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Breaking a Few Eggs

Sabre Wulf: Find each of the four amulet pieces.

Breaking a Few Eggs0
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Achievement Guide for Breaking a Few Eggs

  • QuickMythrilQuickMythril716,960
    12 Aug 2015 12 Aug 2015 13 Aug 2015
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    here's an alternative solution to using a map. i've taken the (very well written and explained) instructions from the walkthru here, and turned them into NSEW directions. this will take you through every necessary screen in the game to get all 4 Amulets, find the 5 Jungle Huts, and take you to the exit, earning this and two other achievements. sometimes there are two exits on the left or right side of the screen. these are distinguished with NW/SW or NE/SE. if it just says W or E and there are two exits on the same side, that is because they both lead to the same place. when you see something like 4N, that means go North 4 times. by the time you reach the Last Clearing you should have found all 4 Amulet pieces. they are very easy to notice as you walk around. they are like big squarish things that flash different colors.

    From Start, N, 2W, 2S, NE, N, S, W, SE, S, E, N, E, N, S, W, S, SW, 2S, N, SW, N, SW, W, S, E, S, E, S, 2W, N, S, W, 2N, Hut #1.

    N, 3S, 7E, 2N, 2E, 2N, W, S, N, NE, N, S, W, SE, 2S, SW, W, 2S, E, N, 2E, 5N, 2S, SE, E, S, NW, S, N, E, 3S, 15W, 3N, SE, 2S, 2N, SE, S, Hut #2.

    S, 3N, 2E, 2N, SE, 2S, 2N, W, NE, N, S, W, SW, S, N, E, 2N, S, NW, W, SW, S, Hut #3.

    N, NW, 4N, E, N, S, W, 2S, SE, S, E, N, E, S, 2N, 2E, 2N, 2S, 2W, N, S, 2E, SW, W, S, NW, N, Hut #4.

    2N, E, NW, 2N, E, N, 3W, NE, 3E, S, E, SW, 2S, Hut #5.

    S, 3N, E, NW, N, 3E, S, W, SE, 2S, E, 2N, SE, S, E, N, E, 2S, NW, N, W, S, N, E, S, E, NE, E, N, 2S, N, W, N, 3S, 2N, SW, 2S, W, SE, 2S, E, N, 2E, S, W, SE, S, 2W, N, W, 2S, E, SW, S, W, 2N, S, NW, 3W, 2N, SE, S, 2N, E, NW, W, N, E, NW, 3N, 3S, E, SW, S, 2E, N, 2S, SE, S, 2N, E, NW, N, Last Clearing.

    S, E, SW, S, 3W, 2S, 2E, N, END!
  • FailedSeppukuFailedSeppuku1,015,425
    04 Aug 2015 04 Aug 2015 10 Aug 2015
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    The object of the game is to collect 4 pieces of the Amulet and enter The Underwurlde, the Amulet pieces can appear in any dead end cul-de-sac, similar to your starting position. Including the ones with a lake in, they are also random everytime you start the game.

    First thing to do, is Pause and hold the Menu cn_start button, go to Options and tab to the right cn_RB, turn Infinite Lives on. Now here is a map;

    Hi-Res Image courtesy of and credit to KaibaChaos
    External image

    (Original Image for Reference)

    The middle yellow cave area is the Underwurlde, You need to head to the bottom right and go around to the very bottom line and walk all the way left, you then need to head up to the top line and walk all the way right and make your way from there to the Underwurlde. I suggest saving this map and marking each area you check.

    Good Luck, with infinite lives, this game is very easy and will take you about 1 hour to finish.
  • klesk360klesk360297,899
    07 Jan 2016 07 Jan 2016
  • irishdemon98irishdemon98157,722
    23 Jun 2017 23 Jun 2017
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    since FailedSeppuku's map is broken I figured I'd make one to replace it. I followed QuickMythril's instructions for this and got all of the achievements listed in his description.

    If you're immediately looking at this instead of familiarizing yourself with the game first, the objective is to find all 4 amulet pieces that randomly spawn in what is called a "clearing". You will look in every possible clearing until you have all 4 then bee-line it to the center.

    If you are using my map, the blue lines are new area's, and the yellow is used to mark crossings and backtracking. Just to kind of keep it clean... (it was starting to get messy at the beginning.)
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