Disarmament achievement in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN


Dispose of a nuclear weapon.

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How to unlock the Disarmament achievement

  • King fiShiZKing fiShiZ251,884
    07 Sep 2015 07 Sep 2015 23 Aug 2019
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    After you build a nuke you can just dispose of it in the same Menu again. Nukes you stole from other players (with FOB Missions) wont' count!

    Comment from: Level 75 Noob on 04 Nov 15 at 00:49
    I can definitely verify that stealing a nuke from a rival's FOB and disposing of it counts towards the achievement now. Check my list if you want proof.

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    Dresden N7Also, if you're having trouble disarming your own nuke (before someone steals it from your FOB), just switch to offline mode and then dispose of it. I kept getting a "network error" while disposing my nuke online, so I had to resort to this.
    Posted by Dresden N7 on 09 Oct 15 at 00:17
    Level 75 NoobI can definitely verify that stealing a nuke from a rival's FOB and disposing of it counts towards the achievement now. Check my list if you want proof.
    Posted by Level 75 Noob on 03 Nov 15 at 23:49
    l BlackBrian7 lI can also confirm stealing a nuke from an FOB and disposing of it does pop the achievement.
    Posted by l BlackBrian7 l on 23 Aug 19 at 19:31
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  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox601,649
    09 Oct 2016 08 Oct 2016 09 Oct 2016
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    Mission Accomplished!! The second nuke I built didn't get stolen! Yay! dance

    It's very simple to actually dispose of a nuclear weapon, but takes a while to get one!

    You can build a nuke yourself, but there's a VERY high chance it will be stolen!! That happened to the first one I built, it was stolen almost right after I built it, so I couldn't dispose of it.
    Either build the nuke and take note of exactly when it will be done and dispose of it right away, or play offline avoiding FOB missions as detailed below.
    OR--try stealing someone else's nuke! However, I've tried multiple times, and the only people who have nukes are the ones with ridiculous FOB defenses--save yourself some time and resources and build one yourself. wink

    The requirements to build the Nuke are 75000 Fuel, 50000 Minor Metal, and 750000 GMP, of ONLINE resources. Your Offline resources are generally 10% of your online resources, so you'll need over 80000 Fuel total, etc.
    To access the Nuke build option, you need to open up the Mother Base menu, select Resources, then the far right option gives you the choice to build Nukes and Dispose of Nukes.
    Nukes take 21 online hours to build.

    There is a trick you can use to avoid having your nuke stolen however, if you haven't passed mission 21, or haven't gone online.
    If you never accept the FOB mission that occurs after mission 21, by disconnecting your internet whenever it comes up(very annoying, but it works) the FOB trial mission is cancelled and you CANNOT be invaded by other players and have your stuff stolen!! You'll have to disconnect to avoid the FOB mission every time you go to your chopper's command center, the ACC, or else play offline(disconnected). To build the nuke though, you need to be online and you can go online through the menu's, and as long as you go offline/disconnect before returning to your ACC you won't have to do the stupid internet disconnect thing to avoid the stupid FOB mission.

    I finally went online near the end of the campaign.. built a nuke, and had it promptly stolen by someone near the top of the ranking leaderboards. Don't suffer what happened to me!

    I personally recommend going online simply because you can gain more GMP and resources early in the game from your FOB and it's quite a bit of fun, but be warned--if you're online with FOB's and you build a nuke, it WILL get stolen quickly unless you dispose of it!
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    IconoclypseThanks so much for this. I know it's been out an age but well I have shedloads of other games that claimed my time. Finally built a Nike, intending to dismantle straight away just for the cheevos - I didn't like the idea of having a nuke in the first instance. It just felt wrong given the series' opinion of nukes. Anyhoo, next day logged in, got the cheevo for making a nuke, went Demon, but resources said I had no nuke to dispose of.
    Your post here gave me my answer and a route to getting that dismantling achievement. Thanks a bunch. Hey take this as a compliment but this is the first time I've ever replied to a post on TA. smile
    Posted by Iconoclypse on 05 Aug 19 at 23:00
    Shadow 00 Foxtoast nice, thanks for the compliment. laugh I kinda have a lot of out of the way achievement solutions, so comments are always a highlight! Check out this one that very few people will ever read... lol.
    Warhammer: Battle MarchGreenskin WarbossThe Greenskin Warboss achievement in Warhammer: Battle March worth 150 pointsComplete the Orc campaign
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 06 Aug 19 at 07:19
  • Dutch x MonsterDutch x Monster327,464
    28 Mar 2020 27 Mar 2020 27 Mar 2020
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    For anyone who started this years ago and had a half decent base when you left if you return now (i did after 4 years of not logging in) you go to Motherbase -> PF Grade -> Any League -> Press RT. You can redeen PF Points for all kind of rewards i came back and saw way over 4million points on it and i can buy like 50 nukes with the amount of points i have, about 1k of the points will get you roughly 5k mats so no need for grinding if you have played this game start to finish atleast a year ago you should have quite a bit of points already
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