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Lofty Goals

Complete all of the Atic Atac snapshots.

Lofty Goals+0.2
19 March 2016 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Lofty Goals achievement

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    You need to complete all five of the Atic Atac snapshots for this one, fortunately these are much easier than the base game itself.

    For the purposes of this solution, the maps are modifications that I made to Pavero's impressive Full Atic Atac map. This resource has been a saving grace to unlocking the achievements for this game, so be sure to keep it handy!

    Snapshot 1 : Glutton for Punishment
    Keep your hunger bar above the halfway mark for 60 seconds.

    This is probably the most difficult of the five, you need to navigate between rooms and continuously grab food while avoiding enemies that will take your health down. You can tell how much health you have remaining on the left hand corner that counts down (which needs to stay above zero).

    You'll begin in the starting room as usual. Head south into a blue room where a barrel of food sits in the middle. Stay in this room fighting off enemies until your health value hits 20, then grab it (restoring 25 health).

    Head left for two rooms (you should be in the room with a Crucifix). Head left once more. You will find a piece of meat in this room. Again, wait until your health reaches 20 before picking it up.

    Head to the right, back into the Crucifix room. Head north. You will be in a narrow hallway with a lollipop in the center. Wait for 20 health and pick it up.

    Head north into a room with a pit. Head right. You will be in another room with a barrel of food. You should be able to hit one minute by now unless you took a lot of damage, but this barrel should help you peak the one minute mark.

    External image


    Snapshot 2 : Stairwell Scramble
    Find a way out of the caverns as quickly as possible.

    While the idea of navigating this game's maze might seem scary at first, this snapshot is ridiculously easy. From the start, simply go to the right, then down five rooms in a row. Continue up two staircases and you are finished.

    External image


    Snapshot 3 : All Your Basement
    Visit every room in the basement as quickly as possible.

    I managed to get number one the leaderboard with this method, so it should work wonders. Your goal is to visit all 22 rooms on the basement floor of the game, and do so in a single life. I'm providing both a textual and visual guide of the path to take, which happens to provide enough food over the run.

    At the start, acquire the yellow, red, and green keys. Head through the left door on the top. You'll be in a room with a table and milk. Head left and then north.

    You'll be in a room with the red grumpy humpback dude. Head left for a food stockpile then head right back to the grumpy dude room. Head right through three rooms, two of which contain food. Head north through the red door, then left through the clock. Food exists in both of these rooms.

    Pass back through the clock and head south for two rooms until you reach a room with a table. Head left, then down through the locked red door (not the yellow).

    Head right into a room with a pit (and Dracula), then down to a room with a pelt and food. Head right to a room with food.

    Now head left for five rooms, until you hit a dead end. Head right one room and then up one. Another food room. Now head right to finish the snapshot.

    External image


    Snapshot 4 : Demon Dodger
    Avoid the demon and defeat ten monsters.

    There's not much help I can provide for this challenge, since it occurs in only a single room. My recommendation is to move to the bottom right corner at the start, and then move clockwise to keep the demon away. Make sure your character is completely in the corner and use your d-pad to move so that you don't accidentally move into an open door and reset your progress. Then spam the cn_A button to keep killing spawning baddies.


    Snapshot 5 : No Wand Left Behind
    Escape the castle without the ability to attack.

    For this final snapshot, you'll have to navigate your way from the Attic down two floors to the Ground floor without the ability to attack.

    Start your run by heading north two rooms and drop in the pit to reach the First Floor. Head right one room and up one room. Drop into this pit to reach the Ground Floor.

    Grab the food once you land if you need it, then head right three rooms. Head up one and you can exit safely out the door on the right.

    External image


    If you need more guidance or prefer videos, I clipped each challenge to completion as a supplement for those who prefer to see the challenges in action. You can watch the full video below or click the link to jump to the specific challenge.

    [0:00] | SnapShot 1 | Glutton for Punishment
    [1:29] | SnapShot 2 | Stairway Scramble
    [1:59] | SnapShot 3 | All Your Basement
    [3:00] | SnapShot 4 | Demon Dodger
    [3:25] | SnapShot 5 | No Wand Left Behind

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