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Beyond the Impossible

Battletoads: Complete a loop of Turbo Tunnel Infinite.

Beyond the Impossible+0.7
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Achievement Guide for Beyond the Impossible

  • AwooAwoo1,425,004
    04 Aug 2015 05 Aug 2015 05 Aug 2015
    61 4 63
    The Turbo Tunnel Infinite can be found in the main Rare Replay menu, among the Battletoads snapshots. Normally you only have to last 45 seconds to beat the snapshot, but for this you have to go to about 2:15 - 2:20, which is the point where the tunnel loops, as in it repeats from the beginning again.

    There's nothing new to this as the tunnel is set up in the exact same way as in the main Battletoads game, so if you've ever beaten that stage of the game, you'll know what to expect. The only problem is that you have to do it without crashing, but it mostly comes down to memorization of obstacles, and getting a bit lucky with the ending zigzag part. For ramps, all you have to do is hit them, no need to press any buttons. For hurdles, make sure you jump way before they appear on screen, especially when there are several in a row, and hold right in midair to clear them as fast as possible.

    Here is a video of the achievement being unlocked, courtesy of VixyNyan:

    Good luck!
  • New ParalyzerNew Paralyzer920,584
    10 Aug 2015 12 Aug 2015 18 Aug 2015
    23 2 13
    I have seen a few how to beat the turbo tunnel videos and some people play differently than others so here is my take on it.

    One thing I hear people say is they talk about hold forward as soon as you jump or other stuff like that. Once you are in the air from a Ramp FOR THE LOVE OF TOADS DO NOT TOUCH THE D-PAD YOU WILL LAND SAFELY.

    The Part with the flashing ! and you have to manually jump YOU ONLY JUMP. NO D-PAD, NO ANALOG STICK AND TO BE CLEAR NO MOVEMENT WHATSOEVER. Just let it happen.

    The final moment of the tunnel I don't even look at the walls. I focus on my Toads Shadow. The pattern doesn't change you just have to make sure you are quick. Like hella quick.

    Once you beat this you'll see the Turbo Tunnel isn't so bad the the TRUE NIGHTMARE IS STAGE 11! I mean have you played Stage 11??? What the **** are they freaking kidding me with frame perfect turns??? ARGH! That's the true rager and not the Turbo Tunnel. Just practice and NEVER move after a ramp!

  • MegaManSurvivesMegaManSurvives357,319
    29 Feb 2016 29 Feb 2016 01 Mar 2016
    11 2 4
    This achievement isnt as tough as its ratio says it is or at least that was the case for me. I got it in less than 2 hours and probably 20 minutes of that was spent trying to record it.

    I'll be referring to some sections of tips and strategies based on the in-game time found in a rectangular box at the right center of the screen in my video.

    Tips: #1 Stay always near the far left of the screen except for 1 spot where the 4 zig zaggy spaceship creatures are. At this spot youll need to stay near the top of the screen and jump over the first two then after the others pass make your way back to the left of the screen.

    #2 I prefered to use the D-pad for controls, it seems more accurate a smaller group of people seemingly prefer to use the Joystick. Use whichever works good for you.

    #3 After the 1st checkpoint it starts to get mildly tough just remember to time your jumps right.

    #4 [55 Second Mark] Up,Down,Up,Down... Pause...Up,Down,Up,Down...followed by a triple jump. This part was the toughest part of it all for me so get into your rythm and watch your shadow.

    #5 [1:10 Second Mark] Stay Bottom until the 2nd rat flies by, then go up. Right after he drops his little wall piece youll have a jump, stay top after the jump. Then when the 4th rat drops the wall piece up top, swing down to advoid it then go center and jump to reach the airborn ramp. When you land you'll have a quick jump. Then stay all the way top to avoid the Center wall (thats the sneakiest wall in the game).

    #6 [1:30 Second Mark] Let your character do the 3 jumps automatically just stay center. Then double jump and the sneaky bottom ramp.

    #7 [1:45 Second Mark] Stay top and do the 1 long jump ovef the 2 zig zaggy spaceship creatures then advance forward to avoid the other 2. After that revert back to your position on the far left of the screen.

    #8 On the super fast walls just get into a rythm of going up and down. WATCH YOUR SHADOW. I prefered using the D-pad but my brother who got this achievement the same day that i did prefered using the Joystick. Eitherway just do your rythm, theres very small room for error here.

    #9 [ 2:20 Second Mark] This is the end of the Loop. Congrats if youve made it this far!!! Your achievement should pop shortly. You can keep on going to improve your leaderboard score until you crash.

    This guide is now complete, if you have any questions then please feel free to comment or send me a message and i shall get back to you in a timely manner. :) enjoy!

  • yodacolayodacola692,687
    09 Aug 2015 13 Aug 2015
    11 6 7
    For the last part with the fences, I found pausing and unpausing continously while weaving between the fences to be extremely helpful.
  • SanguiniusRSanguiniusR59,117
    10 Aug 2015 10 Aug 2015 10 Aug 2015
    5 0 0
    My general recommendations:
    1. Put about 2 meters between yourself and the TV, or the amount of red on the screen will tire your eyes and concentration very quickly. Secondly, this will improve the use of peripheral vision, as the distance between the toad and the obstacle will be less significant and easier to track.

    2. Until the robotic mines try to maintain a distance of one hovercraft between your vehicle and the left border of the screen.

    3. For the whole track concentrate your vision on the toad and use the peripheral vision and the music/sounds to anticipate the obstacles. Don't concentrate on the obstacle that is about to appear, as in the later sections, where there is a certain speed to them your eyes will still be fixated on the obstacle that you passed and won't be swift enough to change lanes. Or you can fixate your eyes on something else, but the toad being the only green thing out there, I think it also makes all of this less tiring.

    4. For the last section create two saves in the main game:
    a) Before the robotic mines. Reason - you need to practice going through them and then choosing a perfect position for the trampoline (which is dead center of the lane) and the continuous jumps.
    b) Right after you crossed the line for the last section. This way you can master the zigzag walls.
    Although I would recommend always starting from the robotic-mines section, so you could get into the flow of the music and the sound effects.

    5. For the continuous jumps section, right before you go on trampoline, hug the left side of the screen and be in the center of the lane. This is the only place where I focus my eyes on what's coming. You must be perfect and jump nearly on the ledge of the platform, right about the time where the nose of the hovercraft is about to touch the edge. One of the things that helped me before I memorized it completely, was saying 1-2 right before landing, on the 2 I pressed the jump button.

    6. For the zigzag, as it was noted in the video(Bootsy Beats...Battletoads) posted in the comments by FireRaiser1985 to the other soultion, listen to the sound of the gates appearing, on each *thump* change direction. You can vocalize the sound of the gates appearing, as it helps some people to feel the rhythm better.

    Also, the best starting position is about 2 hovercraft shadows higher than the visual lower edge of the track. This is the distance that keeps you closer to center, but not high enough to smash into the wall, from there on for the first two gates try to maintain this distance when passing the next upper wall. From there on do the Up-Down stick movement synchronizing with the sound of the appearing obstacles.

    7. I used the stick. As someone who finished this game when I was a kid on NES and Genesis, I must say that the d-pad is quite bad on the xbox one controller, and your thumb will most likely hurt after 30 min of trying the zigzag, also to me it seems to move the toad a little bit slower, not as responsive as the stick. If you have an arcade stick, use that. Other than that, there is more muscle memory involved in using the stick, so when you'll finally nail any section, believe me, you will remember it better than if you were using the d-pad.

    8. Fences:
    1-st one - jump on the 2-nd blink, or you'll jump too early.
    2-nd one will be the trio. Jump right after the first blink on each one.
    3-d one is after the trampoline, jump half-a-second after you have landed.
    4-th one is a pair. Jump right after the hovercraft has fully landed.
    5-th one is a pair. Jump after the hovercraft has fully landed.
    6-th one is a trio right after two wall sections. Jump after the first blink.
    7-th fence is after the mouse dropped the right barrier, Jump after the first blink.
    8-th fence is after you completed the mouse section and jumped. Jump on after the first blink and push the stick upwards or pull downwards as the next gate will be in the middle.
    9-th fence, you jump right after the landing and pull the stick downwards on tho consecutive jumps, as the trampoline will be in the lower(right) part of the lane.
    The last fences are after the zigzag portion, try to jump on right after the first blink.

    Also, remember that you can sort of double jump, but it doesn't always work, although sometime I basically jumped off the fence.

    9. As Anthonymm pointed out, you don't need to finish the last jumps after the two fences and a mouse-fence. I just jumped and fallen down into the pit.

    10. It's just a general tip, take this in sessions of about 30-45 minutes and be happy on every new part of the tunnel mastered. Because firstly, your concentration and eyes will tire out. Secondly, your muscle memory and reward circuit of the brain need to adjust and "rethink" the previous experience. So try this achievement maybe 10 runs in the morning and about 30-45 mins in the evening.

    Hope this will help you out. Have a great run everyone! =)
  • KyleDaBagelKyleDaBagel180,613
    23 Aug 2015 23 Aug 2015
    6 2 1
    After spending 4 hours getting killed over and over again I have finally got the achievement. My trick? USE THE D-PAD at the final zigzag part. Keep in rhythm with the clicks of the d-pad and the walls and you will get through.

    The zigzag part is the only obstacle that requires skill. The rest is memorization and timing. Please save hours of torture and use that D-Pad for that zigzag
  • XxFrAsZeRxXXxFrAsZeRxX885,466
    05 Apr 2017 05 Apr 2017
    5 2 0
    All the current guides are wonderful however I would like to point something out that makes the end part a tad easier. For the walls that you have to dodge at the end: turn up your volume! You'll hear a sound effect for the walls entering the screen. Use this sound to keep rhythm! When you hear that sound effect you should be hitting the next button to avoid the next wall.

    So starting with the sound of the second wall (I.E. when you pass the first wall) you should be hitting up, then next time you hear it (when the next wall enters the screen) you should be hitting down, and so on. It takes practice but it isn't too bad.

    One more note. I didn't see it mentioned anywhere else, but use a save on this level from the full game and use that to practice! Just make a couple saves at especially troublesome parts. The last bit especially. It takes a plethora of practice, and it's less of a headache to be able to get that end down until you get it consistently. After I did that, I did the achievement in one try.

    I tried to explain as best as I could. Let me know if it needs clarification.
  • BradLeafsFan9BradLeafsFan9360,010 360,010 GamerScore
    12 Dec 2016 30 Dec 2016 30 Dec 2016
    2 0 0
    Must be done on the Turbo Tunnel snapshot meaning no saves or rewinds.
    The track will loop at the 2:20 mark in your game.
    1. Practice in story mode using SAVE & REWIND the hard parts of the tunnel.
    2. Write down the pattern of the last half or so of the tunnel for reference.
    3. Use PAUSE to review whats coming up while in the middle of your run.
    4. Stay to the left of the screen, its easier to react to whats coming.
    5. Use the D-Pad over the joystick.

    Here's a descriptive video that should help
  • iN7trepidiN7trepid162,141
    21 Jun 2019 21 Jun 2019
    0 0 0
    I just unlocked this achievement and wow get ready to sink some hours into this one. I recommend practicing outside of the snapshot; this course occurs in level 3 of the main game. This will allow you to save and rewind parts you're struggling with until you create muscle memory.

    Furthermore, the final group of walls move insanely fast, I could never pass them with any consistency. I finally passed it by pausing every time I neared a wall, fortunately the walls switch between left and right consistently; all you have to do is pause the moment you reach the wall - hold the opposite direction on the dpad you were previously holding - then unpause. For instance, when a wall is on the left, hold down > reach wall > pause > now hold up (next wall is now on your right) > unpause > repeat until all walls are passed. As long as you pause at or RIGHT before the next wall switching directions while paused should always allow you to pass the next wall safely.

    The attached video is of my run and should show exactly what I'm talking about. The final wall section begins at 1:15.
  • kd rio 007kd rio 007537,981
    20 Jun 2019 03 Jul 2019 10 Jul 2019
    0 0 0
    Not a real solution per se, but what worked for me because those god awful solid red colours REALLY strained my eyes is to set your TV's colour settings to as low as it can go without making the picture completely black and white, this is what actually made me able to focus properly on that last zigzag section. Also for the exclamation mark jumps, I found I would always die if I didn't touch the DPAD or stick, so what I did was jump, move DPAD right then immediately left.
  • Urzishra14Urzishra1447,140
    06 Aug 2017 16 Sep 2017
    2 3 0
    The way I was able to complete this was go through regular Battletoads, save on the turbo tunnel and literally just practice the "hard section" until I was able to beat it. Then I would go back to the challenge and then try again. The zigzag part is really really hard to figure out. But once you figure it out you can get it. Hardest part is concentrating enough to get to that point in a regular run. The first maybe minute of the Turbo Tunnel is pretty easy to always "one-shot" but sometimes the "jumping" section can be difficult. The best advice I heard for that is to not jump when you land, but rather just before the edge. The zigzag part just tooks a few hours of just practicing that section and I got it.

    I probably spent maybe 10 to 20 hours just trying to get this. Though I didn't make any *actual* progress until I just started practicing that last part.

    Good Luck.
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