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Not So Nasty

Slalom: Over time, finish every course in the game.

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How to unlock the Not So Nasty achievement

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    There are 24 courses in total that you are required to complete. Basically you need to beat the first 8 levels in each of the 3 areas. Courses 9 and onwards in each world are harder versions of other previous levels so you don't need to worry about those.


    - Usually if you fail a level, you have to restart from level 1 but I recommend you save after completing a level or at the beginning of a new one. This just gives you the opportunity to retry/practice a level if you fail. To save/load the game, pause the game, then hold down cn_start to bring up the menu and you can save/load there.

    - Use cn_LT to rewind if you crash.

    - This may not help but I found it really weird using the left thumbstick to turn. The key thing is speed so I ended up using my left thumb to push the left thumbstick forwards to keep my speed up and then I used my right thumb on the D-Pad to turn. It made it much easier to fine tune the turning by just tapping left/right on the D-Pad.

    - There isn't much else to it really other than practice.

    - Once you have done the first 8 levels of a mountain, intentionally fail so that you quit out. Then just move on to the next mountain. After the first 8 levels of any mountain, it will loop through and give you levels you have likely completed already. (Thanks to ChArG1nMaLAZ0R & HawkeyeBarry20 for suggesting this clarification).

    Snowy Hill (Easy)

    01 — Qualifyng Run
    02 — Cotton Candy
    03 — Skid Row
    04 — Snowy Slide
    05 — Crystal Cruise
    06 — Overun
    07 — Big Dipper
    08 — Blue Mongoose

    Mt. Nasty (Medium)

    01 — Qualifyng Run
    02 — In the Trees
    03 — Cut Loose
    04 — Hot Dog Heaven
    05 — Rad Run
    06 — Paradise
    07 — Exterminator
    08 — Freestyler

    Steep Peak (Hard)

    01 — Qualifyng Run
    02 — Teaser
    03 — Blue Max
    04 — The Whoosh
    05 — High Octane
    06 — Rock N Roll
    07 — Monster Run
    08 — Super Downhill

    Good Luck! smile
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    OdadjianActualCan't believe this has a ratio of 6++. The races are really easy with all this solution's tips. Thanks sniffles.

    This game is delicious for anyone with a bit of dedication heh.
    Posted by OdadjianActual on 12 May 16 at 01:46
    sniffles xNo problem :)
    Posted by sniffles x on 12 May 16 at 08:06
    AhayzoThanks a lot for the tip on using two thumbs, made a huge difference. Well, that and the fact I somehow forgot about the rewind feature (which I abuse regularly) the second I started on this achievement laugh
    Posted by Ahayzo on 28 May 16 at 15:36
    ChArG1nMaLAZ0RIt would have helped if you made it clear to intentially get a game over after getting past level 8 and that at the menu you can choose a course. Its very vague that you can actually change the course and you gave no clue on how to skip the loop of levels
    Posted by ChArG1nMaLAZ0R on 22 Jun 16 at 15:02
    steven2furiousHeres some tips if anyones struggling with this i just got this yesterday with ease i used sniffles trick but changed them around

    I used my left thumb on the stick to steer and my right thumb on the up on the d-pad for speed worked a treat i finshed most courses with 5-10 seconds to spare even the hard ones

    Small movements on the stick for turns avoid everything if you hit anything rewind and dodge and keep away from the side try to get between the flags as much as you can by reminding and dodging look ahead of your guy dont look at him and line up your next movement

    Once your done the eighth course it will start going Backwards counting down becoming harder pause quit game / start new game pick a different mountain

    Just to note your right thumb will probably end up with cramp hope this helps someones as this was driving me mad cheers.
    Posted by steven2furious on 16 Dec 16 at 08:54
    OverIoadGreat guide, glided into the finish with the clock at 0:00:00 on the last level on 2nd attempt.

    Good tip using two thumbs to steer using the d-pad. What i also did was use the Xbox Accessoires app to remap the d-pad up button to the RB button. That way i could keep my hands on the controller normal while keeping the speed up button pressed pretty much all the time. You don't need an elite controller for that.
    Posted by OverIoad on 25 Jan 17 at 11:22
    HawkeyeBarry20I thought you picked one course and eventually the game would take you everywhere. I got to a point I was hitting every gate, not hitting any jumps which lowers speed and not wrecking once and could not beat a course. Then I read here someone didn't know not hitting the gates lowers your speed and I knew I was doing something wrong. @ChArG is right, it should be put in the description to do the 8 courses go back to the main menu and do 8 courses of one of the other starting options and then do the last one. Would of saved me so much time and frustration.
    Posted by HawkeyeBarry20 on 27 Apr 17 at 02:08
    sniffles xEdit made, thanks for the suggested clarification.
    Posted by sniffles x on 27 Apr 17 at 08:30
    EmpHelmFantastic guide. Great job.
    Posted by EmpHelm on 28 Aug 17 at 20:44
    KillipoI was stuck on level 5 until I did the two-thumb method and realized I needed to hit all the gates for speed (the snapshots tipped me off on this). Two thumbs up for this solution
    Posted by Killipo on 06 Apr 18 at 14:23
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