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We Can Re-build Him achievement in World of Tanks: Valor (Xbox 360)

We Can Re-build Him

Repair 1,500 HP of damage on a tank after a single battle. MP only.

We Can Re-build Him0
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How to unlock the We Can Re-build Him achievement

  • kingrich06kingrich061,572,717
    28 Jul 2015 24 Jul 2015 24 Jul 2015
    14 2 10
    This one is a no brainer. Obviously you will need to play a tank which would have a minimum of 1500 HP to be able to pop this cheevo.

    I will cover the two possible ways this cheevo will most likely be set up. I will edit the solution once the DLC goes live to confirm which method is the correct one,

    a) If the cheevo requirements are for you to repair your tank, post game with no difference being completely destroyed or not, the cheevo should pop after you repair it. For those who do not know, you MUST have enough silver in the bank to pay for any repair(so this maybe linked with the cheevo requirements) so you will be able to use that tank in future matches. You can basically pick a tank with a minimum of 1500 HP and yolo suicide or play the match normally but aggressively, making sure you die or get a min 1500 worth of damage.,

    b) if the cheevo is the same requirements as `a)`but you need to survive the match.. you must pick a tank with a min. 1500 HP and play defensively and or hide after you get 1500 HP worth of damage.

    Here`s a list of tanks which meet the 1500+ HP mark..i will only list the min tier tank, most tanks higher tier than listed below will certainly have more HP than the lower tier brother.
    *Please note that certain modules of lower tier tanks may increase HP`s so check your garage of tanks which are fully upgraded which top the 1500HP mark. I am cross referencing the Tank HP ingame and it does not show the exact HP of each tanks since I do not own all of the tanks I am mentioning and or upgraded all the modules.

    Sometimes it is easier to play a tank lower tier which is fully upgraded (with more HP) than it is to play a tank which is stock to be able to do `b` survive a match and repair 1500HP.
    Most tier VIII`s will have 1400-1450HP and may require upgrade modules to beat the 1500HP mark. Also many Premium tanks have ridiculous amounts of HP for their tier so you may want to check your premium tanks (if you own any)

    MT=Medium Tank, LT=Light Tank, HT=Heavy Tank, SPG= arty, TD=Tank Destroyer
    Minimum tank of the Tech Tree:
    USA MT Tier IX T54E1, TD Tier IX T30,TD Tier IX T95, MT Tier IX M46 Patton, HT Tier IX M103.
    Russian: TD IX Obj 704,TD IX SU122-54, IX MT Obj 430 II, MT IX T54, HT IX IS8 HT VIII KV4
    German: TD IX WT PZIV, TD IX Jtiger, HT IX VK4502B, HT VIII Tiger II, MT IX E50, MT IX Leopard PTA,
    UK: MT IX Centurion 7 1, TD IX Tortoise, HT VIII Caernarvon,
    French: TD IX Foch, HT IX AMX 50 120, MT IX Lorr 40t,
    Japanese MT Tier IX Type 61
    Chinese MT Tier IX WZ-120, HT Tier IXWZ-111 1-4.

    I cannot seem to find any Lights or Arty which have close to 1500HP, so it would be a safe bet not to use any of those classes for this cheevo.

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    EhrenfriedYou got your upvote only because I lol'ed when I read "yolo suicide"
    Posted by Ehrenfried on 16 Aug 15 at 06:48
    kingrich06@Ehrenfriend : I play light tanks alot... over 2000+ matches in my tier V Chaffee, when I do my scouting, rushing into the open (note that she is a sctive scout not passive) so I use her speed and stealth like ability to spot on the move... I hear the rest of the team on game chat (them being tier IX/X).. "OMG there goes our scout YOLO SCUICIDING"" mind you most matches, if those idiots covered me properly i would survive longers in high tier matchups. Mind you I usually outlive the tier ix/x's in my tier V, even with the tactic I use... some call it YOLOing Suicide I just call it AGGRESIVE SCOUTING..
    ps nice to know ppl actually read the tips and get a laff out it =P
    Posted by kingrich06 on 16 Aug 15 at 18:24
    Chronovore@Kingrich06, you claimed you'd update the solution after the DLC went live, but it still shows solutions involving survival. The only clarifications are in comments, not the solution.

    This popped after a battle where I'd been destroyed in a base-package USA Tier IX M46 Patton, which has just over 1500 damage points.
    Posted by Chronovore on 02 Dec 15 at 23:36
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    28 Jul 2015 28 Jul 2015
    9 6 0
    many words previously :-)

    this required a tank with MORE than 1500 life points!
    for example JP100 (Tier X) having 2200.
    every tank with 1500+ life points will count, every tank can be destroyed. i tried with my JP100, was destroyed and after match - popup :-)
  • SkarviTSkarviT174,484
    21 Aug 2019 26 May 2020 26 May 2020
    0 1 0
    For this achievement you must restore the 1,500 HP or more lost in battles, your tank must have at least 1,600 or more HP, German Heavy Tanks and mainly Japanese are the ones that have more HP.
    To lose HP you can try to fall from small hills, causing a certain amount of damage or exposing yourself to the enemy, and as soon as you lose the 1,500 HP back down to cover until the game is over.
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