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No Three-Toad Sloth

Battletoads Arcade: Over time, beat the game with all three 'toads.

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  • kiesan88kiesan88156,443
    07 Aug 2015 25 Aug 2015
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    Not really a solution but a note: I did a run with a friend, and it counted for 2 of the toads in one playthrough.

    If you have 2 friends to play with you, you can knock it out in one go.

    Important note: My friend was signed in also, but he did NOT get any achievements from the game. We finished a playthrough but he didn't get "Finish the Fight," only I did. So whomever is the active account, gets the achievement.

    Edit: From Borgenator (this guy is awesome)

    If you can't get three people together, and you have an extra controller, you can save just before beating the final boss and then sign the extra controller into an alternate account, and have them jump in the game.

    Beat the boss and you'll get two toads. Reload the save then have the extra controller be the last toad you need and beat the game again. You can still get this in one go and as little of the last boss as you would like to play twice.
  • LolliZombiLolliZombi258,956
    31 Mar 2017 31 Mar 2017 31 Mar 2017
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    Not really solution but important:

    No the game is NOT glitching. DO NOT START A NEW GAME BETWEEN TOADS. The reason it's not working is because you are likely doing this. You need to do all three on the same save file one after the other. Once you start a new game it basically wipes you back to 0.

    So for instance if you start with Pimple, go through the game beat it with him. Sit through the ending stuff and wait for it to take you to starting screen then hit either x or a to start with Zitz or Rash. You can save and quit to break then or keep on keeping on. But you must go through all 3 without hitting new game for this to unlock.

    I hope this helps people who feel like the achievement is glitched, it's not technically. I guess you could call that a glitch but I am guessing it was a design choice... who knows.

    Again not really a solution but wanted to get this out for people.
  • JYN209JYN209220,472
    11 Jan 2016 04 Feb 2016
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    This is not a guide, but an important note to anybody trying for this achievement
    On both the achievements app and the milestones page of Battletoads arcade, you will see this achievement and it should have a percentage (%) under it. Everytime you complete a playthrough with a different character, the percentage should go up 33% or 34% in this order:
    0% (no playthroughs completed yet), 33% (1st), 66% (2nd), 100% (3rd and final)
    ^common sense^
    However, many of us have completed the game multiple times but our % are stuck behind.
    For example, I completed the game 3 times with all three toads but the percentage says 33% (only one playthrough completed), on both the milestones page and the achievements app.

    Proposed Solution
    Whenever you've completed a single playthrough, hold cn_start to load up the pause menu, and select Load>New Game, and start your new playthrough on a fresh save file. I can confirm this worked for me. Should work the same for you!
  • cathair9292cathair9292314,646
    07 Feb 2018 07 Feb 2018
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    The way I got this was use another controller to add a second toad right before beating the final boss it will work with three controllers too but I had to play through again to get cruel and unusual punishment
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