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Reach level 100 and re-up

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How to unlock the Re-up achievement

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    DECEMBER 29 UPDATE: I know this solution needs updated because pretty much everything on this game has changed since. What I would do to rank up now is to keep playing KOTH competitive until you reach the seriously achievement. When you get that you should be over rank 100 if not very close. Keep an eye out for exp event's as some give you 4x xp. Also I do have some great tips for multiplayer below so please check those out.

    To reach rank 100 you need exactly 3,851,750 XP points. This will take awhile but it's no where near as bad as Gears of War 2's 6.8 Million. It will take around 200-250 hours without boosting. With boosting it will take about 60 hours.

    After you hit Level 100 you must go into statistics from the main menu and hit cn_X to re-up just like Gears 3.

    The best way to earn exp is to play competitive multiplayer. It earns you a lot more exp than social. The best game type to earn exp in is Team Deathmatch. Your points at the end are nearly multiplied by 2 (1.875 to be exact). You can get almost 5000 exp a match if you're a decent player.

    If you can get 10+ kills a match, win (750 pt bonus), and have a consecutive match bonus of 10 (1000pts), then you will get 4000-6000 exp depending on your number of kills. The most I've gotten was 7600. I would suggest only playing this if you have a full party of 4 so you can communicate with each other and have a lot better chances of winning

    Now you would think that KOTH or blitz would be faster but it's not. If you get 20 kills and 5 or so caps you will only get around 3000-3500 exp. It's good for getting lots of kills but the matches just take too long and doesn't give enough points in the end. KOTH may be best for a lot of people though as getting the points is much easier than in TDM.

    2 vs 2 gnasher is also a very good game type for exp but only if you have a decent teammate on your team. If you play by yourself you'll most likely have someone on your team who doesn't know what they're doing. You can get about 3000-4000 exp a match if you win and get 7-10 kills. Matches are anywhere from 3-6 minutes so it goes by pretty quick.

    For those of you who want to boost this you'll want to play 2V2 Gnasher Execution and try to match up together having a second controller on each team. Both of you need to change your region from the menu to get matched up together. Then you can use all the rounds in the match and get it to 6/7 to end the match with max exp. This is also the quickest way to get seriously at the moment.

    You could get 8 players in blitz and try to match up with each other and keep instantly capping the rings back and forth but you wouldn't get any kills towards seriously so I don't recommend this. Though you could get 100k XP a match doing this but still no kills.

    Quick Multiplayer Tips

    -All weapons respawn 90 seconds after picking them up

    -spawn switchs occur when players get too close to other teams spawn area

    -To weapon slide any weapon, press both cn_X and cn_A nearly at the same time on the weapon towards any wall but you want to hit cn_X first. Very useful for avoiding heads hots by the snipe.

    -Hipfiring is inconsistent and random. If you want your shots to hit its best to just hard aim.

    -On Mausoleum you can grab the boomshot before anyone even comes close to it at the start of the match if you go through torque bow side as everyone else goes to sniper and has a battle before going to middle.

    -Do not tag people with a grenade as getting away from them after the tag is near impossible.

    -You will get stunned if you are if shot at after you melee. This results in an automatic death most of the time. It's very annoying so only do it if you are just fighting 1 person.

    -When a teammate is chainsawing someone, you can steal the kill if you melee the person being chainsawed. It will down them and it will be your kill.

    -The hills in KOTH are in the exact same location in order every game so if you can memorize those locations that will help you with winning the game.

    -You will get kicked from a match if you idle or do not move at all, for 2 minutes. You will also lose 2000xp if it happened in competitive multiplayer. You lose the 2000xp at the end of your next match.

    -Spotting is really helpful to your teammates and yourself. You can get about 200 extra points a match with great spots.

    -I highly suggest playing matchmaking with friends with mics. Playing by yourself you can have teammates that are just plain terrible and without mics. You could be the best Gears player in the world and still come no where near to winning a match because of your teammates.

    -In Team Deathmatch, it's all about map control. If the other team wipes out your whole team right at the start and grabs all the power weapons, they will have almost a guaranteed victory round. You will notice this especially on the map Courtyard.


    In order by popularity.

    Team Deathmatch

    Objective - Each team has 10 lives. Take out all opposing teams lives out.

    Rounds to Win - 2

    Points Multiplier - 1.5

    Average Match Time - 5-10 minutes

    King of the Hill

    Objective - Capture and defend rings as a team until you reach 180.

    Rounds to Win - 1

    Points Multiplier - 1.5

    Average Match Time - 5-15 minutes


    Objective - Eliminate the other team. No respawns.

    Rounds to Win - 4

    Point Multiplier - 1.5

    Average Match Time - 5-12 minutes

    2v2 Gnasher Execution

    Objective - Eliminate the other team using execution rules

    Rules - Gnasher's only, no actives, friendly fire on, no respawning

    Rounds to Win - 7

    Point Multiplier - 1.5

    Average Match Time - 3-10 minutes


    Objective - Capture the rings and defend them while still in the ring until score limit is reached.

    Rounds to Win - 1

    Point Multiplier - 1.5

    Average Match Time - 5 -12 minutes


    Objective - Eliminate the enemy leader. After leader is eliminated the round is instantly over. Don't forget to protect your leader also.

    Rounds to Win - 4

    Point Multiplier - 1.5

    Average Match Time - 3 -15 minutes

    Hopefully this information can help you decide what the best gametypes to play are to rank up quickly.

    If you decide to only play KOTH til you get to 100 then you will get Seriously... first before hitting 100. Playing a mixture of both KOTH and TDM you should reach 100 somewhere between 9500 kills and 11000 kills.

    My final stats after getting this achievement were 214 hours played (includes campaign), 9100 kills, and 844 matches completed. I played a mixture of KOTH, 2v2 Gnasher, and TDM.


    For anyone that cares here are the characters you unlock while leveling up.

    Samantha Byrne - Level 5
    Kantus - Level 7
    Chairman Prescott - Level 10
    Miner - Level 12
    Dizzy Wallin - Level 15
    Beast Rider - Level 17
    Clayton Carmine - Level 20
    Spotter - Level 23
    Jace Stratton - Level 25
    Flame Grenadier - Level 27
    Commando Dom - Level 30
    Savage Grenadier - Level 35
    Golden Gear - Level 40
    Hunter Elite - Level 45
    Mechanic Baird - Level 50
    Dizzy Wallin Farmer - Level 55
    Benjamin Carmine - Level 60

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    mcnichoj"until you reach the seriously achievement. When you get that you should be over rank 100 if not very close."
    lol, doing math based on what you posted you should be getting level 100 well before Seriously. 10 kills exactly each match for 7,000XP will take a little over 500 matches to reach the 3.8 million. 500 matches times 10 kills a piece is 5,000 kills.

    Ideally don't even worry about points and XP, just focus on kills in Social KOTH/Blitz. Just reached 100 and I'm at 6,300 kills over 350 matches.

    Sorry for the nitpick in your otherwise good detailed solution.
    Posted by mcnichoj on 11 Sep 16 at 01:29
    EdweirddWith the permanent 2x xp this should speed things up a little :D
    Posted by Edweirdd on 20 Sep 16 at 01:03
    Re4perKnightjust a heads up for anyone that's still needing this achievement the Brazil server you wont get exp anymore, Japan server still seems good atm
    Posted by Re4perKnight on 17 Nov 17 at 18:30
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    This guide is for those looking to get the Re-up achievement quickly, and doesn't include the lengthy grind of 2v2 Gnashers, which is still the best way for Seriously.

    You will need a minimum of 4 players, each with a guest controller. Obviously 8 players is ideal so no one has to keep their guest from idling out and getting booted back to the menu. More on that in a bit.

    Players will divide into 2 teams, each searching for a game of Social Blitz on the same region. When the match has started, one team will stand in the first ring while active players on the other team walk in and out of the ring causing breaks and recaptures for the team standing inside it. Once the ring is depleted, the teams will switch off for the next ring so that the scoring is roughly evened out. It is recommended that one team win both rounds to minimize the possibility of someone idling out. So about that..

    For players using guest controllers, they will want to have one or both sticks rubber banded and still manage a few inputs whenever possible to stay active. I personally had the best luck rubber banding the left stick in the down position, while one of our other guys had luck keeping his right stick rotating his guest character in a spin.

    Payout: Once we got the hang of it, each player was hauling in well over 50,000 points per round. It was crazy! ! went from rank 82 to 100 in just 3 matches. This has got to be the absolutely fastest way to rank up at this point. I believe this method has been used before, but figured I'd draft this as a solution for this specific achievement as not everybody has the patience for getting Seriously. Thanks for reading :)
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