Regicide achievement in Dishonored Definitive Edition


Assassinate the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows

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How to unlock the Regicide achievement

  • Motorsport JediMotorsport Jedi168,811
    31 Aug 2015 11 Sep 2015
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    Mission : 6
    Useful skills: Upgraded blink, agility, windblast, possession

    During mission 6 you will be in Dunwall tower. The Lord Regent is your main target.

    If on a Low chaos rating ( Low death count ):
    He will be in his bedroom in the tower (he will decide to come down from his safe room beause of the low chaos) . You can get a key of a guard to go through the front door, Possess a fish in the moat and swim through the drain pipe or blink to the first floor to get into a access hatch. Once inside blink to the second floor and climb along his chandeliers onto his balcony, slide / crouch through his fireplace or just Go through every enemy. Either way, as long as you kill him this will pop

    If on a High chaos rating ( High death count ):
    1. He will be on the rooftop safe room. Their will be lots of enemies and a wall of light ( windblast is useful for killing multiple enemies. ) guarding your target, but once you find a key on a body you can bypass the wall of light. Just kill him and it will pop.
    2. (Thanks to Onsidic) He can also be found in the torturers chambers. You will hear rumours from the other guards about the torturer, his chamber is in the far right corner of the inside tower, down some stairs. Use your heart as there is also a rune down their.
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  • Warboy925Warboy925381,404
    22 Sep 2017 22 Sep 2017
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    By far the quickest and easiest way finish this level is to do it the nonlethal way......(assuming you are on a low chaos run).....when you get inside the tower through the ducts, you will see the Lord Regent talking to the guards. Look up and to the right, and blink to that chandelier, from there blink to the upper balcony on the right.....check the door's keyhole for a guard than rush to his bedroom (first door on the left), get the audio log from the safe using 935, then SAVE YOUR GAME!!!! Blink on top of his bed, then wait till he enters the room to kill him.....cheevo popped!! Reload your save then just head straight to the intercom machine after you go downstairs to disable the pylons of course, then exit the way you came in......easy peezie!!!

    IIRC: You can't do it the nonlethal way if you are on a high chaos run, my method is only to get this cheevo out of the way for peeps like me trying to get as much achievements as possible in one playthrough using the "save and reload method" while doing a no kills/no alerts run on their first playthrough.....

    I just got this a few seconds ago..........I read about this achievement after I was already 75% into the Flooded District....luckily I had a save from when the boat was taking me to the tower, and I kid you not, it only took me 6 minutes to get from the boat to the Lord Regent to assassinate him......
  • Gutsy GoddessGutsy Goddess1,111,043
    09 Feb 2017 04 Mar 2017 05 Mar 2017
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    Motorsport jedi's guide is perfect but if u wanna do it the easy way try to take him out by nonlethal way ( give his record to the guy at the top level of the tower) after u did so..climb down the stairs. At the bottom u see gaurds arresting lord regen go finish him off. You dont have to go all they way finding rooftops then find his private chamber or searching all the rooms to find him. Even if your going for the clean hand achievment u can simply save before going down stairs. So just after u killed him reload and continue the mission :) at least it worked for me
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