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How to unlock the Save the World achievement

  • VirusTk GaMBitVirusTk GaMBit771,573
    18 Jul 2015 18 Jul 2015
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    ok here you have it: The most messed up level in the game. Grant086 said everything in his solution. This seems to be mostly based on luck, since the flying blocks seem to have no pattern whatsoever. His hint to watch out for the small little rocks was the best hint ever in this situation. It is the only way to make this a little bit predictable. So whenever you see these small rocks don't try to jump, cause it will get you killed.
    Also the big blocks from the lower part of the arena will most often fly directly to the buttons. So stay clear of them.

    For the second part, all I can say is: good luck and may the force be with you. It took me 2 hours to get through it. There are no checkpoints and whenever I made it through one difficult part another followed. And the rocks flying around make this extremely frustrating.

    I can just advise you to watch the video below. Watch it and try to remember what you have to do at a specific point and most importantly where to go. You don't want to make it through the first half just to try to go up when instead you have to go down.

    One last thing: DO NOT let go off your gamepad when the credits roll. There are 7 more rings to grab. If you miss one of those you have to go through this hell again.

    Good luck and good nerves!

    (video credit: Magor115)

    Hope this helps you guys :-)
    Any improvements? Please let me know in the comments below! wave

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    Redd FiveAnd for the lower blocks, wait for the little rocks to stop before moving to the side. Once you're there, the little rocks will probably start shooting up again, so place your stone block on the button then hide behind it so the big rocks hit your block and not you! Most importantly, don't rush! Wait until you're sure you will make it before you move.
    Posted by Redd Five on 01 Aug 15 at 20:27
    Funky MonkeePretty sure the game has been patched because i'm on the boss now and he only has three lives, not five like in the video. Might be worth mentioning since it makes the fight slightly more bearable haha
    Posted by Funky Monkee on 18 Aug 15 at 12:08
    GerbasgamerWow that was much easier than I thought.
    Okay the boss only has 3 lives now, but c'mon once you know when the rocks come (thx for the hint) there's nothing stopping you from winning.
    Also the getaway was a bit longer and a bit more unfair than the past boss stages due to the sudden flame spikes that come out of nowhere but nothing that couldn't be beaten in a handful of tries.
    Posted by Gerbasgamer on 15 Sep 15 at 20:21
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  • a holy chainsawa holy chainsaw824,030
    30 Jul 2015 30 Jul 2015 17 Aug 2015
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    It took me 25 minutes, it's not as bad as you may think and because of the tremendous exaggerations few dare to put this game on their cards, but here's some tips you could use to your advantage:

    Take your time, there's no time limit. Use the blocks as a shield when you jump the gaps and while placing them on the pads, but don't stay too close to the block unless you place them far from the boss.

    Most of the time the electric currents spawn in the same order., keep practicing and retrying and you'll see this.

    While it's not a pattern, little rocks will spew about right before the big rocks spew out. Watch my video and you'll see how I wait when I know they're coming.

    For the second bit it's the same, learn the path, the only hard bit should be the red fruit jump, use the blocks to shield your ass during the final runs through the cave and during any part if you are confident.

    And don't forget to collect your coins during the end credits. Good luck.

    Here's my video where I unlock this achievement.

  • Grant086Grant086180,432
    18 Jul 2015 18 Jul 2015 18 Jul 2015
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    This level has caused my hair to turn grey. You need to put blocks on the switches that have lighting going in to them. There is 5 rounds and if you die In any round you have to start from the beginning. I recommend after completing a round move to the starting point in the bottom middle. The flying rocks I find are completely random with no consistent pattern. However when you start to see little rocks start to fly out of the ground from a shooting point. The killer rocks will fly out within a second or two. This is the only way I have been able to figure out when a rock as about to come. You can also hide behind your own rocks as cover.

    After beating the boss you have to escape. There are even more random rocks that are always in your path and there are no checkpoints.
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    l BlackBrian7 lI had a lot of difficulty on the boss himself. Maybe 30 deaths or so. And I thought the escape was going to be so much worse from reading all the comments. I didnt die once on the escape. The escape was simple compared to the boss!
    Posted by l BlackBrian7 l on 18 Jul 15 at 13:00
    Ereaser NLThe escape can be a b*tch depending on the RNG rocks that get thrown at you.
    Posted by Ereaser NL on 21 Jul 15 at 10:38
    TyphonicaOne thing that I noticed in the videos that helped me was to always leave one of the top buttons until last on each round. It was much easier (and safer) to jump up to the last upper button and just bounce into it rather than trying to place a block. Also, on the escape section if you're having a smooth run and keeping up with the scrolling screen beware that you can die by jumping "out of bounds" up the ascent section towards the platform lever in the first half of the run. That caught me out a few times when I got a bit trigger happy!
    Posted by Typhonica on 03 Aug 15 at 21:33
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