Penta Kill achievement in SMITE

Penta Kill

Get a penta kill in a qualifying match.

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How to unlock the Penta Kill achievement

  • FishBalls09FishBalls0959,440
    07 Oct 2015 08 Oct 2015 08 Oct 2015
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    Easiest way to get a penta kill is 2 people are lv30 and play league joust 1 v 1, one person stays lv3 and doesnt get a kill (Choose a hunter with weak health), other person be a assassin like Loki or Arachne and get kills till lv7

    Once the assassin is lv7 with a bit of strong power items bypass the phoenix without killing it and walk around the outside of the titan near the wall till your near the enemy fountain but dont go in the enemy fountain or you will die. The weak hunter now walks up to you and you kill them, with the short spawn time the hunter will spawn back and walk towards you again and you kill them again. you can do this 5 times and get a penta kill. I succeeded first go at doing this.

    Note: The person not getting the penta kill has to be lv3 so the spawn time doesnt get bigger so if your helping someone out you will have to play another game to help the other person out

    Credit for finding this method goes to xXMrSpiderPigXx, PulsarPhoenix1 and myself.

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    Siren Saintto get in a 1v1 ranked do you have to que and hope for the best or is there a method
    Posted by Siren Saint on 07 May 18 at 09:40
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  • EurydaceEurydace521,544
    12 Jul 2015 13 Jul 2015
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    This can be boosted. I just finished a successful session where 10 people got Penta Kills in about 45 minutes.

    You'll also be able to get this achievement:
    SMITELast Man StandingThe Last Man Standing achievement in SMITE worth 35 pointsBe the only god left alive on either team in Conquest, Assault, or Arena.

    Here's how:

    1. Set up your session for a time that is early morning on a weekday in Australia. This is around 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm GMT the day before the Australian weekday (so never make this session on Friday or Saturday). It's very hard to get matched up at any time, but this gives you the best chance. If you can't do it at these times, wait another day until you can.

    2. Get 10 people. Split them into two parties with as close to an average level with each other as possible. All 30 is ideal, but far from necessary (we had 3/10). The game heavily weights your level when matchmaking, so having an even spread is key, but not so important you can't work with whatever you happen to get in your session.

    3. The two party hosts need to select Australian servers. You do this by pressing X when you're choosing a gametype to search with your party.

    4. Search together (one of the party leaders will have to join the XBL party of the other for the matchmaking portion - 10 people can't fit in a party together). Tell both parties NOT to accept until 15 seconds are left. That way you'll know you've found eachother.

    5. If one team gets a match and the other does not, the other backs out of course. Everyone on the matched team should accept except ONE person. That one person will fail to accept and receive a 2 minute search penalty. Wait those two minutes and try again. On your next attempt, the team that found a match should search 10 seconds after the other team starts (the search gets wider as time goes on, so that team needed a wider net). If it fails again, a different person needs to not accept (if the same person does, they'll get a 5 minute penalty for a second offense) and you add another 10 seconds. Keep going until you find each other.

    6. Once in the match, everyone should choose assassins or hunters. These have high damage potential and don't rely on cooldowns. Mages are frowned upon for this reason, though someone like Kukulkan is acceptable.

    7. Level up to level 15 or so. You could skip this step, but I think it's worth it to make sure kills move swiftly (and ensure everyone gets Last Man Standing).

    8. Everyone will meet in the jungle near the enemy base of the person getting the penta kills. When everyone is there, the killer begins the massacre and his team runs straight into the enemy fountain (which will kill them very quickly - the Phoenix is not fast enough). Everyone should die except the killer, and both achievements will unlock in-game.
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    CaminI'm looking to try this, if anyone is interested msg Krushiin on Xbox
    Posted by Camin on 05 Sep 15 at 18:27
    SoulfilledLooking for people to join for this, I already have some people msg me if you want to join GT: ManscorpionTark
    Posted by Soulfilled on 12 Sep 15 at 01:36
    Strategy One13 boost haters, damn!
    Posted by Strategy One on 29 Jul 16 at 12:53
  • xxHANCHOxxxxHANCHOxx345,128
    26 Nov 2015 26 Jun 2015 23 May 2016
    13 7 2
    This is awarded for getting 5 kills in a short window of time.

    I have gotten only 2 of these in 500 hours of playing but unfotunately the tracking doesn't back date for this and several other achievements.

    My suggestion on getting this is to use a high damage class (Hunter, Mage, Assassins) and play arena. The main issue of this is getting lucky and landing the last hit on all 5 players. However, players spawn much faster in arena so it's easier to get this if you're ahead in levels and are pushed up to their base.

    I got mine in conquest which personally i think is more difficult to do because of map size.
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    BaronVoNewmanTo be honest I would play assult super easy since everyone is always grouped and cant heal or buy often. I got Apollo and got it pretty easy (not really easy but it was easier)
    Posted by BaronVoNewman on 14 Jul 15 at 21:52
    xxHANCHOxxThanks for the tip. I'll try that as well.
    Posted by xxHANCHOxx on 19 Jul 15 at 16:41
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