of people that join, especially on 'The Block' map. Make sure the server is an 'Official' listed server. Players count and region don't matter for this so leave that unchecked. Now press cn_B; the list should refresh and a whole bunch of new servers will pop up. Scroll down until you get 0/64 or 0/32 player sessions. Join anyone of them it really doesn't matter too much.

    Now for the boosting. Now lets just pretend for a minute that its a 4v4 boosting lobby and the game mode is set on 'Heist' on 'The Block' map. All players meet at the objective area (in this case its the gas station which is also right in front of the attackers spawn and where the objective is located). Now you'll wanna have 3 people on the attacking team get killed by a person on the defending team, likewise for the defending team you'll want 3 people dying on that team from somebody on the attacking team. The player getting the kills on both teams should use the class of their choice, one of the other players should play as an 'Enforcer' and throw down ammo packs for the player getting the kills. Now you can either have one player throw down a Spawn Beacon or you could spawn off of the player getting the kills on your team, however be very careful not to kill the player getting the kills. If the person that is getting the kills happens to be a medic and is using Defibs he can revive his team mates when they die so that the other team can get even more kills (make sure to wait 3 seconds after the player has been revived in order to kill him. The kill will only count if it pops up on your screen saying (Insert player name here +100) if you kill the player prior to seeing the popup the kill WILL NOT COUNT so be careful)

    2. Legit Method: Now this is plain and simple; play the game, thats all you'll need to do haha. But if you're not good at FPS's then I recommend not trying this method even though its much faster than the boosting method. Okay so down below is a bit of copy and paste from the previous method but with a few changes so here.

    Firstly from the main menu go Multiplayer--Server Browser. When you're on the Server Browser menu click cn_X, now a whole bunch of options will show up. Avoid the following game modes Hotwire, Crosshair, Rescue and Bounty Hunter. The very best game modes for boosting these achievements are (in order) TDM, Conquest, Blood Money and Heist. Map doesn't necessarily matter however the best maps for boosting are - The Block, Hollywood Hills, Greenhouse and Bank Job. Make sure the server is an 'Official' listed server. Player count and region matter for this, so make sure to pick your region and make sure to join populated servers. Now press cn_B; the list should refresh and a whole bunch of servers will pop up. You'll wanna join servers that are close to 'The Block'. The Block is the smallest map in the game and will grant you with the most kills. The map rotation I have listed below will show you the maps you'll wanna join. If by any chance there are no servers with the maps I listed join the map prior to those maps.

    Here is the map rotation:

    -Bank Job
    -The Block

    -Dust Bowl
    -Hollywood Heights


    The maps in bold are the ones you're gonna wanna be joining. But you'll notice that Riptide is in the middle of the four maps you're gonna need to play, you could essentially play through this map or leave after the completion of Hollywood Heights and search for something else but its up to you and how fast you want these achievements.

    Now to talk about the Professional class (finally):

    The Weapons: The weapons are ranked in order on their effectiveness towards enemies (I have not used all these weapons)

    1. .300 Knockout (Bolt action) (95% of the time its an insta kill gun) (Cops and Criminals)
    2. PTR-91 (Semi Automatic) (Criminals)
    3. R700 LTR (Bolt Action) (Cops)
    4. AWM (Bolt Action) (Criminals)
    5. SOCOM16 (Semi Automatic) (Cops and Criminals)
    6. SR-25 ECC (Semi Automatic) (Cops)
    7. SAIGA .308 (Semi Automatic) (Cops and Criminals)
    8. Scout Elit (Bolt Action) (Cops and Criminals)

    The M1A1 is also available for all classes

    1. MAC-10 (Automatic) (Lots of recoil but definitely the best) (Cops and Criminals)
    2. TEC-9 (Automatic) (Criminals)
    3. 93R (Semi-Automatic) (Cops)
    4. G18C (Automatic) (Cops and Criminals)

    Equipment and other items are again personal preference.

    Now for some helpful and insightful tips smile

    - If at any point you're unsure with how many kills you have there is two methods for checking. One go to achievements--go to the achievement you wanna know what the percentage is for--each percent is 100 kills so 22% is 2200 kills.
    - This website is very helpful in knowing the exact amount of kills; I linked my account but if you want to see your stats just type your name in the menu bar at the top right hand corner of the screen: http://bfhstats.com/xone/left%204%20zaneage
    - Use attachments that you're comfortable with. However if you're unsure about what to use I recommend the PO-1 (3.5X) Sight, angled grip, heavy Barrel and extended Mags for all semi-auto snipers.
    - Don't always rush into battles like a COD player, take things slowly.
    - Change up classes often so the experience isn't so boring. Plus if you max out a class early then you won't be able to use that class ever again essentially cry
    - You do not need to own the 'Criminal Activity' DLC to unlock these achievements.
    - ALL KILLS prior to the release of this DLC DO NOT COUNT, if you had 10,000 kills before tough luck you'll have to start over.
    - I cannot confirm this but I'm not 100% sure to whether or not Vehicle kills count towards the achievement but I can't see why they wouldn't.
    - Battle pick ups and equipment such as grenades, laser trip mines and riot shields count towards this achievement.
    - As the game ages there'll be less and less players playing so you'll wan get these achievements sooner rather than later; especially considering their multiplayer achievements.
    - When you get 1250 kills with any of the guns you unlock the weapon license ability which allows you to use that weapon regardless of what team you're on.

    Got anymore tips I can add?

    Sorry for any grammatical errors and or mistakes on this guide; I tried my best okay cry If you have any questions regarding this game or any of these achievements hit me up with a message or comment on this solution. Anyway thank you so much for reading and have yourself a good day! Happy Hunting everybody! toast wave clap headspin

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    SM3DINHOUse the m5sd don't waste your time sniping if your playing legit.
    Posted by SM3DINHO On 15 Oct 16 at 16:50
    K1NG StyleZIts a hard one :)
    Posted by K1NG StyleZ On 31 Dec 16 at 13:48
    koolkong94That site you linked to doesn't have exact kills per class listed anywhere, unless you mean to add up all the class-specific weapons and then guess which vehicle kills you had on which class, not to mention all the guns that are available on all classes.
    Posted by koolkong94 On 06 Jan 17 at 11:14
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  • SanjoeSanjoe780,563
    Locked 02 Nov 2020 07 Mar 2022
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    Me and PhoenixGrau951 have found a way to effectively boost the whole class-specific "40.000 kills" achievements. Normally, when boosting with your own server, you would do the same as we before, which is one round one does all the kills and in the next round the other.

    In the end, you wouldn't have to do a total of 40,000 kills, but (with two people) a total of 80,000 kills.
    With our method, however, you only have to get 40,000 kills for two people, because the kills count twice.

    We have the following setup:
    • 2 consoles per person, i.e. 4 consoles in total
    • the main account and 1 second account per person
    • a own server so you have no stress with other players
    The setup can vary, of course, it's all about the method. However, I recommend the same server settings for similar results.

    To the method:
    The goal is that one player does about 80% damage to the second accounts and the other then gives them the rest.

    In this way, both get a kill - even though only one has died. So in theory, twice as fast. It doesn't matter with which weapon you end up giving the second accounts the rest, but it is important that you do enough damage with the first hits so that the "help counts as kill" pop-up comes, but not too much so that you kill it immediately...
    If you are then properly trained, you can watch TV, etc. and can almost do this sh**t while sleeping.

    Assuming the same server settings, I recommend the weapons I listed on the bottom of the solution to make about 80% damage to the second accounts...

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    I hope I was able to explain to you the basic idea behind this method and that you might find other ways with different conditions (server settings, number of people, etc.) to speed up this grind :)

    If you have any questions, suggestions, or critic, the best way to tell me is the comment-section :)

    cn_B This solution in German:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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