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Complete the Relay Racing Playlist.

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Achievement Guide for Fleet-Footed

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    14 Jan 2016 14 Jan 2016
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    Like all the other Snapshot playlists this contains 5 from a mix of games all with a either a time limit or 'quick as possible' stipulation. As usual you are given only 3 lives to complete it in.

    1. Jet-pac Snapshot 3 : Just a minute - Assemble the rocket, fill with fuel and blast off in 60secs.
    Not too difficult, try and grab the parts/fuel and drop them directly onto the ship to save time as only a single fuel can show on screen at a time.

    2. Attic-Attack Snapshot 3 : All your Basement - Vist every room in the basement as quickly as possible.
    Grab the Yellow red and green keys and visit all 22 rooms, rather simple just keep an eye out for enemies and make use of this excellent map by Pavero and modified by
    External image

    3. Lunar Jetpac snapshot 2: Pothole Plugging - Travel 15m in the rover over potholes
    2 ways of doing this, either get out of the rover and place the bridges to drive across safely or use a 'cheat' to jump the rover across. if you get in and out of the rover quickly it shifts forward a bit at a time. It takes longer than the bridges but is simpler.

    4. Solar Jetpac snapshot 2: Fuel Crisis - Use your boost to tow 3 fuel pods to the mothership in 90 secs.
    Use cn_X boost to travel up as the fuel is heavy also make use of the shield on the return trip.

    5. R.C. PRO-AM Snapshot 1: Ammo Amass - Collect all 28 stars before the race ends.
    There are 4 laps which you do not need to complete, the only stipulation is to collect the stars so feel free to go back on yourselves to collect a star on the opposite side of the track.

    One of the Easier Playlists overall since my video recording and editing skills are terrible and all the snapshots have been done in the other achievement guides check these out if you are struggling.
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