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Rivaled! achievement in Killer Instinct


Complete Season 2 Story Mode

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How to unlock the Rivaled! achievement

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    First off: as of 1/13/16:This is NO longer Glitched!
    if you have completed the requirements, simply boot up the game, go to story more season 2 and before you select a character, it should pop! =)

    This achievement looks more difficult, then it actually is.
    I am no Pro, and was able to complete all goals with little to no problem.

    For this achievement, you must finish all 3 goals for each season 2 character.
    (Omen Excluded)
    Each completed goal, unlocks a piece of the Mural. Once the Mural is complete, and all endings are unlocked, you should have the Achievement.

    All Moves described, assume the player is on Left side of screen. (Player 1 side)
    Multiple Goals can be completed on one run-through.
    All Goals can be completed on Easy, unless otherwise specified.

    TJ Combo:
    External image

    Goal 1: Complete Story Mode
    Can be done on easy, Just finish the story with TJ Combo.

    Goal 2: Ultra Combo Fulgore in the Pinnacle
    Fulgore will be one of the last opponents you face. Finish your match against him with a Ultra Combo for this Goal.

    Goal 3: Land a full Auto Barrage on Every Opponent and finish story mode
    This is a perfect example of a Goal sounding much harder than it really is.
    With TJ Combo, A full auto barrage is basically a combo using all buttons.
    Easiest way to pull this off, I found, was to start a combo using the Spinning backhand. (cn_leftcn_right cn_X) after landing this move press: cn_X,cn_A,cn_Y,cn_B,cn_RB,cn_RT.
    If done correctly, the last hit will be a combo finisher and you will have landed a "Brutal" combo in the mid to high 30% range.
    Do this to all opponents, and the final Goal for TJ, is yours.

    External image

    Goal 1: Complete Story Mode
    Complete story with Maya, can be done on easy.

    Goal 2: Ultra Combo Kan-Ra
    Kan-ra, will be your next to last opponent. Finish the match with a Ultra Combo.

    Goal 3: Have a 100% Shadow Efficiency in a Single Match
    Shadow Efficiency is tied to Shadow Moves (moves done with the blue bar, bottom of screen.) Efficiency is how many bars you filled and executed successfully. (Must land these without being Broken) I found using the Shadow Moves early in a combo that you have already begun, the easiest way to guarantee landing 100%.
    At the end of the match, you will have a score for Shadow Efficiency.
    You must hit 100% against One of your opponents to unlock this Goal.

    External image

    Goal 1: Complete Story Mode
    Complete the story mode with Kan-Ra.

    Goal 2: Ultra Combo Aganos
    Aganos, will be your next to last opponent. Finish the match with an Ultra Combo for this Goal.

    Goal 3: Earn 1750xp or More, in a Single Match.
    I believe this is the easiest 3rd Goal. I had above 1750xp against Every opponent.
    Perform combos and special moves, use your shadow moves when you get them, and finish with an ultra combo to guarantee a High score. More then likely you will get this going for Goal 2.

    External image

    Goal 1: Complete Story Mode
    Complete story mode using Riptor.

    Goal 2: Ultra Combo Riptor
    Riptor's Seventh opponent, is a Older version of Himself. Ultra Combo Him.

    Goal 3: Have an Avg Combo Damage of 40 or above, in a Single Match.
    This can be a bit tricky, because its very easy to mess it up. You will need large combos of lots of hits as well as shadow moves. Any combo you do, registers into this Average.
    Easiest way I found was to only do a single combo in a match. Use low Strong Kicks, which sweeps your opponent and does not start a combo until your shadow bar is full. Then proceed to Start a combo. Use both Shadow moves, fill the bar as much as you can, and then execute a Combo finisher.
    At the end of a match, you will be given a score on Avg Combo Damage. Get this at or above 40.00% in One match, to complete this goal.

    ===Make Sure Not to do this with your Opponent having less then half a bar of life!
    Less than 40% Health will equal Less than 40% Damage.===

    External image

    Goal 1: Complete Story Mode
    Finish Story Mode using Aganos.

    Goal 2: Ultra Combo Thunder
    Thunder is the next to last opponent for Aganos. Ultra Combo Him.

    Goal 3: Combo Breaker Every Opponent
    Easiest done on Easy difficulty. CPU opponents tend to spam Strong attacks on Easy. Meaning Combo Breakers are easier to Execute. Wait till your opponent begins a combo on you, then press cn_RB+cn_RT, until you break the Combo.
    This must be done on ALL opponents. If any opponents give you trouble, you are able to lose the fight and retry to make sure you have a Combo breaker executed before moving on.

    External image

    Goal 1: Complete Story Mode
    Complete the Story Mode with Hisako.

    Goal 2: Ultra Combo Aria
    Using Hisako, Ultra Combo Aria at the end of the Match, to complete this goal.

    Goal 3: Vengeance Counter Every Opponent.
    Vengeance Counter is a Counter move used by Hisako.
    Just as your about to get hit by your opponent, preform a Vengeance counter to turn the tables on your opponent. You can execute this against high/normal attacks with: cn_LB. And against low attacks with: cn_LT.
    The most difficult part of this entire goal, is to land the Vengeance Counter against Sadira, your very first opponent! She tends to spam an airborne web attack and do virtually nothing else. She does randomly pull a spinning attack, and that is likely the move you need to counter.

    This is one of the more difficult Goals. But with patience you can pull it off. Sadira, your first opponent will be the most difficult to land this on, if you can counter her, you can counter any opponent.

    External image

    Goal 1: Complete Story Mode
    Finish the Story Mode with Cinder.

    Goal 2: Ultra Combo Glacius
    Finish your match against Glacius with an Ultra Combo.

    Goal 3: Ultra Combo Every Opponent
    Personally, this was a pain for me to complete. I never was very good with Cinder, but in my opinion, he is the Hardest person to pull off Ultra Combos consistently.
    He has many moves with variations, and you are just as likely to pull off one of these variations, as the Ultra Combo itself.
    There are only Eight Matches, start to finish. But you Must finish off Every opponent with an Ultra Combo. If you Happen to miss the Ultra and win, you will have to start over from the beginning. Losing has no negative effects, you can lose as many times as you need and still unlock this, as long as every win is with an Ultra Combo.

    Cinder's Ultra Combo: cn_downcn_downleftcn_left, cn_LT

    External image

    Goal 1: Complete Story Mode
    Just like every other character, Finish the Story Mode with Aria.

    Goal 2: Ultra Combo Omen
    Use Aria's Ultra Combo to defeat Omen.

    Goal 3: Complete on Hard or Higher Difficulty
    Unlike Season 1, You Must complete this on Hard Difficulty. (I can't Imagine anyone wanting to do this on a "Higher Difficulty".)
    I guess the good news would be, you can lose as many times as you like. You just have to Complete all 8 opponents in one sitting. The first Five fights, shouldn't prove much trouble.
    Your first real challenge will be Orchid. Her attacks are faster then Aria's.
    The technique i found most effective was to constantly jump away from Orchid. She will usually use her sliding kick, which you can land a jump kick over and begin a combo. Repeat this until She goes into shadow mode, she will begin sending her tigers at you constantly until her bar is empty. When she is in this mode, switch to Aria's Projectile mode with cn_LT.
    Begin spamming Aria's Energy beams.
    High: cn_downcn_downrightcn_right, cn_Y
    Low: cn_downcn_downrightcn_right, cn_X
    The Low energy beam, will destroy Orchid's Tiger and land a hit.
    When her bar is depleted, revert back to jumping away.

    Next is Kan-Ra. The same strategy will not work on Kan-Ra that worked on Orchid. I found the best thing to do with Kan-Ra, was to stay on the attack, stay aggressive. And remember to alternate weak attacks (cn_X or cn_A) with mid attacks (cn_Y or cn_B) to reduce the chance of getting caught with Combo Breakers.
    Remember its better (More Damage) to finish a shorter combo with a Combo Finisher, then to land 20 hits and have your combo broken.

    Final Enemy, Omen, I didn't have much trouble with at all. I avoided him best I could when he was in Shadow Mode, but besides that I tried to stay Aggressive. Omen doesn't pose the threat the two fights leading up to him do. After this fight, you will have unlocked Aria's Final Goal!

    If you completed all these goals correctly, you will have a Mural filled out completely.
    External image

    And The Rivaled Achievement Along with it!
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    MarioTooTurning off combo assist. Son of a bitch. First try after that.
    Posted by MarioToo on 21 Jan 19 at 21:41
    TheAnonymityWhy aren't all of the Ultra Combos listed as it's necessary to complete each objective?
    Posted by TheAnonymity on 17 Apr 19 at 19:35
    Danny DiboYou can press pause and find the moves, including the ultrasound, in the pause menu.
    Posted by Danny Dibo on 17 Apr 19 at 22:14
    EffordI haven’t even started trying to do this yet and I already know my swear jar will fill up pretty quickly
    Posted by Efford on 17 May 19 at 01:26
    Kosmik VolfeCan you edit the post to indicate what is seen when you do something right like Hisako's Vengeance Counter? Or anyone do video guides because this doesn't really help. For me if I see what it looks like it helps and just general tips in a video guide.
    Posted by Kosmik Volfe on 01 Jul 19 at 21:18
    Danny Diboim deleting this solution. I made this to help the people on this site years ago, and all they do is shit on it. Anyways, a lot has changed since this was written, so if it all no longer applies than it makes sense.
    Posted by Danny Dibo on 03 Jul 19 at 19:16
    Danny DiboKosmik Volfe, there will be a slow down effect. Try to practice it against a different opponent than sadira and when you time it right you will definitely know you did it right.
    Posted by Danny Dibo on 03 Jul 19 at 19:20
    Kosmik VolfeMinor complaint but you do know Riptor is female right?
    Posted by Kosmik Volfe on 10 Jul 19 at 21:47
    spacedvest2Danny, I don't know why there are so many complaints, but your solution helped me. Thank you
    Posted by spacedvest2 on 02 Dec 19 at 05:29
    Danny DiboThank you, Spacedvest2, glad to know someone got some use out of this.
    Posted by Danny Dibo on 08 Dec 19 at 00:22
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