Classic Speed Run achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Classic Speed Run

Get your fastest win times in Klondike, Spider, and FreeCell to add up to 10 minutes or less.

Classic Speed Run0
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How to unlock the Classic Speed Run achievement

  • Nekro NekoNekro Neko387,086
    01 Feb 2016 01 Feb 2016
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    Just picked off this achievement after trying so long on Spider to get the time down below 5 minutes with no luck. However this game has a massive exploit when playing timed games. When you are playing and have made your first move, when you go to start a new game the timer pauses but the board still shows all the cards. This is especially useful to plan your next move/chain of moves. With this I managed to get down to 4:15 which was enough on top of the other two games to get the achievement.

    Now that I know that, I could have used this exploit for both Freecell and Klondike so maybe it'll be of use to some of you out there.

    Also, do note that playing a game with a custom seed number will not count toward the statistics and thus, no matter how fast you do that, it won't go toward the classic speed run achievement.

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    YatsuiHayamotoI got 4:32 on Spider, Klondike 2:34 and Freecell 2:45
    Posted by YatsuiHayamoto on 14 Apr at 03:39
    Im Papa JustifySo my times are this


    Still hasn't unlocked anyone know why
    Posted by Im Papa Justify on 30 May at 06:46
    Im Papa JustifySo my times are this


    Still hasn't unlocked anyone know why
    Posted by Im Papa Justify on 30 May at 06:50
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  • CarlosMaestre85CarlosMaestre85205,334
    05 May 2017 05 May 2017
    24 1 6
    Adding to the others solutions, if you are having trouble with Free Cell or just need less then 1:30 minute, you can hit New Game until the seed number is below 1 million and look for the solution (pausing and playing with the New Game tip from Nekro Neko).

    Solution at:

    Just input your seed and watch in side by side.

    Hope it helps!
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    EarthboundXNo longer works. Once you select new game, you can't back out.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 04 Mar at 13:12
    Cable PlayerJust used this method, thank you.
    Posted by Cable Player on 12 Jun at 10:22
    Japan is cool24Works great!! Thank you so much!
    Posted by Japan is cool24 on 29 Jun at 14:04
  • KillaQueens515KillaQueens515132,121
    18 Oct 2016 28 Nov 2016
    9 2 1
    For this achievement, any for the ones to win 10 or 100 games, you cannot play a daily challenge, collection game or pick a specific game number. You have to simply click the type of game you want to play and play a random game. You'll eventually get a game where you beat Spider in around 5-6 minutes. Playing Klondike with one card draws can get you a win in under two minutes easily. The hardest one in my opinion is Free Cell. You'll have to get a win in about 2 to 2 and a half minutes. If you play Free Cell enough it will become rather easy.

    Again playing a daily challenge, collection game or specific game number will not count towards this achievement. This achievement is not at all bugged.
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    Vandel BusterIf people suck at Freecell, like me, use this:

    Then hit New Game to pause the timer to look at each move. Got a time of 1:32 first time I used it.
    Posted by Vandel Buster on 01 Feb 17 at 22:19
  • Calex dEUSCalex dEUS1,031,365
    12 Aug 2015 11 Aug 2015 14 Aug 2015
    13 8 17
    Not a solution. I'm afraid this appears to be bugged for me and at least 2 other friends.

    The problem for us 3 is free cell in both the end game screen and in statistics it is not registering wins or best times.

    I managed freecell in :49 seconds , klondike in 2:54 and spider in 6:04 - total 9:47

    I'm just posting this to try and narrow down what went wrong or see if there is a possible fix for it. So far all I've determined is none of us have played this before on W8 or WP so no existing data and form the stats on here it's clear it's unlocking for people , so perhaps they have played it on those platforms for it to unlock ?

    EDIT/UPDATE Something changed on my game today , I lost my best times in Klondike and Spider and they reverted to much slower times and Freecell now seems to be tracking times and wins, so I will try and get my times under 10 now and see if they achievement pops

    Must have been something done server side.

    Can confirm it's working for me now. I'll leave this up a day for 2 for info and then delete.

    Update 2 Was just checking my stats and playing a few more games of freecell to get the 10 and 100 wins, I noticed it is once again not counting the stats / times . Show's I played only 2 games won 1, even though the tracker for the wins achievements is working the game now shows my best free cell time as 1:34 , it was 47 seconds last night. Fortunately I have the achievement when it just started working yesterday.

    SO this just seems to be down to pure luck as to whether the stats register on a given day. My advice would be be for the moment would be to check each day by playing the #10913 game , you can find the solution in the other freecell guides , takes about 40-50 seconds to win.

    Update 3 Expertiize has mentioned in the comments that if you manually set a game number it displays a message saying the game will not count towards stats. I've checked this and it does indeed show this message now where as it didn't when I used it up to this point.

    I think maybe this might be the problem and that this message was broken and wasn't being shown up to now.
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