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The First Of Many

Earn a Call-Up in Play Now Online.

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How to unlock the The First Of Many achievement

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    In order to earn a call-up you have to get 5 wins in 10 games to move out of the Freshman tier. You can get bonus wins if you use an inferior team against your opponent. For example, if you beat a Tier 1 team with a Tier 2 team, you get 1 bonus win so that equals 2 wins if you beat them. If you beat a Tier 2 team with a Tier 3 team, the same bonus applies. And if you can manage to beat a Tier 1 team with a Tier 3 team, you get 2 bonus wins for a total of 3.

    Be careful though because this achievement can glitch out on you. After you get enough wins to earn your call-up, it will ask you if you want to immediately move up or if you want to stay in the Freshman tier to try to earn the trophy. If you stay in the Freshman league and then anything at all happens like you get disconnected or your Xbox freezes, when you reload the game you will be in the next tier but you will not get the achievement. Which then means you have to either earn another promotion, or lose 3 games and get demoted and start over from scratch. So beware of this if you choose to stay and go for the Freshman trophy.

    Edit - Apparently this glitch can be permanent because I got demoted back to Freshman and earned the call-up to JV again and the achievement still didn't pop. Thanks a lot 2K. Only other thing I can think of is that I got my last 2 wins for the call-up by my opponent disconnecting so maybe it only counts if you finish the game? That's horrible if that's the case because people quit or lose connection all the time. Maybe this is why so few people have the achievement.

    Edit #2 - Judging from some comments here and from my own personal experience of trying again and getting 5 more call-ups and still not getting the achievement and then finally winning a trophy and the achievement popping right away, I think that the achievement is actually for winning the trophy and not just getting called up. So if the achievement is not unlocking for you, make sure you win the trophy and you should get the achievement.
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    Agent0fSlythrynJeebus, thanks for the update!
    Posted by Agent0fSlythryn on 01 Jan 16 at 21:50
    oHIGHRISKoanother promotion and no achievement.. im scared to even go for all 10 wins in greatest of all time if this doesnt unlock
    Posted by oHIGHRISKo on 05 Jan 16 at 22:42
    oHIGHRISKoHey Erod i finally got mine to pop when i went from JC to College when i went for trophy. I guess after the update they fixed it.
    Posted by oHIGHRISKo on 30 Jan 16 at 05:57
    erod550Thanks, I'll try to get promoted again and see how it goes.
    Posted by erod550 on 30 Jan 16 at 06:40
    DwyaneWhen I ranked up to JV the achievement didn't unlock, but as soon as I was promoted to Varsity it popped up.
    Also just a heads up, try using the Blazers while they're a Tier 3 team(they've been playing really well in real life as of late might move up to Tier 2 soon), just went 5-0 with them to get this achievement ranking up twice.
    Posted by Dwyane on 25 Feb 16 at 15:48
    T3ARIN IT UPMine just popped when entering div 7 Junior College
    Posted by T3ARIN IT UP on 27 Feb 16 at 18:36
    x iKrueLTyyyFreshman to JV... Nothing. JV to Varsity... Nothing...
    Posted by x iKrueLTyyy on 14 Apr 16 at 18:37
    x iKrueLTyyySo did it 3 times didn't work, on 4th time I actually didn't promote and went for the trophy and got the trophy and achievement unlocked. So this achievement has to be for winning the trophy!!
    Posted by x iKrueLTyyy on 15 Apr 16 at 01:13
    Our AfflictionsI just ranked up for the first time and no achievement, pathetic that this game still had these issues near the end of its life cycle.
    Posted by Our Afflictions on 30 Jul 16 at 07:37
    Our AfflictionsAlright, so in JV I beat the warriors (1) as the timberwolves (3) and ranked up and won the trophy with the same win and the achievement unlocked.
    Posted by Our Afflictions on 31 Jul 16 at 07:49
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