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Amber Warning

Grabbed by the Ghoulies: Complete Challenge 21

Amber Warning+0.3
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Achievement Guide for Amber Warning

  • AwooAwoo1,424,849
    09 Aug 2015 09 Aug 2015 09 Aug 2015
    43 11 25
    To unlock challenge 21, you first need to get a gold medal in each of the other 20 challenges. To unlock those, you need to find all 100 Rare books in the game, one in each room and revisit to each room. You can see which ones you're missing from the challenge menu, and use the same menu to go back to specific rooms.

    This challenge is a lot different from the other ones. It basically just tasks you with playing through the normal campaign as Amber, but your health is capped at 10 for each room, and there are no powerup soups at all. You're allowed to die and retry as much as you like, and you can even quit and come back later if you want.

    It may sound hard, but there are only really a few troublesome rooms. A lot of them can even be run through without fighting at all. After playing through the game once you'll already know what to do for each room, so it's really just a matter of adjusting to the lack of soup. For the Amber boss fight, only use ranged weapons. When you throw the last bottle at her, follow it up with a melee combo since there are not enough ranged weapons in the room to get her all the way to zero HP. For the Baron fight... well, you just kinda have to play well. Trust me, it's not as hard as you may think.

    Good luck!
  • johnnyjohnathanjohnnyjohnathan416,516
    10 Sep 2015 10 Sep 2015
    25 0 2
    I found an excellent video walkthrough on youtube that helped me complete this challenge. There are a few rooms here and there that require a bit of luck to pull off the same stategy used in the video but they are doable with some patience.

    As for the Baron fight, practice makes perfect. A good strategy is to hang around the desk that you can break in half. Also, try to make quick work of the pirate zombies that appear in the last wave before they start hurling treasure chests at you, and definitely keep your distance.

    All credit for the video goes to the original uploader, RarewareArchives.

    Good luck!

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