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Understanding achievement in Madden NFL 16


Earn at least one bronze medal in all drills inside of Skills Trainer.

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How to unlock the Understanding achievement

  • Assassin CorvoAssassin Corvo
    22 Aug 2015 23 Aug 2015 26 Aug 2015
    Edited 26/8/15: It appears that to get access to all 10 sets of drills,you need to play this section on Rookie difficulty,otherwise the 1st Basics tutorial won't show & you need that & the 9 main sets of drills to get the achievement.Thanks to GIO42 for his comment below.

    On the main menu you'll find the Gatorade Skills Trainer & upon opening that you'll find 1 basic tutorial & then 9 different skill types going from simple running/passing to more advanced set-plays & pre-play options.Almost all of these different skill types have upto 10 drills included in them (1 has 15 drills),& each of these drills has a tutorial.You do NOT need to do each tutorial to get the achievement,just the drills.I personally not knowing anything about American Football or previous Madden games,did do the majority of the tutorials too & all in all this achievement took me a good 6-7 hrs to complete.

    Each Skill type has a %age completion & a count of drills complete shown on the tabs in the Gatorade Skill trainer menu making it super easy to see how many drills you have left to do in each section.Once you get all of them up to 100% the achievement should pop.You do NOT need to do the 'Gauntlet' section,that has it's own seperate achievement.

    I hope this helps,if I can improve on this solution PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS before giving me a thumbs down.
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    GIO42The problem is the solution is just a tad bit incorrect, when selecting the Gatorade Skills trainer on a higher difficulty setting, the drill section Help! I am new to Madden does not exist. So for your solution of saying that there are "9" different skill types for the achievement is wrong and there are actually 10 sections that need to be at 100%. What I did was select Rookie and that tutorial section ended up popping up. Hopefully adding this to your solution will help with the votes smile
    Posted by GIO42 On 26 Aug 15 at 04:11
    Assassin CorvoThanks GIO42,I've edited the solution & appreciate the feedback.wink
    Posted by Assassin Corvo On 26 Aug 15 at 12:17
    Arsenic 17I read somewhere that this was a bitch glitchy? Did anyone not have this unlock? And about how long does this process take on Rookie
    Posted by Arsenic 17 On 26 Aug 15 at 15:55
    Assassin CorvoIt didn't unlock for a minority but that could've been they were missing the basic,basic tutorial that you only get on Rookie difficulty,& I've put in my guide that it took me,a Madden noob,6-7hrs to complete them all.
    Posted by Assassin Corvo On 26 Aug 15 at 16:36
    Tobe TrainHas anyone else been having problems with the pre play audible drills?

    You'll think I'm going mad but every time I try and select the play it tells me to, it acts as though I pressed a different button. I've even had my brother sit and watch me do it to make sure I wasn't going crazy.
    Posted by Tobe Train On 26 Aug 15 at 18:31
    Assassin CorvoIt's possible cos half the time I completed certain drills by blind luck,I can only suggest re-doing them again.Sorry I can't do much more than that :/
    Posted by Assassin Corvo On 27 Aug 15 at 08:20
    M4ccieNo matter how I do, the Pass Protection Drill will tell me I'm doing it wrong, when I know that I'm not based on how they line up, I remember and press what I was meant to on the last time they had that formation, but I'm always getting insta fail.
    Posted by M4ccie On 02 Oct 16 at 20:35
    GerbasgamerThere are really a lot of drills but the achievement took me only about 2-3 hours.
    Though I already had the Run degree achievement, so I saved a few drills.
    I'm no Madden pro at all and I haven't played a Madden game in months before attempting this and I still got about 75% gold and silver medals in my first tries.
    I'd suggest to read and play the tutorials for the basics and the later drills will be a piece of cake.
    Posted by Gerbasgamer On 18 Mar 17 at 22:35
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