Three-Pronged Atac achievement in Rare Replay

Three-Pronged Atac

Atic Atac: Over time, escape from the castle with all three characters.

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How to unlock the Three-Pronged Atac achievement

  • EnAN0 ERSEnAN0 ERS267,217
    07 Aug 2015 07 Aug 2015
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    I found this on
    All credit goes to the owner of the guide: Skullfire58.

    This method takes about 30 mins. if not less

    Atic Atac Walkthrough

    This path will work for all three characters, as it does not use any of their unique shortcuts. Make sure that when you complete the game on one character, you select New Game instead of just jumping right back in. Otherwise, the locations of certain items will be randomized.

    Using this path I was able to finish with no deaths. You don't even need the Red Key. Just make sure you keep an eye on your health and rewind if you get hit to conserve as much health as possible, especially in the room with the Demon. He deals a massive amount of damage, and you'll most likely have to circle him a couple times for the door to open.

    The amount of time it takes will vary as well, mainly due to the random opening/closing of the doors. I did one run in 7:06 and then another in only 5:56 simply because the doors were more cooperative that time.

    (Note: There are some screens that are staircases linking the different floors, and these only have one possible door to go through other than the one you entered, so they have been omitted from this guide. You'll usually encounter them at the end of one of the numbered steps.)

    U = Up
    D = Down
    L = Left
    R = Right

    1. D, L, U.

    2. L, U, Fall through the Trapdoor.

    3. U, L, L Past Frankenstein, D, D, Pick up the Blue Key.

    4. R, R, R, D, D, Pick up the Bottle of Booze.

    5. R, R (Blue Door), R, U, U, L Past the Demon, L.

    6. D.

    7. L, U, U, L (Blue Door), L, L, U, U, R, R, Fall through the Trapdoor.

    8. Pick up the Yellow Key and head through the top-left Yellow door, L, U, Place the Bottle of Booze in any corner of the room to lure Igor away from the Blue Door, then go through it. Pick up the AC Gold Key Piece.

    9. D, D, R, Go through the bottom-right door, Go through the bottom-right Yellow Door, D (Blue Door), R (Yellow Door), R, D.

    10. R, U, Once in the Main Room drop the AC Gold Key Piece.

    11. U (Blue Door), Drop the Blue Key, L, D.

    12. R, Pick up the Green Key.

    13. L, L, D (Green Door), L, Ignore the Red Key, L (Yellow Door), D, L, Pick up the G Gold Key Piece.

    14. R, U, R, R, U, R, U.

    15. R, D, Drop the G Gold Key Piece.

    16. U, L, D.

    17. L, U, U, R, D (Yellow Door).

    18. L, L (Green Door), L, D, D, D (Yellow Door), Pick up E Gold Key Piece.

    19. U, U, U, R, R, R, U.

    20. L, Move down immediately to avoid being launched into the Trapdoor, D, D, R, U.

    21. R, D, Cycle your inventory until you get the E Gold Key Piece in the left inventory slot. Pick up the G Gold Key Piece and then the AC Gold Key Piece. Leave through the right ACG door.

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    RatpoizenYep you can use infinite lives ^_^
    Posted by Ratpoizen on 28 Jul 16 at 13:07
    Sir LagselotUnbelievable, excellent guide! Took me almost an hour my first try, did it in 7 mins with your help. Thanks
    Posted by Sir Lagselot on 29 Dec 19 at 18:51
    Bunny BreakfastGreat guide! On my playthroughs as the Knight and Wizard this solution was great, but for whatever reason when I played as the Serf, none of the key parts where in the location they were supposed to be. Still did it in roughly 15 minutes though...
    Posted by Bunny Breakfast on 30 Dec 20 at 18:00
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  • QuickMythrilQuickMythril772,694
    10 Aug 2015 10 Aug 2015
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    this walkthrough will help you get this, and all the other milestone achievements, quickly and easily. you MUST start a New Game, from the Load Menu, or items will not be placed correctly. some tips: the knight walks thru clocks (look like coffins), wizard thru bookcases (dressers), serf thru barrels (big 1884 coins). Also mushrooms damage you. Turn on Rewind and Infinite Lives, they will help and do not affect the achievements.

    Instructions: D means go Down a hole, 2E means go East twice, pick up items listed in parenthesis, use spoilers on one of your 3 playthroughs to get the achievement for having all items. you can drop most items immediately, but keep the Bottle and any Keys until specified. you don't need the Red Key to progress.

    (Express Directions:) excludes missable items
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    =====NEW GAME=====

    S, W, 2N, W, N, D, N, 2W 2S (Blue-Key)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    3E, 2S (keep Bottle) 3E, 2N, 3W
    2S, W (Cross) 2N, 2W (Whip) W, 2N (Claw) 2E, D (Yellow-Key)

    ==Save Here for 100 Keys Achievement==

    NW, W, N (drop Bottle) N (AC-Key)
    2S, E, 2SE, S (Wing) 2E, 2S, E, N (drop AC-Key)
    N, W, 2S, E (Green-Key) (drop Blue-Key) 2W, S, W
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    W (Ruby) S, W (G-Key)
    E, N, 2E, N, E, 2N, E, S (drop G-Key)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    N, W, 2S, W, 2N, E, 2S, 3W, 3S (E-Key)
    3N, 3E, 2N, W, 2S, E, 2N, E, S (get G/AC Keys) EXIT E!

    100 Keys Achievement:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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    The Fury I84IGreat solution. Very clear and to the point ;)
    Posted by The Fury I84I on 28 Aug 15 at 15:51
    EthigyGreat solution, very helpful.
    Posted by Ethigy on 07 Apr 20 at 04:46
  • UnsungGhostUnsungGhost634,700
    05 Aug 2015 05 Aug 2015 07 Aug 2015
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    The end goal is to build a large key that takes up three spaces of inventory, then go to the EXIT door with the letters ACG on it. This is also the same room that you start in. It's on the eastern wall, two floors above the caves (Called ground floor on the map). Make sure the pieces of the key are in the right order or it won't work.

    Follow the map made by Pavero (I take no credit for the map):
    External image

    Note: The locations of keys, key pieces, and most enemies are random. The door locks are always in the same spot and the colors are the same. (I'm actually not 100% sure if they're always the same or if that's random too)

    Before you get anywhere close to getting the pieces of the key you need to unlock a large portion of the doors first. There are 4 different colored "smaller keys" that only take up one space of inventory. They are randomly placed on different places on the map and only open doors that are the same color as the key.

    Since there's four you might have to leave one behind to open more doors. Never forget where any keys or key pieces are, there's a good chance you will need them again. In fact write down where you left them, you don't want to search around for 10 minutes if you lose track of them. If you find pieces of the large key, you can leave them on the floor by the Exit door, it will save the location for them.

    Once most of the doors are open then you can grab the pieces to the large key. There's always a piece in the attic, and there's usually one in the caves. The third one is randomly on one of the middle three floors.

    The worst part is the pieces of the large key look like other items. The important thing is that they are always yellow. This is a brief description of each piece:

    1. Looks like a crown on it's side (The key loop so you can put it on a keychain)
    2. Looks like a trumpet (has a G, where the trumpet handle would be)
    3. Has the letters A C under a line

    Other things to note:

    1. **IMPORTANT** The middle room of the basement always contains a key that is the same color of the doors that lead into it. That means there is no way into that room except to fall from the floor above (The ground floor). There are three holes on that floor. The one in the top right corner always drops you to the caves. The other two might drop you into that room. It was different for me on different playthroughs.

    2. Don't be a hero. Use the infinite lives cheat. Hold cn_start until the Rare menu comes up. Go under options, hit cn_RB, turn on the cheat and save yourself some sanity.

    3.. The classes don't have much of a difference. Knights can teleport through clocks. Wizards teleport through bookcases. Serfs teleport through the large yellow barrels that say 1884.

    Teleporting always takes you to the same place each time you do it and it's always on the same floor. It's usually in a straight line to the other side of the floor you're on. It's not too useful, and will probably just confuse you if you're new to the game.

    4. Other items don't do much, especially since you'll have infinite lives on. You can ward away some of the special boss-like enemies with them, but they mostly take up space. Make sure to pick up each one you come across at least once for the "Inventory Management" achievement. If you don't need it a quick way to do this is hit cn_X four times.

    Rare ReplayInventory ManagementThe Inventory Management achievement in Rare Replay worth 85 pointsAtic Atac: Over time, have every holdable item in your inventory.

    There are at least 45 locked doors. Since you're going through the castle 3 times you should unlock the "Redefine Keys" achievement.

    Rare ReplayRedefine KeysThe Redefine Keys achievement in Rare Replay worth 83 pointsAtic Atac: Use keys to unlock 100 doors over time.

    The first time you run through this, you will probably get around 40-60 minutes. Later runs you might be able to get 20-30 minutes.

    Please let me know if there's anything I'm missing. A lot of things are random and there is very little information on the internet for this game.
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    UnsungGhostYeah, that applies for all of the games, but some of them don't have cheats. You can also use game saves to shorten grinds. You don't really need to for Atic Atac though.
    Posted by UnsungGhost on 06 Aug 15 at 04:26
    AhayzoI'm just about to finish running my third character and have done all the snapshots, all that will be left is 100 doors unlocked, which I have a save in the basement in the main room with 4 doors and the yellow key in inventory.
    Posted by Ahayzo on 06 Aug 15 at 05:16
    spockroxfacesWith skullfires58's guide on I had an average run time of just under 6 minutes. Your guide is very well made. +1 from me bud!
    Posted by spockroxfaces on 07 Aug 15 at 15:32
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