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Complete all of the Battletoads Arcade snapshots.

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Achievement Guide for Quartermaster

  • FredInTheHeadFredInTheHead338,126
    10 Aug 2015 12 Aug 2015
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    Here are all of the Snapshots for Battletoads Arcade. Let me know if you find any mistakes or have any questions!

    #1 - 0:05
    #2 - 1:17
    #3 - 2:02
    #4 - 2:55
    #5 - 3:36
  • HamerHamer189,762
    08 Aug 2015 09 Aug 2015 10 Aug 2015
    20 3 2
    Highly recommend using the arrow keys over the analog also competing the game at least once you so you know the enemy movements / mechanics I finished the game 3 times in a row prior to this achievement.

    Snapshot 1

    Just mash a left / right kick the bigger enemy's off screen as soon as you can relatively easy.

    Snapshot 2

    Again pretty easy you get two power ups which you can use with the B button . Just shoot everything as soon as you can make a gap by shooting the middle of the yellow enemies so they pass by you and don't cause damage. Use the power ups at key moments.

    Snapshot 3

    One of the more tricky ones use your gun ammo as fast as you can use right arrow + A to do your dash kick attack straight after that will kill them off quickly. If they start squashing you it will become a pain and your better off restarting.

    Get ready for the reindeer about to appear on the right of the screen one hit him before he charges you.

    Next screen there will be two rats on either side quickly dash the right one / throw him into the other rat. Now two more with guns will spawn the hardest section you need to do the same again quickly dash into them try throw an enemy at them. If you get shot you will almost certainly die and have to start over.

    Note once you have killed the rats on that screen you have the required 15.

    Snapshot 4

    Dash left to right never stop moving he will kill you in 2 hits so you can make an error once. Avoid his attack then dash + A into him then move into the bigger space whether it be left or right. Keep repeating it gets faster and faster a bit of trial and error involved but not too difficult.

    Snapshot 5

    Make use of the weapon can't stress this enough make sure your hitting both enemy's with it at once. Avoid using the a mash attack where he grapples the rat especially when both enemies are still alive while in the grapple the other one will counter it and take a chunk of life of you.

    Focus your attacks on one enemy when ones left don't do anything risky / unessary use dash + A step back and repeat and you will finish it no problem.

    I hope this helps I quickly threw it together because there wasn't a guide. If your currently going through the snapshots it will make complete sense.
  • FearInoculum987FearInoculum987204,812
    10 Dec 2015 10 Dec 2015
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    This is for snapshot number 3 only, as it was (at least for me) the hardest. As soon as it begins, double tap right on the D-pad to start sprinting, and if you time it just right after the group of rats appear, you can kill all 10 of them with the dash attack. I then used the gun to drop the reindeer. After that you'll want to deplete the rest of your ammo for the gun; otherwise, when you get down to the last four enemies, if they hit you one of them will pick up your gun and you'll have 3 enemies with guns to content with instead of just 2. Hope this helps someone!
  • KarkayuKarkayu155,772
    22 Aug 2015 22 Aug 2015 22 Aug 2015
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    Just for spanish-speaking

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