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Cobra Commander

Cobra Triangle: Complete every level in the game over time.

Cobra Commander+0.2
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Achievement Guide for Cobra Commander

  • DarklightsDarklights486,786
    11 Aug 2015 11 Aug 2015 12 Oct 2016
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    For this achievement you'll need to complete 25 levels of Cobra Triangle.

    This is a lot easier than it would appear especially with infinite lives and the rewind ability (remember to turn these on in options at the start). For this guide I'll focus on the level types and some general tips to get you through.

    cn_RT to accelerate
    cn_B to fire
    cn_back to select your power-up
    cn_LT to rewind (don't forget this, you'll need it a fair bit)

    The power-ups are the little hexagonal red and white boxes. As you pickup more of them the words at the bottom will flash, press cn_back to choose the flashing power-up.

    Turbo: You will accelerate faster from a stand still, this isn't really needed. Might be worth getting if you struggle to get a good start.

    Fire: Changes the style of your gunfire (I prefer the spread fire that shoots
    forward). Remember this power-up cannot max out, it will always change your fire type. The four way spread is also worth trying.

    Speed: Changes the top speed of your boat, I would get this maxed out after getting full missiles and the fire type you prefer.

    Missile: Gives you missiles! The last missile upgrade is homing
    missiles, I strongly recommend maxing this out first.

    Force: Gives temporary invincibility, temporary homing missiles, and REFILLS
    energy. I never bothered with this, might be worth grabbing if you're struggling at any point.

    User Hooch Lee (in the other guide) says "With infinite lives you can get all Upgrades in the first level.. collect the pods and don't cross the finish line. Rinse and repeat.". If you struggle with some of the levels it might be worth considering.

    There are only a few level types, once you know the trick to these you'll fly through most of this game.

    Very simple just need to cross the line in the time limit, these levels are great for grabbing power-ups and getting upgraded, if you struggle with any jumps (especially later on) remember to rewind with cn_LT

    This level is all about grabbing the power-ups while going over ramps, if you miss any just rewind.

    For this level you need to grab the mines at the start of the map and drop them off in the square at the other side to disarm them. Enemy boats will try to bump into you and steal the mine off you if they do you can just rewind or bump into them to steal it back.

    It can get trickier later on so remember to shoot out the guns (with your homing missiles) on the side to make things easier, otherwise the best advice I can give is to turn in circles this is the only way to get distance between you and the enemy boats.

    Turning in circles and rewinding when a mine is stolen should get you through.

    Obstacle race:
    These can be a bit of a pain, the levels will have logs and whirlpools to prevent you getting to the end before the time runs out. Later on icebergs come out of the water at you.

    Once more rewinding through the trickier bits should get you through.

    A very easy level type just shoot targets and go through to the end.
    The four way shot fire type will really help you score more on these levels.

    For these levels you need to protect as many people in the ocean as you can.
    Enemy boats will speed in and try to steal people away and into an exit you have to stop them. Just like the mine level you can bump into the boats to steal the people back, but I wouldn't bother with this.

    For these levels I would sit in the middle of the people and just spin and shoot, when a person is stolen you can rewind to make sure you spin in the right direction and nail them.

    You only need one person to get through the level so don't worry too much about losing some try to end up with 2-3 grouped together and protect them. I always end up with just one alive but it is enough.

    The biggest problem with this level is getting hit by a missile and losing a life, this kept getting my last man stolen. If you're in this situation you have to keep rewinding till you can nail the ship that shoots you first, it can take several attempts but it will get you through.

    You need to use ramps to get over the waterfalls while dodging whirlpools.
    Just use rewind if you miss a ramp and you'll get through these in no time.

    Monsters/Boss fights:
    There are a few monsters you'll meet as you progress through the game.
    I highly recommend missiles to help you get through.

    Sea Serpent
    I found these very easy just shoot away and you should kill it in no time. With infinite lives on this should be a breeze.

    This one can be annoying, I kept running out of time so make sure you have upgraded those missiles.

    When the level starts accelerate down and under the crab, then go up the right hand side of the screen, ending up in the top right hand corner of the map. From here the crab will hardly hit you at all.

    Point towards the bottom left of the corner and shoot like mad, with a bit of luck you'll get through this boss.

    I added this video to show the positioning.

    Shoot, shoot and shoot some more!
    You'll be able to take him down pretty quickly, don't even worry about dodging his tentacles.

    This boss is a pain.
    He cannot be hit when he's underwater!
    He can only be hit if you face him straight on!
    He will eat you if he gets the chance wasting valuable time!

    He will swim from left to right and raise up to try to charge and eat you, this is your time to shoot.

    The best tactic is to wait see where he rises up and use rewind to get in position each time this, used properly this should make this a breeze, don't worry about getting eaten with a good hit you can take almost half his health away.

    If you have any questions, post them below.

    Good luck
  • Sol76Sol76668,475
    07 Aug 2015 07 Aug 2015 09 Aug 2015
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    There are 25 levels to complete , most of them are just fine and easy to complete but the last two are bosses and those can be a pain.
    Just make sure you got the infinite lives cheat enabled in the options menu and try to upgrade as quick as you can by collecting the diamond like upgrade pods. You should upgrade your TURBO , SPEED , and MISSILES to the max , FIRE should be upgraded 4 or 5 times until you have the spreadshot , I stuck with the SPREADSHOT the whole game because the others didn't work for me. FORCE gives you a temporary shield and all your health back but in the end it's kind of useless.

    Level 24 was a little bit of luck as my time was out and he just exploded. The boss his energy keeps refilling and you only have about 15 seconds to complete the mission. Just keep unloading your guns and homing missiles and with a little luck you have him down in 2 or 3 tries. Because he is really fast , you only have 15 seconds and his fireballs are instant death there is not much tactics , just pure luck that you have his energy drained within the time limit.

    Level 25 is a real pain .... if you don't know what to do
    Avoiding him is not a real big problem , getting his energy down within the time limit is. You can only hurt him from the front when this sharks head is above the water , shooting him from the back is useless.
    What you have to do is follow his pattern and when his head is above the water memorize this spot and use the REWIND trigger cn_LT to rewind a couple of seconds , enough to position yourself in front of where he came up before the rewind. When he pops up right in front of you, unload you arsenal and shoot him as fast as you can. You will be eaten for sure but don't worry , you have infinite lives ( right?? ) Repeat this process and you will have him down with more than 30 seconds to spare.
    It takes some getting used to but once you know how long to rewind to give yourself enough time to get to the right position it is REALLY easy and you can get as much as 3 or 4 pieces of his life bar at a time.

    Good luck

    If there are levels that need some more explanation , please post them in the comments and I will try to add my tactics for them but most of them are doable with the infinite lives cheat on and the maxed out set-up.
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