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Soldiers Of Fortune

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How to unlock the Soldiers Of Fortune achievement

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    This is a really easy escape if you know what your doing. Unfortunately I was first to do it, so had to figure it all out and it took a while. But hopefully I will save you some time.

    I also chose not to post a video, as this solution cannot be explained by one without it being stupidly long. It's easier to read text....

    Before you start, prepare.

    Get intellect to 80.
    Get strength to 100.

    Collect five plastic forks.

    Create a plated outfit (inmate outfit+metal sheet+duct tape)
    Create a good weapon (duct tape + razor blade).
    Make two/three putty (toothpaste + talcum powder)
    Make two/three molten plastic (lighter + plastic spoon)

    These items can be found in the various desks. When you have these, we need to obtain a red key and a green key.

    Using the moulds and the plastic, create one/two red and one green key. You will have to knock out random guards until you have the required ones, just return the key to the guards body before they wake.

    Whilst getting the keys, you need to loot 1x mixing bowl and 1x taper. These are only found on guards. You also need a guard uniform.

    To complete the tank you must attach the makeshift turret.

    You now need to complete the tank :

    To do this, you will need to make :

    a makeshift barrel. ( duct tape + metal tube x2)
    A makeshift base ( duct tape + corrugated iron x2)

    Makeshift turret (makeshift base + makeshift barrel + duct tape)

    You need a red staff key for both of these. Enter the building in the south east of the compound and you'll see a desk with a star on (Captain America) style). You will usually find one of each (iron and tube), so you will have to return on another day to obtain two required of each.

    Or, if you don't want to wait, use a red staff key to enter the metal workshop. You'll find another desk where you can obtain the items.

    You will also need to loot a metal cone top from one of these desks.

    With the turret finished, place it into the tank using cn_X to pop ;

    The EscapistsTanked UpThe Tanked Up achievement in The Escapists worth 271 pointsComplete the construction of the Tank.

    You now need some ammo.

    First, you need an explosive (charcoal+Fertiliser+potassium).

    The fertiliser is found in the gardeners hut. Use the green key. It's in a red desk.

    The charcoal is found in the guards quarters, and you can only enter wearing a guard uniform. It's in a star desk.

    The potassium is more annoying.

    Put a full red key in your inventory and five plastic forks. Head to the south east building and enter. Instead of the star desk where you get the metal, head north east and you'll see a star desk in a room with no doors. Use the five plastic forks on the right side to dig through it. Get the potassium from the desk, then replace the wall brick and leave.

    Combine the three to make the explosive mix.

    Use the explosive mix with the earlier looted mixing bowl to get explosive compound.

    Use the explosive compound with the metal top to get the live ammunition. add this to the tank like you did the turret.

    To finish it off we just need a fuse.

    Combine the earlier looted taper with a lighter to make a fuse.

    Head to the tank, use the fuse and your escape is complete.

    Make sure you have the whole team at 100% rep before you add the fuse to also pop;

    The EscapistsLoved UpThe Loved Up achievement in The Escapists worth 277 pointsAll members of the Escape Team love you upon escaping.

    If this solution helped, please upvote. Not only did it take ages to work out, it took ages to type on ipad.
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    Rainleaf thanks +1
    Posted by Rainleaf on 28 Feb 16 at 17:48
    PerverseCross40 I +1ed the guide. It was great. I want to point out to be careful. I like hiding items in the toilets, since in the game the guards never checked there. They took all my stash in the DLC.
    Posted by PerverseCross40 on 02 Dec 16 at 16:20
    Seitzz +1 great guide!
    Posted by Seitzz on 25 Nov 18 at 06:01
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