Executed achievement in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Complete all mission tasks.

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How to unlock the Executed achievement

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    02 Oct 2015 04 Oct 2015
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    Rather than going into every task, as most are fairly straightforward (the guide suggested in ShadowEchelon91’s solution is very good and should help with most tasks), I have put together some strategies and tips that should present the easiest and most efficient way to complete mission tasks:

    • I highly recommend doing the tasks on your second playthrough of missions after s-ranking them. By now you should be familiar with the mission layout plus you can use rank voiding items such as stealth camo and infinity bandana to make life much easier (just make sure you’ve developed the highest level stealth camo that regenerates battery)
    • Tasks where you have to listen in on conversations can be problematic if not approached in the right way. Just be sure to follow mission objectives step by step, do not trigger any alert and you should be good (stealth camo will help you here)
    • Once a task is complete you don’t have to complete the mission to save progress, but you do need to make sure you trigger a save point. You can do this traveling on foot/ horse to another location such an outpost.
    • The mission tasks on subsistence can be challenging due to no items being available for deployment. For C2W, first make sure the air surveillance is destroyed so you can land the helicopter on top of the base, then use the minigun to take out everything. For Occupation Forces, you can intercept and extract the entire convoy on foot – you just need to be quick!
    • For the extreme missions where you face the skulls, on metallic archaea use d-walker and gun them down, but keep out of the open areas and away from the skulls smoke. For the sniper skulls on code walker, stealth camo and a silenced tranquiliser sniper rile makes this very easy! Just make sure to extract them one-by-one each time after taking them out (and of course you’ll need to wait for the ability to extract skulls to do so)
    • For the total stealth missions, again, stealth camo will be your best friend
    • The most challenging tasks are in the quiet exit mission, where you have to extract all 14 tanks and armoured vehicles. Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this but I found the most effective strategy to fulton extract was the following equipment: battle dress, NVG, vehicle stun mines and homing missile launcher (for the helicopter). Keep using the sandstorm weather modification throughout the fight so enemies have low visibility and use the NVG to see where tanks are coming from. Try to keep low as once spotted tanks will target you. You can also use quiet to distract their attention but be careful on how much damage she takes – which brings me to the next task, which is to complete the mission without quiet taking damage. I found it too difficult to extract the tanks and avoid quiet taking damage, so for this task I modified the strategy on another playthrough and used infinity bandana, mines and the rocket launcher. Target the tanks as soon as they appear and lay use mines to help take them out quick. Its likely you’ll die a few time attempting this, so the option will be there to use the chicken hat and following this then the lil chicken hat. I suggest you use it, as the less fire you’re taking the more likely you’ll be to succeed!! Good luck!

    If there are any other tasks you are struggling with please add them in the comments and I’ll update with additional strategy/ solutions.

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    Crater BobAs of Saturday, January 30th, 2016, I'm just a few missions away from finishing all this, does anyone have any bug reports regarding this achievement? I'm planning to finish it all up this Sunday on my stream, so hopefully this will pop for me while I get my last two certificates, all missions finished, and all S-Ranks while doing all mission tasks.
    Posted by Crater Bob on 30 Jan 16 at 09:38
    liner bronsonA quiet exit is weird as the tanks see you even if you are cloaked and there's a sandstorm raging, so thanks for the lil chicken hat tip (I even got seen a couple of times wearing that shock)
    Posted by liner bronson on 23 Dec 16 at 19:31
    BreezyPath0On Extreme Back up Back down I can only get two tanks to spawn at the end. The task is to extract three. Apparently this has been a problem for a while because there's a lot of people on other sites talking about it too. Anyone else have this problem? On the regular mission it worked fine but the extreme version does this for some reason.
    Posted by BreezyPath0 on 03 Jul 18 at 16:56
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    I used the following guides from TimeTravelKiwi, these were not made by me so take no credit for them. They have timestamps to jump to specific tasks.

    I personally completed all missions, then s ranked them all and now doing mission tasks.

    By this time you can have the infinity bandana giving you infinite ammo and suppressor - found in development>Weapons/Items>uniform
    You can also develop Stealth Camo.PP and Stealth Camo. One recharges automatically but while recharging you can use the limited use one then switch back. You can run into bases and nobody sees you. - found in development>Weapons/Items>items

    Finally, once you have all mission tasks just chose return to ACC in menu, you dont need to exfiltrate hot zone or complete mission.

    Any questions just ask.
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    11 May 2020 04 May 2020 04 May 2020
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