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In the Zone

Score 5,000 Perfect Hits

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How to unlock the In the Zone achievement

  • CtacOnXboxCtacOnXbox671,236
    23 Jul 2015 14 Jul 2015 28 Aug 2015
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    CroutonCrusador posted in the comments:
    As of the 8/24 update, this solution no longer appears to work forever (it's still a great way to obtain several perfect hits). The dragons who have water spells no longer heal themselves.
    I'll leave this solution up for the comments' sake, but beware that the method I describe here may not work so good anymore.

    Take 1 higher lvl Earth Dragon (or dragon that has the earh ability, lvl 3+ earth is needed here)
    Take 2 lvl 4 Fire Dragons (or dragon that has the fire ability)
    Set the Earth Dragon as the first dragon

    Do Quest 13
    Spam Shield with the Earth Dragon each time it's that dragon's turn.
    Attack with your Fire Dragons.
    You can basically do perfects forever during that fight because one of the enemies has level 5 water healing skill. If he skips healing you can always miss on purpose to keep going, but that probably won't be needed with the amount of damage the lvl 4 Fire Dragons do.

    This is a tip I got from JW Gaemer on Facebook, so creds to you bud!
    RadicalSniper99 commented that lvl 4 Fire Dragons work even better than lvl 8 Fire Dragons, so thanks for that tip as well!

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    General TynstarI found a good level to get a whole bunch of perfect hits. Level 20 against the Boss Dragon La Fontaine. I used my level 24 Elemental Dragon with level 4 Stone Shield. For the other two dragons use low level dragons with fire. Fire is a week attack against the boss. With my shield in place he couldn’t hurt me at all. Just attack away. I used a level 5 Lava Dragon and level 6 Fire dragon. Neither had any upgrades to the fire element and I was only doing 80-120 points of damage.
    Posted by General Tynstar on 03 Sep 15 at 16:59
    Wintr17I've been using level 18 and with the same setup as described - I can get over 50 perfect hits per round.
    Posted by Wintr17 on 24 Dec 15 at 15:35
    SashamorningI agree with Wintr.

    Quest 18.
    1 higher level earth dragon with at least level 2 earth upgrade.
    My dragon is level 19, so 2 is enough, and you don't have to level up the Academy to level 3. By the time you want to start grinding this out, you'll probably have a huge dragon anyway, hopefully with earth. *Nothing* was getting through that level 2 stone shield.

    2 level 4 fire dragons.
    I 'm using a level 4 Fire and a level 4 Blueflame. The Fire has a larger green target and does less damage than the Blueflame, so I would suggest picking up a cheap Fire from the store if you have the space.

    I'm getting a LOT of Perfects. And it's very very very boring.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 12 Jan 17 at 01:37
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  • Marcos AspiraMarcos Aspira215,568
    27 Aug 2015 27 Aug 2015 27 Aug 2015
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    This solution can help if you are close to achieve the 5000 hits mark.

    The Daily Dungeon (the ship close to the second island unlocked in the campaign) is quite good for grinding cause you play one match against 2 teams at once.

    You can play 3 times the same match (the hard ones eventually) as every dragon has 3 energy to fight. So your strong dragons can get many hits as you dispatch (or not) the two teams in a match.

    With your weak dragons it's better to play with them alone, cause in a team they can never get the chance to do one hit, so for each dragon you can get 3 cause you always strike first.

    In campaign map, the best for me were Level 2 with 3 weak dragons (strong against the CPU though) and Level 44, the boss can be beaten over and over with your strong dragons (at least in level 20) getting many hits using weak attacks until the final blow.
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    TheOnlyMattoArena can add a few more perfects in there. i get 4 arena matches and 5 campaign matches every 2 hrs or so. daily dungeon has really helped btw im at 480 wins and 2800 perfects. should be nearly done by the time i hit 750 wins.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 12 Oct 18 at 19:19
    TheOnlyMattomind you i only do the daily dungeon with my top group. 3 level 20's atm but ive only ever done my main group.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 12 Oct 18 at 19:21
  • LV 1 Blue SlimeLV 1 Blue Slime1,189,297
    07 Dec 2016 01 Dec 2016
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    Needless to say this should be left until you're done with everything else.

    The best way to go about this is to get 2 level 4 fire dragons and play quest 20. Have your high level dragon use shield every turn and have the level 4s attack the boss. You can get about 70 perfects each fight this way.

    An alternative is to fight enemies that also use earth shield, but the AI seems to suck about using it, so I find it's better to just keep doing quest 20. Water elements can sometimes heal themselves too, but again the AI is awful, so sometimes they simply don't. And sometimes they do it almost every turn. I don't see any pattern to the AI, so quest 20 is a lot more consistent for your energy spending.

    Your secondary shield will need to shield about 2100 or more to fully block the damage. I have a level 27 Tribal dragon with level 4 shield that blocks a little more than 4k, to give you an idea of what you're looking at. You should presumably have a dragon that can fit this role by the time you finish the other achievements.
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    Matthewh00This solution and a macro, works wonders. Thanks for the recommended level. Better than grinding Level 13.
    Posted by Matthewh00 on 06 Oct 17 at 23:45
    KiRRAYNEThanks for this tip!
    Posted by KiRRAYNE on 05 Apr 19 at 13:53
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