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David and Goliath achievement in World of Tanks: Valor (Xbox 360)

David and Goliath

Destroy a tank at least two tiers higher than your own. MP only.

David and Goliath0
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How to unlock the David and Goliath achievement

  • kingrich06kingrich061,458,988
    28 Jul 2015 23 Jul 2015 23 Jul 2015
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    The best class to always get higher tiers enemies are Light Tanks.
    For those who do not know how the match making works for WOT, it's usually +2 -2 tier limits on all tanks except for Light tanks.
    for example a Tier V light tank can see enemies upto tier X. with this being said, choosing a tier V,VI,VII, VIII light tank will increase your chance of destroying enemies 2 tiers higher than you in one match.

    Just like Rotcat's suggestion on using the Chaffee, which is also my favourite Light Tank..with a total of 2k + matches played with her, and about 1200 kills and most of those have been two tiers higher than me and even some being tier X's.

    Medium tanks are great for "stealing kills" especially tanks +2 tiers higher than you due to your speed and mobility and a slightly more powerful gun in comparison to Light Tanks. Unlike Light tanks, you will have the standard match making unlike light tanks.

    Heavies/TDs have better guns than the lights/mediums and if you camp, you maybe able to steal some easy +2 tier kills.

    IMO the best class to get higher tier kills would be using any arty you are good at.
    Artillery basically sits in the rear and picks off targets no matter what tier, higher or lower...if you pick and choose only +2 tier targets, you should be able to get this cheevo easy with any arty you choose.

    Now the basic strategy: this may be frowned upon with your 14 other team mates but will certainly get you this cheevo. Steal the kills!! in a light/medium tank, zip around the map and prey on the almost dead enemies.. in a TD or heavy, you can either camp or only engage targets which are almost dead.

    You need to have some basic knowledge of different tanks and the tiers. At the beginiing of the match, during loading screen of the match, hit your BACK button andhave a look at the roster.. know which tanks are +2 tiers and put the blinders on and hope you are able to get the kill shots on the higher tier tanks for the cheevo.

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    DURDENS WRATHApparently this does not work if the one you are attacking I'd an artillery.

    I killed two 5s and no ach
    Posted by DURDENS WRATH on 03 Aug 15 at 04:01
    Team JuansI did this in the British Arty Sexton. Reckon Arty is easiest way to bag this cheev.
    Posted by Team Juans on 05 Aug 15 at 12:21
    TheOtherBarberJust commenting about how I got it: I was using a T-28 (IV Medium) against a Hellcat (VI Destoryer) on Fjords. I for sure should not have gotten it but the TD was just going straight to the peninsula, not evading at all. Sometimes it's all about luck I guess.
    Posted by TheOtherBarber on 25 Feb 16 at 05:49
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  • SkarviTSkarviT168,816
    01 Dec 2017 26 May 2020 26 May 2020
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    The game system sometimes makes you fall against a Tier VII while you are in Tier V, you will hardly win a 1v1 battle against a tank in that tier, but if you have a Heavy Tank against a Light Tank you can easily win, it is important that you have Premium Ammunition to be able to pierce a lot of these tanks, if you find a Tank with less than 10% you can use HE ammunition if you cannot penetrate, it does not cause much damage but can serve to finish it, remember never to expose yourself against high Tier, even if you are a Heavy Tank you can easily be destroyed.
  • Fr0ZenCaVeMaNFr0ZenCaVeMaN537,832
    01 Aug 2015 01 Aug 2015
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    You can easily achieve this with one other platoon member.

    Have the leader be a tier V tank while the other platoon member chooses a tier III tank. (I chose Tier III, Sexton II ,Artillery)

    This is because, the platoon leader can be matched up with a game full of tier V's while you can sit back and shoot/kill the enemy tanks without dying so quickly. However sometimes you will be put in a game full of tier VII's.

    When you finally get the achievement, swap platoon roles and repeat.
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