No Place Like Home achievement in Rare Replay

No Place Like Home

Jet Force Gemini: Defeat Mizar and his boss minions.

No Place Like Home0
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How to unlock the No Place Like Home achievement

  • KratosGodOfWarsKratosGodOfWars262,768
    21 Feb 2016 21 Feb 2016 22 Feb 2016
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    Ok first off this is only the guide for the 2nd fight with mizar(last boss) as he is the only one i had trouble with. I hear a lot of people say they had 30+ homing missile capacity when they fought him wuth juno. I looked on many sites and only found 20 capacity with the homing and 20 with the tri rockets. What u need is ur homing missiles, tri rockets, and machine gun. After the opening cutscene he will shoot asteroids, start from the left or right and basicly strafe ur way through this with the occasional jumps. Next he comes at u with his slam attack, simply stay at on end of the stage untill he comes at u and strafe to the opposite and u wont be harmed. Once he slams get a lock on his glowing lights on his back with ur homing missles. Now i waited to lock on the first time he turned around and shot at him the 2nd time he turned and found that was the best way for me to make sure i didnt waste ammo. I shot 2 rockets every time he turned away. Mind you if u shoot instantly after he turns, try to aim to the left high or right high away from him so the rocket can work its way around him. His attacks vary from his annoying lightning which has 3 speeds, fast normal and slow. Strafe and jump at the lightning with good timing to avoid these. Then his breath attack simply strafe to avoid. And his last attack is the projectile lasers he shoots, same strategy simply strafe to avoid. His attacks are all at random so keep trying till he does an easy run for you. Now i had to use 20 homing rockets and 2 lucky tri rockets to get him to the next phase. Theres a cutscene and u need to aim for his arms with ur tri rockets. Keep shooting them till they both explode. Finally his head is the last part of thus ridiculous boss. I still had enugh tri ro ckets to finish him off here. If u dont then use the machine gun to finish the job. Goodluck!

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    Hysteria89Thanks for the solution. Quite an annoying boss. You should be able to get 3 hits in on him if you get the aiming right, for every retreat.
    Posted by Hysteria89 on 12 Sep 16 at 22:06
    Dragonborn GearThe only attack that really did any damage was the electric-based attack. It helped a lot once I stopped being an idiot. It was a lot easier staying closer to the middle and jumping over it. I kept getting too far on one side and landed on it.
    Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 22 Jan 17 at 02:57
    SambawebDUDE THANK YOU works like a charm clap
    Posted by Sambaweb on 05 Feb 17 at 02:18
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  • TheWhiteR4bbittTheWhiteR4bbitt304,752
    04 Apr 2018 04 Apr 2018 04 Apr 2018
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    My only suggestions are to be patient and use the homing missiles to their max.

    What I did:

    Dodged all his little asteroids and used the machine gun to blow up any that got too close.

    Then when hes going lunge I make sure I am on the right side, then move left as hes lunging. Then wait for him to turn and lock on shooting usually 1 rocket keeping the lock.
    Wait for him to do his lunge attack (when he lunges he can be hit so you can try chancing that) and when he turns shoot 2-3 when you know you will hit him on the back.
    Keep the lock, dodge his other moves and repeat.

    Phase 2 if you have the tri-rockets still just keep blasting his head/arms until its over :)

    I did this with 25 homing rockets and about 10 tri-rockets. That was with some homing missiles being wasted.
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