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Boom Goes the Dynamite! achievement in World of Tanks

Boom Goes the Dynamite!

Destroy an enemy tank at full health with one shot. MP only.

Boom Goes the Dynamite!-0.2
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How to unlock the Boom Goes the Dynamite! achievement

  • Royal SnowWolfRoyal SnowWolf407,675
    28 Jul 2015 29 Jul 2015
    4 0 0
    The easy way.

    Get the:

    German Tier 2 arty ( G.Pz. Mk. VI) the price is 3500 silver dont spend any more money on it.
    The reason to the low level is...Players on that level do not think of getting hit by arty and are alot of the times in the open...1 shot 1 kill remember the enemy need to have 100% health.

    Happy hunting
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  • kingrich06kingrich061,397,453
    28 Jul 2015 23 Jul 2015
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    The obvious easy one shot tank kills are artillery vs arty, but many Tank Destroyers or any other tank are capable of one shot kills, you just need to either set up the tank you are using to go for this cheevo. Also pick and choose what targets are easily destroyed with one shell. The right ammo may help with getting easy one shot kills. you can use HE(high explosive) rounds to get easy kills if you penetrate the target or hit them at the right weak spot ie ammo rack or set them on fire.

    Basic rule of thumb. Look at your tank garage and cross reference with any online guides to see if any of your tanks have high alpha damage, if not do some research prior to purchasing or working up a tank tech tree to get a tank solely for this cheevo. Also learn the weakspots, a one shot kill may not only be a direct dmg done by a pen shot, but setting the tank on fire and or hitting the ammo rack.

    A few examples of some tanks( non arty)which are capable of one shot kills due to their ridiculous alpha damage for the tier they are played with.
    * just remember if you are high tier, many of the lower tiers in that match will be easy one shot kills.
    T18 USA Tier II TD, usually matched up in a tier I/II lobby
    T82 USA Tier III TD, usually matched up in a tier II/III lobby
    ISU152 Derp gun (use the HE option)
    Object 704
    KV2 Russian Tier VI Heavy use the Derp gun
    Jag PZ E100 German Tier X TD
    UC 2 PDR UK tier II TD
    FV215b 183 the deathstar ..highest alpha in game for a non arty.

    If you need to buy a tank for this cheevo, try picking the lowest tier possible to save on the grinding. unles you are stacking other cheevos.
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    Darth Hawk CZcan this be done in platoon matches? or do u have to play the MP solo?
    Posted by Darth Hawk CZ on 12 Aug 15 at 17:15
    kingrich06@darth Hawk
    As long as you are in a multiplayer lobby. not training rooms. You can be in a platoon or solo as long as u meet the criteria
    Posted by kingrich06 on 12 Aug 15 at 17:36
    Crater Bob@Darth Hawk CZ - I did it solo with artillery in a low-rank match, but even a high-tier heavy tank or tank destroyer can blitz a two-lower-tier light tank in one shot.
    Posted by Crater Bob on 13 Aug 15 at 04:23
    29 Jul 2015 28 Jul 2015 28 Jul 2015
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    enemy must have 100% of health and only one shoot must kill him.

    one shots are a little bit of lucky.
    tier x tank destroyer - 215b 183 and/or high level arties - tier VIII fully researched are helpful.
    russian arties are powerful with tier IV and higher. with a su-122a-bm i got so many one shots at low tiers.

    or killing an arty :-)
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