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Appetite for Destruction

Finish Story Mode with Riptor

Appetite for Destruction0
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Achievement Guide for Appetite for Destruction

  • LavindatharLavindathar1,338,481
    19 Jun 2015 19 Jun 2015
    15 2 1
    To unlock you must simply complete the story mode beating all eight opponents using Riptor on any difficulty earning any objectives.

    If you want progress towards :
    Killer InstinctRivaled!The Rivaled! achievement in Killer Instinct worth 274 pointsComplete Season 2 Story Mode

    She has three objectives, and all can be completed in one run.

    1) Beat story mode. Simply win all eight fights.

    2) Average 40% combo damage over one fight, requiring a minimum of four combos. You can also counter break and instinct cancel combos to extend the duration.

    Open with a heavy talon strike (cn_leftcn_right+cn_RT), use his flame breath (cn_RB) as an auto and continue using talons. If you can, use a shadow talon (cn_left,cn_right+cn_B+cn_RT) and always finish with his heavy talon ender. This can do 50% plus.

    3) Ultra combo Riptor. Simply beat Riptor with an Ultra in the fifth fight. Her ultra is cn_leftcn_right+cn_LBwhen Riptor's health is reading 'danger'.
  • EffordEfford644,989
    23 May 2019 24 May 2019
    2 0 0
    For this achievement you only need to beat story mode with Riptor on any difficulty. If you wish to pair this with Rivaled!

    Here is my advice
    40% combo damage average.
    To get a 40+% combo average, only throw single strikes with the cn_X button until your opponent is on the second life bar. At this point you should have 2 full shadow bars.

    With combo assist on, jump at the opponent and land with a cn_B strike, follow this up with 2 cn_X strikes. After the 2 cn_X strikes land, immediately press cn_LB to start the shadow move. Do this twice in the same combo, then finish with cn_RB for a combo ender.

    cn_upright cn_B cn_X cn_X cn_LB cn_LB cn_RB

    This should put you over 40% without issue. After this lands. Finish off the opponent with only single cn_X strikes. This way your only combo will be the big one.

    For the Ultra on Riptor
    Riptor is the 5th Opponent. With combo assist on and the opponent showing "Danger", use an cn_X strike followed up with a cn_LB. With combo assist active, this should do the Ultra Combo everytime.
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