Jaws of Hakkon

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Jaws of Hakkon

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Impress the Avvar of Stone-Bear Hold and gain their friendship.

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How to unlock the Legend-Marked achievement

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    "Impress the Avvar of Stone-Bear Hold and gain their friendship.

    Near the beginning of this DLC, you will be tasked with speaking to the Avvar leader, Svarah Sun-Hair. She is located in the middle of the Hold, just inside the mountain off to the side of where there are Avvar practicing either their climbing or combat prowess. Head in to her, follow the dialogue, and trigger the quest Guests of the Hold; this will provide you a tracker of 0/5 towards impressing them. The list of potential quests to get 5/5 are as listed below:

    A Father's Name - Obtained from the young man beside the Master of the Hunt in the Hold, directly up the hill from Svarah Sun-Hair and before the Arena Master. At the quest's end, you must choose to give the offering to the Master of the Hunt and not the son in order to receive approval.

    In Exile - On the western side of the zone is an Avvar who is, you guessed it: in exile. Speak with her to obtain the quest.

    Up and Away - Obtained from an NPC in the fisherman's village just south of the Hold after receiving Guests of the Hold.

    Hakkon's Trials - Obtained from the Arena Master just up the path from the Master of the Hunt and the NPC who gives you A Father's Name.

    On top of these, there are also two War Table missions that can provide approval ratings:

    Send Relics of Tyrdda Bright-Axe - If you have already found all the landmarks in the Hinterlands and completed the War Table mission Locate Weapon of Tyrdda Bright-Axe, this will be available after receiving Guests of the Hold.

    Send Skywatcher to Stone-Bear Hold - At the end of the Fallow Mire questline, Skywatcher will be an NPC who can be recruited into the Inquisition and sent to the Hold.

    Once you have completed five of the required quests and gotten the 5/5 approval rating, you must complete the DLC and then revisit Svarah Sun-Hair. Progress through the dialogue to unlock the achievement."
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