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02 December 2019 - 4 guides

Achievement Guide for G-reader

  • Chunkeh MunkehChunkeh Munkeh2,060,407
    15 Dec 2015 15 Dec 2015
    15 0 2
    I was also having issues unlocking this achievement, no matter what I did it wouldn't unlock. It just so happened I was playing local co-op and had a guest signed in as well. As soon as I removed the guest from my squad and went back and re-read a comic book the achievement unlocked before I even backed out of the comic.
  • Hirogen HunterHirogen Hunter621,363
    27 Aug 2015 27 Aug 2015 27 Aug 2015
    20 7 6
    Go to War Journal under Main Menu it will show COG tags needed to collect. You only need One of the 5 for he Cheevo. You will also obtain your COG Tag Cheevo's in the process.

    I would recommend Maka91 Guide for location of COG Tags

    Unseen 12/12
    They Also Serve 6/6
    Unsaid 6/6
    Promise Me 3/3
    Harpers Story 6/6

  • DCM7734DCM7734142,835
    09 Sep 2015 09 Sep 2015
    9 0 0
    This is a pretty easy achievement to get. But, there's a catch... COG TAGS MATTER!!! So, it will be easiest if you already have all 3 COG TAG achievements,

    Gears of War: Ultimate EditionTime to RememberThe Time to Remember achievement in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition worth 13 pointsRecover 11 COG tags (on any difficulty)

    Gears of War: Ultimate EditionHonor-BoundThe Honor-Bound achievement in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition worth 33 pointsRecover 22 COG tags (on any difficulty)

    Gears of War: Ultimate EditionFor the FallenThe For the Fallen achievement in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition worth 69 pointsRecover all 33 COG tags (on any difficulty)

    You don't need to have all 33 COG TAGS, but it might simplify things if you are marathoning the game. You'll just pick a comic, read it, and BING!!! Chievo Pop-O!! ...As long as you have all the COG TAGS for a single chapter, that is.

    Let me walk you through this one:
    All you need to do is get to the Comics by doing this:
    Menu Screen > War Journal > Cog Tags

    Now that you are looking at the comics, find 1 of the 5 comics, 1 for each act, that you have all COG TAGS for. They are as follows:
    Unseen ( Act I ) : 12 COG TAGS
    They Also Serve ( Act II ) : 6 COG TAGS
    Unsaid ( ACT III ) : 6 COG TAGS
    Promise Me ( ACT IV ) : 3 COG TAGS
    Harper's Story ( ACT V ) : 6 COG TAGS

    Pick one that you have every single COG TAG for; it literally does not matter which one you pick.

    Now that you are looking a comic that you have all the pages for, hit cn_RT until the last page, tap cn_A to zoom in, and scroll all the way to the bottom to where you can't scroll anymore.

    Congratulations! Your achievvement should pop now.

    If your achievement is not popping, it is for 1 or 2 reasons more than likely:
    1. You don't have all the COG TAGS for that ACT, or...
    2. You didn't hit cn_RT to look at every page before getting to the last one, tapping cn_A to zoom in, and then SCROLLING ALL THE WAY DOWN TO WHERE YOU CAN'T SCROLL ANYMORE! This seems to the be the thing that is getting everybody the most.
  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT141,585
    29 Aug 2015 13 Sep 2015
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