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Let 'em have it achievement in World of Tanks

Let 'em have it

Destroy 2 different tanks with 2 different types of ammo in one match. MP only.

Let 'em have it0
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How to unlock the Let 'em have it achievement

  • Lumberjay85Lumberjay85188,878
    28 Jul 2015 28 Jul 2015
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    I got this using the Chinese NC-31(the free tier I tank), and I recommend using this tank for most of the new achievements. Using the standard gun, and depending on how much silver you have, you'll want to buy a few shots of the Armor-piercing shells, or the High-Explosive shells.

    To purchase these shells, highlight your tank and press cn_X to open the upgrades. Select "Supplies," and you'll be brought to the purchasing screen. To purchase ammo, highlight the shell you want and press right on the d-pad (cn_right) until you think you have enough. Probably shouldn't need more than 5.

    If you have a lot of silver, press cn_Y. This will change the currency of the Armor-Piercing shells to silver instead of gold (unless you want to spend your gold, then have at it). These shells, as the name suggests, have a high penetration rate, increasing your chance of causing damage. If you don't have a lot of silver, you can buy the cheaper, High-Explosive Shells. These have a terrible penetration rate, and you should really get the other ones if you can afford it.

    When you've bought what you believe to be a sufficient amount, plunge into the game. When the match starts and you have chosen your victim, bring down his health as much as possible with your standard gun. When the health is low, switch to your other shell by pressing cn_A. If the health is low, you should be almost guaranteed a kill with the Armor-Piercing shells. The High-Explosive ones though, not necessarily. Now, these were the ones that I used, but my opponent was an LTraktor, and those aren't exactly known for having high armor. remember, what ever shell you use, try and hit either the back or square on. You'll want to minimize the chance of ricochet, especially if using High-Explosive, so don't fire at an angle.

    Once you've done that, you'll need to get another kill with your standard gun. You could do this first, but I recommend using the premium ammo first while you have more options for targets. The NC-31 has a fantastic stock cannon (high damage, high penetration, fast reload) so this shouldn't be too hard. Just use the same tactics and you should be good.

    Also wan to note, there is a delay. The achievement popped almost 10 seconds after i had made the requirement, so don't be nervous it it isn't instantaneous.
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  • CubivoreCubivore342,925
    28 Jul 2015 22 Jul 2015 28 Jul 2015
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    There are three types of ammo in this game. The first is your standard ammo, the second is you Premium ammo, and the third is high-explosive, For some reason, you need to use standard and HE apparently; premium does not count, as confirmed by myself and kingrich06.

    For this reason, I suggest going for this achievement in an artillery. In a regular tank, HE is only useful in very specific situations. Artillery can make more more effective use of HE rounds and can get kills far more easily. An alternative strategy is to use the KV-2, which is a tank with an artillery cannon instead of a gun; you should get this tank at some point for the 122 and U achievement anyhow.
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    CubivoreReally? That is stupid if that's the case.
    Posted by Cubivore on 28 Jul 15 at 02:37
    CosminiionI unlocked it with AP and HE rounds. Also, setting a tank on fire with a particular type of ammo and then that tank blows up due to the fire will NOT count as you having destroyed that tank with that particular type of ammo. So, for it to count, the final and definitive blow to an enemy tank must come directly from the shell's power.
    Posted by Cosminiion on 28 Jul 15 at 03:04
    CubivoreIt also did not work for me with premium rounds. That's dumb, oh well. Redid the solution.
    Posted by Cubivore on 28 Jul 15 at 03:26
  • SkarviTSkarviT160,728
    15 Sep 2018 26 May 2020 26 May 2020
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    Giving a brief explanation I will tell you the main types

    High Explosive (HE)
    These shells have the highest damage value among all the shell types, but also has a very low penetration value.
    They do have a very small splash damage area and it doesn't need to penetrate to damage the target.

    High Explosive Squash Head (HESH)
    This shell functions as high explosive ammunition but with very high penetration, and behaves the same way -- if it does not penetrate, it will explode on the surface of the armour, dealing marginal damage. It also deals additional damage to modules and crew.

    Armor Piercing (AP)
    These shells do the full damage listed on the gun specifications only if it penetrates the enemy's armour. However, if the shell doesn't penetrate the target, it will bounce and do no damage. It can also damage tank modules and crew if it hits then at the right spot.


    Armor Piercing Composite Rigid (APCR)
    This type of ammunition has the highest penetration value, but the damage value is the same as a normal AP shell. It still has the AP shell characteristics however, with a slight twist.
    APCR has a higher muzzle velocity than AP, meaning a shell leaves your gun at a higher speed. However, APCR also loses much more penetration value over the same distance as AP.

    High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT)
    This is the Premium ammunition for most SPG-class, tank howitzer, and many high tier tank guns. It carries a higher penetration value than AP, but unlike AP and APCR, is not subject to normalisation, and therefore must penetrate the most effective armour value at the given impact angle, meaning HEAT will have trouble with very thick, sloped armour more than AP and APCR.

    Premium High Explosive (HE)
    These shells are found in some SPG guns. They have no significant difference to its HE counterpart other than a larger splash-damage radius, which can be very useful for hitting multiple tanks or tanks just behind cover that can not be hit directly.

    Most tanks have AP type, which are basically the main type, and as a second HE, but HE is not good for destroying tanks, just to finish them when they are low on HP, what I would recommend doing is using a tank that has type AP and type APCR, remember that you can spend Silver on premium munitions if you press cn_Y on the projectile in the Garage to switch from GOLD to SILVER.
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