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Chinese Collection achievement in World of Tanks: Valor (Xbox 360)

Chinese Collection

Research a Light, Medium, and Heavy Chinese tank.

Chinese Collection0
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How to unlock the Chinese Collection achievement

  • kingrich06kingrich061,571,706
    28 Jul 2015 23 Jul 2015 23 Jul 2015
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    The chinese tech line is fairly a well balanced tech tree in comparison to other countries since many of the tanks are "lend Lease" from other countries during WWII. If you have played or grinded the USA light tree, the Japanese and russian tech lines, almost all the chinese tanks have the same characteristics and thir original country counterparts.

    You will automatically researching the Light and Medium classes grinding to tier VII, the first Heavy of the chinese tech tree.

    NC31 Tier I Light
    VAE Type B TII
    Chi Ha TIII
    M5A1 Stuart TierV
    once you get Type T34 Medium...Then research the Type 58 Medium Tier VI then the IS2 Tier VII Heavy for the cheevo.

    If you have not grinded for the get a tier VIII or the get a tier X tank, you might as well work your way up the chinese line

    I wrote a guide awhile back, but the tips and tricks should still apply in helping you grind this line to tier VII.
    World of Tanks: Valor (Xbox 360)AbsoluteThe Absolute achievement in World of Tanks: Valor (Xbox 360) worth 212 pointsResearch a tier X tank.

    If you are strictly researching the tanks to unlock each tank on your way to the tier VII Heavy,
    a) DO NOT buy the tank if you have enough FREE XP to skip certain tanks. (unless you need to buy it to be able to accumulate free xp)
    b) Some of the tanks have extra packages which YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY to unlock the next tank, if you have enough FREE XP or can manage to grind with a stock tank without the added mods of the pakages, bypass the packages. This will save you some xp grinding.
    c) if there are multiple tanks to unlock, just make sure you follow the list above of which path to follow on the tech tree.

    Here are the lists of packages to skip( I already unlocked the tanks in the tree so I cannot give you the exact amount of XP needed to unlock for each tank sorry)

    NC31 Tier I Light: From stock you can unlock the tier II without purchasing any of the packages.
    VAE Type B TII: From stock you can unlock the tier III without purchasing any of the packages.
    Chi Ha TIII: From stock you can unlock the tier IV without purchasing any of the packages.
    M5A1 Stuart TierV: 2 packages are needed to unlock the tier V.
    Type T34 Medium: 2 Packages are needed to unlock the tier VI, make sure you only pick the Type 58.
    Type 58 Medium Tier VI: 2 packages are needed, not the 3rd, to unlock the Tier VII Heavy.

    Two schools of thought regarding packages and grinding to the next tank.
    a) use a stock tank, skip the packages, play with the handicap of not having upgraded weapons/armour or mobility.
    or b) upgrade the tank to a better gun/armour or engine so you can make the grind to unlocking the next tank easier and more enjoyable.
    It is up to you how much time you want to spend grinding. IMO some grinds are futile when you stick with stock tanks, and in all my tier X grinds, i always fully upgraded my tanks, buying all the packages making that last research grind much faster and easier. It is really upto to you and your ability to grind with which ever package or stock you are willing to use your free xp or xp on.

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    If you're like me, and you just want the achievements from this game, then the closest you'll come to a Tier X tank will be when you get your 'The 122 and You' and this new Chinese line achievement.

    I calculated all the XP required, but bear in mind the efficiency of the tanks in between, to gain a Tier X tank from the KV-1 to the IS-4, the KV-1S to the IS-7, the KV-2 to the OBJ 261 (artillery), the SU-85B to the OBJ 268 (TD), and the Chinese IS-2 to the 113 - and the Chinese line is by far the cheapest and possibly the most efficient line to take, even considering the progression you would have to get in the Russian line.

    The only thing I would say is that going down the KV-2 to the OBJ 261 Artillery line might be preferable to some players, like me, who seem to gain way more XP in matches with arty's.
    Posted on 30 Jul 15 at 05:20
    Kuningatar VDoes this unlock if you buy premium chinese heavy with gold? Or do you have to really unlock it via research as achievement says?
    Posted by Kuningatar V on 20 Jan 16 at 08:41
    You have to actually research all the packages in the previous Tier IX and then research the Tier X, but you don't need to buy the Tier X. Because with a premium tank you just buy it, and don't need to research it, the achievement won't unlock.
    Posted on 20 Jan 16 at 11:30
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  • CubivoreCubivore345,758
    28 Jul 2015 22 Jul 2015 29 Jul 2015
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    The first Chinese heavy is at tier 7, so this will take a good while. However in going through that line, you will also get a medium and light by default, so you only really need to go for that tier 7 heavy. If you are new to the game and have yet to get the tier 7 achievement, you can knock out two at once!

    And since you need to get all the way up to tier 7 in the Chinese tree for this, if you have not gotten Absolute yet (tier 10), the Chinese heavy line is among the best in this game, so don't stop at the IS-2 if you haven't gotten any other tree up to 7. Believe me, they are awesome, awesome vehicles.
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