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Melkhior's Apprentice

Knight Lore: Over time, add every type of ingredient into the cauldron.

Melkhior's Apprentice+0.2
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Achievement Guide for Melkhior's Apprentice

  • ReptarOnIce3000ReptarOnIce3000377,711
    06 Aug 2015 06 Aug 2015 06 Aug 2015
    18 1 5
    This game...oh my god this game.

    Seriously all I can say is use this link:


    No matter what, you will get this achievement if you are going for:
    Rare ReplayDestination: Mire MareThe Destination: Mire Mare achievement in Rare Replay worth 110 pointsKnight Lore: Break Sabreman's curse.

    There are 7 items in the game:
    -Tea Cup
    -Crystal Ball

    You need to find all 7 in order to beat the game, so this achievement will come with time.

    Also, what needs to be put in the cauldron is random. So don't rely entirely on the video for what to put in the cauldron first, because it may be very different for you. You can determine what needs to go in the cauldron by going the in the room (as a human, as a ware-wolf you will be attacked) and waiting for the item you need to flash above the cauldron.

    Also, it appears that you WILL spawn in one of the locations shown, but it also seems like you will spawn there consistently, so don't keep trying to reset to match up with the video guide. The video serves merely as a reference for specific room help.

    Here is a tip I used if you are stuck in any room;
    If a jump seems too high, or too far, if you have an item in your inventory. You can place that item below you, then jump and very very quickly pick up your item again so you don't lose the item. It's not extremely hard to pull off, but if you mess up just hold the L button to rewind!!!

    Oh, and don't forget to go to the options menu and turn off the time limit and turn on infinite lives!!!

    This video helps too;

    Dr Scrufflton says:
    "That link says the starting points are random, but I can never get it to match up with the one in the video. The one in rare replay always starts at the same location, and its not the same as the one shown"

    In response from myself:
    "That's strange because, like you said, I as well start in the same place every time, but my girlfriend has been starting in a different place from me, yet has been starting in that same place consistently...perhaps spawn is locked per account. Also, the guide in the link is for the original version of the game. I have noticed that a lot these old games have had very slight changes to them. For example Atic Atac has changed the location of the red and green keys, from the original copies of the game. The guide should still serve as a decent hand holder through the game. It helped me immensely.

    Also, about the video, I mostly used that as a way to see how specific rooms are done. If I couldn't figure out a room I'd scan the video until I found the specific room I was working on.

    Lastly, like I said, use the video guide as 'per room' help. I would strongly, strongly advise using the map in the link as your main guide."
  • FossilBonsai988FossilBonsai988146,516
    13 Oct 2015 12 Oct 2015
    8 0 0
    Just a tip to make grinding this out a little bit quicker (well, it did for me at least): There is a completely empty room North and then West (Technically NW, then SW) from the Cauldron room. I used this room as a depository. Pick up every item you see as you are heading toward the Cauldron and simply drop them here for safe-keeping (they do not go anywhere). Also found doing this useful in preventing dropping the wrong item into the Cauldron, as an item dropped out of order does not respawn.
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