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20 to 1

Kill enemy gods more than 20 times in a single match, and only die once.

20 to 10
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How to unlock the 20 to 1 achievement

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    EDIT: As of Season 3, most of this will probably be dated. General strategies for characters will still apply, but items might be different. I will update it as soon as I have a grasp on everything Season 3 has to offer.

    It's hard to write a guide for an achievement like this but I believe that these tips will increase your chances of obtaining this achievement.

    1) Play with friends.

    When you play with friends you can communicate enemy locations, health, and other valuable information. Also, if you're close to getting the achievement then you can tell your friends to back off when someone is close to dying so that you can secure the kill.

    Another good reason to play with friends is that you can ask them to play guardians. Most guardians have long stuns or other forms of CC that will help you secure kills. Two of the best Gods when it comes to CC are Cabrakan and Ymir. They both have spells with short cool down times that allow them to stun specific targets.

    2) God Selection

    *Note: These Gods are recommended for this achievement and are not necessarily the best picks for any game type in the current Meta.*

    This depends on your play style. For the most part, range is safer. Obviously the farther you are away from your opponents, the less likely you are to die.


    If you like hunters then you could try Cupid. He has a stun available if you hit eight auto attacks and then use his ultimate or the ability pinned to "X".

    They both have delayed stuns so be mindful of that. He has a mediocre escape that also doubles as an attack speed steroid. He also has an ability that spits hearts onto the battlefield. Anyone can pick these up but if someone other than you picks them up, then you get mana back. His ultimate is a large AOE spell that deals moderate damage and can stun if you stacked eight auto attacks before using it.

    If you like hunters but don't like Cupid then you could try Neith. She has a stun, a very good escape, and a decent ultimate.

    Her stun is fairly easy to land and has good range. This stun is instant. She has an AOE damage ability that heals her based on the number of enemies hit, up to a maximum of three. It also applies an attack speed debuff to all opponents hit. This is a good way to win duels with other hunters. Her escape is a backwards jump and covers a good distance. It can be used to catch up to opponents that are getting away, if you turn around and use it, but this is not recommended as it's your only escape. Her ultimate deals damage and stuns targets. You will go into a targeting mode and as long as someone on your team, a minion or God, has vision of them, you can hit them from across the map.

    Rama is another fantastic hunter.

    He has a great escape, an auto attack steroid, a slow, and a practically global ultimate. His slow, "X,” is dependent on a special type of "ammo" that he regenerates over time. He can only hold up to five special arrows at a time but he can also pick some up with the help of his other ability. His "A" has both a passive and active effect. The passive allows him to regenerate arrows faster and allows his special arrows to drop on the ground for him to pick up. When you walk over an arrow, you replenish an arrow. Its active effect is an auto attack steroid that is fairly significant. His "B" is a unique escape as it allows you to roll any direction no matter which way you are facing. The direction of the roll is determined by the left thumbstick. His ultimate makes him invulnerable and he flies into the air. While in the air he can shoot three blasts that deal increasing damage. However, the shots become increasingly difficult to land.


    If you like to play a mage then there are some good options for you too.

    Kukulkan is a very strong mage.

    He has good range on all of his abilities and a speed boost for sticky situations. His main ability is a hurricane that places a DoT on anyone that is or was inside of it. This is pinned to "B" and can do tremendous damage later in the game and is paired well with his other ability. His "X" ability is a skill shot that does AoE damage and slows targets. It has decent range and if you land it on an enemy God then you're almost guaranteed to land your "B." His ultimate is a massive dragon that flies out of the sky dealing damage in a wide line in front of you. It also pushes enemies to the side.

    Another good mage for this achievement would be Scylla.

    Scylla is a very easy god to play and her abilities do massive amounts of burst damage. She has a stun, a large AoE damage ability, a great escape, and a fairly good ultimate. Her stun is ranged and lasts for about a second. Her main ability is a huge AoE ability that can stay on the ground for up to five seconds. You can activate it early but it will deal less damage. You will need to judge when to use it for area denial and delay the explosion and when to activate it immediately for reduced but guaranteed damage. Her “B” is a scout that grants you vision of an area but the ability can be reactivated to travel to the scout’s location and escape. Her ultimate increases her movement speed and will deal damage in a targeted area smaller than her main damage ability. When she kills someone with the damage from her ultimate it grants her another use. This happens once more and means that you can kill up to three targets with her ultimate.


    I got my achievement using an assassin but I wouldn’t recommend it because it’s riskier than the other classes mentioned. Assassins are all about diving the back line to kill the squishy Gods but if the enemy team notices you at all then you’re in trouble.

    However, if you are dead set on using an assassin to try and obtain this achievement then I have a suggestion.

    Bakasura has a jump which can be used to engage or escape. He has an ability that swallows a minion, heals himself, and powers up his ultimate. His ultimate slows, damages, and cripples targets while giving Bakasura’s auto attacks a damage cone. His jump lowers the physical protection of enemies that he lands near. His “B” passively gives Bakasura physical power and when activated his auto attacks deal true damage which means that they completely ignore protections. His “A” swallows a minion, heals Bakasura, and builds a stack towards his ultimate. He can build six stacks of minions to increase the power of his ultimate. His ultimate deals damage in an area and regurgitates the minions that he previously swallowed. The minions attack the targets damaged by the ult.

    3) Items

    If you build optimally then you will have a better chance of doing well with the God of your choice. These are just going to be some suggestions based on the type of God that you choose to play. This is not going to be a build guide but just some suggestions based on my experience with the game that includes both Xbox and PC.

    Physical Damage Gods

    Executioner – This item gives your God increased attack speed and physical power. Its passive lowers your enemy’s physical protection with each auto attack and by an additional eight percent for three seconds.

    Ichaival – This item increases attack speed and penetration and also increases your attack speed for each successful auto attack.

    Deathbringer – Crazy damage and critical strike chance.

    Magical Damage Gods

    Chronos’ Pendant – This item grants you mana regen, cool down reduction, and magical power. Basically everything that a mage could ever need.

    Rod of Tahuti – This item grants massive amounts of magical power, grants you mana regen, and gives you a bonus +25% to all of your magical power.

    Obsidian Shard – Lots of magical power and it gives you magical penetration.

    With all of this information you should be better equipped to handle this achievement.

    Well, that’s my “guide.” This is my first guide so try to go easy on me.
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    Our AfflictionsDoes 20-0 Count?
    Posted by Our Afflictions on 30 Sep 15 at 17:44
    ParticleDualityYes, 20-0 does count.

    Source: I went flawless when I got the achievement.
    Posted by ParticleDuality on 30 Sep 15 at 20:16
    cMcKee@ParticleDuality Medusa is maybe an A+ tier god on Xbox. Yes she has a dash, but its easily countered by body blocking, which makes her riskier.

    One god you didnt mention though that is good for this achievement is Poseidon. He has a better speed steroid than kukulkan, plus you inherently build gem of iso on him, allowing for more peel, and if they get too close anyways, your tidal knock back helps get distance.
    Posted by cMcKee on 30 Nov 15 at 19:51
    ParticleDuality@cMcKee, Like I keep saying, all of this information was what I believed at the time of writing this guide. It's still sufficient for obtaining this achievement so I haven't added to it. This was also before the season 2 changes to Xbox, so you must keep that in mind too. Also, if you're getting countered by body blocking then you need to learn to juke better. If you're in a position where you can be body blocked, then it's most likely too late.

    Also, I didn't mention every god that would be good for this achievement, just the ones that first came to mind. They're super easy to use and very effective.

    Thanks for your input and I hope you have a nice day.
    Posted by ParticleDuality on 30 Nov 15 at 20:39
    JoeySJ95I got mine using Thor on Assault vs a bad team. Lucky circumstances but that is a part of what this achievement is
    Posted by JoeySJ95 on 24 Jan 16 at 21:33
    LavindatharI just went 16-0 with Guan Yu then they surrendered :/
    Posted by Lavindathar on 17 Feb 16 at 17:59
    ParticleDualityNote: I might be editing the guide once season 3 is out. This will greatly change the meta.
    Posted by ParticleDuality on 17 Feb 16 at 18:22
    DudeMaster12The Underworld event Bonus Round on Arena will screw you over if you aren't careful. I have this achievement in the bag twice then I died in the *bonus* round which still counts against you. 21-2 and 25-2...*sigh*
    Posted by DudeMaster12 on 27 May 16 at 12:19
    Mr Li4bilityi was told that once you get 20-X (0 or 1) that it just auto pops and then the stress is over i've gotten so close a few times and it makes me very very sad
    Posted by Mr Li4bility on 03 Jun 16 at 17:23
    IllegallySamI got it using Arachne during my first match with her. I went 21-1 and just got lucky the whole match with her, but it wasn't that difficult to do with her during an Arena match.
    Posted by IllegallySam on 11 Aug 16 at 20:57
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