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Collect bounty rewards 500 times

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How to unlock the Hunter achievement

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    This achievement requires you to beat players with a bounty 500 times. To find players for a PvP battle, click the fight icon on the bottom right of your screen. Players with bounties will have a gold icon and a number next to them. As a general rule, only ever attack players marked as 'Very Easy' or 'Easy'. I found myself losing to normal players quite often, which isn't worth your time. Be sure to be vigilant by clicking everything that appears on screen, and swiping when the enemy uses boons. (Catapults, flaming arrows, etc.) Once you reach level 12, you can buy a Grounds of Aether to train air units. Do so immediately. I find that air battles are marked as easy far more often than land ones, especially when you fight players who haven't reached level 12 yet. I also recommend playing the free lottery every day, as you have a chance to win very strong units to make this a lot easier. You should also try to fuse as many units up to level IV as you can, preferably ones with a high defense like Sorceresses. Fusing can be done in training buildings by selecting the Fusion panel. A fusion needs 2 units of the same rank. (E.g. 2 Slingers III units.) If you can't find any enemies with a bounty or these players are too strong, try placing bounties of a 100 gold on other players. This will make them dissapear from the map, to allow for new players to appear who might be easier to beat.
    I found that winning in PvP a lot would rank me up which gave me way bigger rewards from bounties. While I heard people say it's best to stay at a low level, I highly advice not to, as the bonus gold makes your life a lot easier.
    One last piece of advice, join a big alliance. This lets you call alliance allies for help, which can be done once a day per alliance member and is free of charge. It makes battles a bit easier. Alliance wars are also a source of both easy and bounty-containing enemies.

    I reckon this achievement takes about 10-30 hours of fighting should you find enough players with a bounty. Just keep checking often and you should have no real issue getting this.
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    Q u 4 lK eAnother one here saying once you get around 250 wins and up to 2300 glory, and everyone had 1500+ defense and attack. Fuck that. Stay a low rank. Just kill higher level people and invade and make sure to take high level buildings such as arenas, art schools, jewelry, weavers, etc.
    Posted by Q u 4 lK e On 29 Nov 17 at 05:15
    AwakeDeadeyeI don't know what I'm doing wrong, I click a bounty, fight "very easy" air battle, use max level high attack and defense troops. They have a single red bird, I use golden catapult boon, gold boon that makes them miss, silver defense boon. I click my troops when they're blue, destroy their boons and traps and click the stuff on their side and I lose.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye On 20 Oct 18 at 06:17
    Camello DelgadoSame here with very easy air battles, is it some kind of exploit?
    Posted by Camello Delgado On 07 Dec 18 at 19:17
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  • TheOnlyMattoTheOnlyMatto2,157,770
    04 Jun 2019 26 Apr 2019
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    The other solution is great smile but it also misses a few key points to obtaining this achievement easily.

    Aiming to obtain all achievements with minimal effort i suggest building alter of the gods. Shock is a great tool that can allow you to beat normal enemies every time. Immediately use shock, then summon your ally, and if a normal enemy you will probably use 1-2 more shocks to win without taking much damage. Shock II available at level 21 will stun your enemy for 6 seconds, then 5 and ect. This will make it even easier, although more expensive, to claim bounties. This is especially effective in gaining air unit kills while aiming for bounties/player attacks.

    I have 300 bounties and I don't play more than 5 mins a day. I like games with daily rewards, i farm them every morning. I do leave it open while i play certain games(Lego games have long load screens/cut scenes which make it optimal to farm games like these) so i can collect gold, i have 3 acropolis that make this super fast, and it helped level me up too.
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