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The Dark Queen's Lament

Battletoads: Complete every level in the game over time.

The Dark Queen's Lament+0.2
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Achievement Guide for The Dark Queen's Lament

  • LegendLegend#5793201,947
    06 Aug 2015 05 Aug 2015 17 Feb 2016
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    Here you can see all levels without warping (warping = skip the next level).
    Slow speed run.

    Fast speed run.

    How to warp?
    Remember, you cannot warp if you want to get an achievement in 1 run. Otherwise you need to back and play skipped level. (NEW GAME)
    If you accidently did WARP, then instant use REWIND.

    About the hardest level 11.

    So I tried about 2-3 hours, rewind doesn't work on this level cause chasing ball is bugged and when you do it ball doesnt rewind proper. It can be closer than earlier before rewind.

    I found this solution on youtube. (thx Jeremy Mercer)

    "SECRET TO BEATING THIS LEVEL!!! I tried beating this level for 4 hours on my emulator and could not do it. I was using an xbox 360 controller and/or the keyboard with ROM save ability. I still couldn't do it. But then I figured out a trick. In order to gain speed on the corners, you MUST execute a frame perfect press on the D pad. For those of you that aren't familiar with the term "frame perfect", there are 60 frames per second. You have to hit the exact 1/60 perfect frame to go faster. VERY hard. But there's a way to make sure you hit that frame every time. It's called PAUSE BUFFERING. As soon as you get to a corner press pause. If you pause at the exact right frame, you'll see the "locomotive" turn 45 degrees and toad will longer be holding onto it. Unpause while holding the button of the new direction toad will be traveling in and you'll get a little speed boost. Do this for every corner and quickly the electric ball wont even be on the screen anymore. The level is easily beaten that way. I used the ROM save ability after every corner in case I didn't hit the pause button perfectly every time. I hope this helps save you from hours of struggling and good luck on your courageous quest to beat the hardest game ever made!"

    I did this level on 2nd try with this trick :)
    Fast Pause/Start and I was able to run away from the ball and beat the longest straight part of the road.
    I boosted almost on every corner.

    So good luck. Rest of the levels are possible to do with rewind and inf. lives.

    Badass and brutal. This game separates men from children.
    Anyone who can beat it without continue etc. is the god of arcade.
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