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The Honey Bear's Tales

Sampled every Banjo game in the collection.

The Honey Bear's Tales+2.7
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Achievement Guide for The Honey Bear's Tales

    08 Aug 2015 08 Aug 2015
    19 1 0
    To get this you must open up and play Banjo-tooie, Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Kazooie nuts and bolts.
    once you have opened them up in the gallery and they're loading the game you can quit, it will still count as being sampled.
  • CinnamonJewel16CinnamonJewel164,666
    15 Sep 2015 15 Sep 2015
    10 1 2
    I started all 3 games but the achievement never popped up I had already played 1 hr each game but nothing. I had already played them each about 2 or 3 times already & nothing.

    Then I tried:
    Next I went to the home dash board (original screen when starting up the xbox one) I then went to rare replay went to play Banjo Kazooie loaded my saved game moved character around 1 min then saved and logged out back to home screen(original start up screen again). Then I just repeated that on Banjo Tooie and then on Banjoo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts. ( I didn't check anything else or went to a completely different game). Just repeated the process & in after a few seconds or so the achievement popped up.

    I hope this helps. It took me a few trys to figure out how to get it (was ready to give up) but in the end I got it. I know its a pain. Comment if it worked or not. Hope so.
  • AndiApokalypseAndiApokalypse520,670
    04 Aug 2015 04 Aug 2015 25 Aug 2015
    15 8 2
    To get this achievement as well as every other "sample" achievement in this collection, you simply have to start the specific games of the series once. The games you have to start up are Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. As soon as the game loads up you have "sampled" it, no need to actually play the game. Edit: You have to launch all the games directly from the game gallery within Rare Replay (thx to PuRe Pretzel for pointing this out)
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