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Child of the 90s

Complete all of the Battletoads snapshots.

Child of the 90s+0.2
20 March 2016 - 2 guides

How to unlock the Child of the 90s achievement

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    Child of the 90s Achievement Guide for 25 gamerscore.
    Complete all of the Battletoads snapshots.

    I recommend doing the hardest snapshots first and the easiest ones last. The order from Hardest to Easiest is- 3,4,5,2,1.

    Ill leave a Written guide and a video guide below of how to complete all 5 Battletoads snapshots. The video will be at the bottom of the guide and Ill upload a video with commentary soon if people think it is needed or would be more helpful.

    Snapshot 1 (Smashing Performance) - 0:07-0:38 This one is really easy, just spam Y or A on the first 3 enemies and then you can either die or continue.
    Snapshot 2 (Clipped Wingers) - 0:40-2:22 For this one you must hold the left analog stick in the direction your moving to go faster. For example- If your driving to the left then you must hold the left analog stick to the left and it is the same for every other direction.
    Snapshot 3 (Turbo Tunnel Infinite) - 2:24-3:12 All obstacles blink 3 times to warn you where they are and on the 4th blink they start coming towards you.
    Snapshot 4 (Slippery Toad) - 3:15- 3:39 Refer to the video for more help and a quicker solution. For this one you want get to the first rock wall and keep walking left. After the rock wall is open keep running left and jump over the Mario Turtle Shell and cross to the other side. When you get to the third rock wall make sure you stay in the first area and wait for the shell. After the shell comes toward you, jump over it and stay next to the fourth rock wall and jump over the shell when it gets close to clear under the final rock wall. Finally ride the platform to the bottom and make sure you jump off before it hits the bottom.
    Snapshot 5 (Rat Race Rush) - 3:42-4:18 When you get to the bomb make sure you click cn_A on top of it so you can finish the snapshot. Follow the video for more help but this one allows for a few errors and must be completed before 35 seconds. You can tackle the Rat but it is not needed or recommended.

    If you have a problem with the video guide, refer to the written and if you have a problem with the written refer to the video. I hope this helped and im sorry it was so long. If anyone has any questions or ways to fix the guide and make it better just pm me or comment below. Dont forget to leave a thumbs up and before you leave a negative vote, tell me what i could do to fix the problem.
    Happy huntingtoast
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    Yin For some reason, this unlocked after I completed only four of the five snapshots. I didn't need to complete snapshot two. Weird.
    Posted by Yin on 23 Aug 15 at 01:00
    Fore same here Darkened night, I didn't complete snapshot two either and I still got the achievement.

    i came here to see if anyone else had this happen
    Posted by Fore on 09 Mar 16 at 12:58
    Zekling Also didn't have to complete snapshot 2 to get the chievo (completed May 23, 2017). Still went back and completed snapshot 2 for the stamp though
    Posted by Zekling on 24 May 17 at 03:27
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