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Local Brewery

Brew a potion.

Local Brewery-0.1
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How to unlock the Local Brewery achievement

  • LLboxedLLboxed219,341
    03 Dec 2017 03 Dec 2017 03 Dec 2017
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    Solution for v1.2.5 with the TA Walkthrough

    Okay, here's my solution for the complete Minecraft n00b that may also (like me!) just try to get the achievements with the great walkthrough from Itzz Sh0wt1m3. I'm going to refer to the walkthrough quite a lot. If you play this without the walkthrough let me know and I will try to rewrite the solution a bit.

    Text from Walkthrough (Minecraft (Win 10) Walkthrough):
    ... Then, pick up some nether wart from the chest. Press right mouse button while aiming at the brewing stand, and then place the nether wart as an ingredient. Wait for the arrow to turn completely white. After that's done as well, pick up your potions...
    This does not work. Placing the nether wart in the brewing stand doesn't do anything.

    Here's how I fixed it: Just leave this be until you get to the part of the walkthrough that makes you pick up a lot of items for
    Minecraft (Win 10)Into FireThe Into Fire achievement in Minecraft (Win 10) worth 39 pointsRelieve a Blaze of its rod.

    You will need the blaze rod in a bit. Now continue the walkthrough until you get the crafting achievements or walk to the crafting tables right away.

    This is where you go for the crafting achievements:
    External image

    Place the spare rod(s) on the crafting table to create Blaze Powder:
    External image

    Now walk back to the brewing stand and place all the items as you see on the picture below. It should initate the crafting process right away. I fetched the screenshot below after it finished, that's why it doesn't show up.
    External image

    You have now crafted a strange potion. The achievement popped like 1 minute later.

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    EddieM1974Thanks!! Worked like a charm!
    Posted by EddieM1974 on 30 Oct 18 at 10:37
    its whatevaThanks for the update. I was lost as to what needed to be done.
    Posted by its whateva on 17 Dec 18 at 07:49
    MY3blKAHTNicely done! Thanks!
    Posted by MY3blKAHT on 22 Feb at 14:09
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  • AventralAventral353,732
    31 Jul 2015 25 Sep 2015 25 Apr 2016
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    Firstly you will need to create a nether portal to go and retrieve a blaze rod by killing a blaze (Flying fiery thing) which are found in nether fortresses. That is all you will need from the nether, at least for this achievement, when you return home create a brewing stand by placing 3 cobblestone in the bottom row of the crafting table and place the blaze rod in the middle of the crafting table.

    Next, Gather at least 3 sand and smelt it in a furnace and place the glass into a crafting table in a V shape (Like a bucket). Take the bottles and right click some water which will fill it up, take it over to your brewing stand and place your water bottles into the brewing stand.

    Finally, you will need any ingredients from the following: Nether wart, Glowstone, Redstone, Fermented Spider eye, Ghast Tear, Spider eye, Sugar, Magma Cream. Then place any of these ingredients into the top slot in your brewing stand. After a short wait you should have a potion, A useless potion, but nonetheless a potion.

    Edit: According to RikstaG, if you have version 0.13.1 and onward this no longer works and you need to brew a useful potion. In my opinion the potion of weakness is the easiest to brew, you will need a fermented spider eye (Spider eye, sugar and mushroom) if you continue from the previous solution above.
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    The Ol n Dethe brewing stand window is currently bugged (version 0.13.1)
    Posted by The Ol n De on 23 Jan 16 at 02:29
    RikstaGI got the achievement by making a fire resistance potion. I believe you have to make a useful potion, not just a mundane/awkward/thick potion.
    Posted by RikstaG on 29 Jan 16 at 04:36
    The Ol n Dewhen did you get the achievement ? which version of minecraft ? the window of the brewing station does not work on mine. I have 0.13.1
    Posted by The Ol n De on 29 Jan 16 at 20:28
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