Shoot Ants, Save Bears achievement in Rare Replay

Shoot Ants, Save Bears

Jet Force Gemini: Save all of the Tribals over time.

Shoot Ants, Save Bears0
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How to unlock the Shoot Ants, Save Bears achievement

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    Guide is now complete headspin
    Covers all Tribals and some ship parts.

    Space station has a Tribal which sometimes does not appear, follow the guide to ensure this doesn't happen to you.

    To do the high jump (you will need to) stand still and hold cn_RSu (jump) for quite a while.

    You will need the Jetpacks and keys to find all the Tribals.

    Any questions, comments or suggestions just let me know.

    Goldwood: Vela

    Outset: 7 to collect

    Head straight on into the village.
    The first Tribal is under the sniper.
    The next 2 are by the houses in front of you.

    Exit through the small side door, be careful not to fall down the hole.
    In the caves follow the left hand path as far as you can.

    The remaining 4 Tribals are here, grab them and head back to the start of the caves. Now Jump down the hole and exit through the cave, swim straight ahead to exit the area and enter the lodge.

    Lodge: 15 to collect & a Ship part

    Head forwards and enter the first door on the left for the first 4 Tribals.
    Head on along the path and into the next area, keep on the path to the very end.
    Enter the wooden life door and kill the drones.
    Jump quickly on the platforms to grab the next 3 the platforms will fall so hurry.

    Now backtrack to the life force door we ignored on the path.
    Keep heading to the left and enter the door guarded by flying drones.
    Go through here and down, through a door and you'll see a bridge.

    Look to the pillar for you next 2 Tribals.
    Grab your first Ship part (Vela's Key) in the centre circle.
    Head back to the campfire and take a left.

    Enter the village area for the remaining Tribals.
    1 tribal is on the left near the first hut.
    1 is towards the back on the right.
    2 are in the second house on the right.
    2 are in the first house on the left.

    Continue straight on to exit the area.

    Change to Lupus the wonder dog and return to Goldwood

    Head straight through the Outset area and into the Interior as usual.

    Interior: 9 to collect

    Head round the first corner to collect the 1 Tribal under the tree.
    Continue on to the area with the broken huts, you'll see 1 Tribal on a high wall near a sniper.

    After the room with the flying drones you'll find the next 4 Tribals in a room with boxes, quickly kill the enemy in here or he will kill Tribals!

    Continue on and just before the exit behind some boxes you'll find the last 3 Tribals.

    Do Not Exit

    Instead turn around and head back to the big cliff with the life force door on the other side. Hover jump over the cliff and exit through the door, leading you to the Rim our final area on Goldwood.

    The Rim: 11 to collect

    Go straight ahead and take a right at the first two forks.
    When you see the first 2 Tribals rush in and grab them.
    Turn around and head through the life force door.
    Take a left at the fork and you'll find 1 Tribal behind the stalagmites.

    Continue on until you get to the room with platforms in the water.
    Climb up to the tallest one, turn around and hover jump over to the 1 Tribal in this room. Turn to the left and enter the life force door for 2 more tribals.

    Turn around go back through the door and follow the path.
    You'll find the next 1 in front of you, just hover jump to rescue him.
    Hover back over and then follow the path, take a right at the fork.
    Rush into the room with barrels to save the 1 Tribal in there.

    Follow the path through the life force door, along the long path and through another life force door.

    As you enter head forwards to the fork Stop turn to the left, note the mines!
    Take out the boxes on the right side and hover jump along the wall.
    Quickly grab the 2 Tribals here before the enemy kills them.

    Follow the path and in the big room with the stone steps you'll find 1 more Tribal to finish off Goldwood.

    S.S. Anubis: Any Character
    Yellow key is required

    Passageway: 8 to collect & a Ship part

    At the start of the level, turn right and climb the boxes to the jet fuel pad.
    Fill up and enter the door up and to the right of you to enter the Passageway.

    Head along the long path, down and round to the fuel pad and fill up.
    Follow the Jetpack path until you see the platform with electricity as you approach it, fly into the blue and red grate on the right. It will open, for your first 2 Tribals.

    Head out the other side and follow the path, you'll come to a big room with water and a door on the right. Through the door on the right you'll find your second Ship part (Fin) by speaking to Magnus.

    Back outside fuel up and fly across the water.
    Through the door behind the spinning platforms is the fuel pad, get more fuel.
    At the top of this platform you'll find the final 6 Tribals.

    Head all the way back to where you entered the passageway and exit the area.

    Depository: 14 to collect

    Jump down to where the yellow key door is (or climb up if you didn't come from the Passageway).
    Go through the yellow key door, turn right and go through the second yellow key door to enter the Depository.
    In between these doors behind a pillar on the wall is the First Cell door lock so make sure you shoot that.

    Follow the path and head past the first door you see, continue on to the second door and enter it. Kill the enemy quickly and then grab your first 5 Tribals here.

    Leave the room and return to the first door we saw, this room contains your ship and the last 9 Tribals. Exit via your ship to open the Walkway level.

    Return to the S.S. Anubis to finish with The Hold.

    Hold: 10 to collect

    This is the level with the cells and the door locks spread throughout the level that you need to shoot. Most of the Tribals can be found in the cells, with a few in the level itself:

    Once again when the level loads head up and enter through the yellow door.
    Head right and behind the pillar shoot Door Lock #1
    Look below and next to the big guy are your first 2 Tribals, jump down and grab them.

    Clear the room and head into the next room, as the room loads turn to your left and a little to the right of the door you entered is Door Lock #2

    The next room with the moving platforms has the next three door locks:
    #3 is directly to your right as you enter
    #4 is high above the exit door (if you struggle to shoot this from below, enter the conveyor belt room shoot the glass at the top and head on to find this lock)
    #5 jump on the moving platform, turn around and look down for this one

    Finally don't forget to grab the 1 Tribal on the boxes near Door Lock #3

    Enter the conveyor belt room, you'll find the next Door Lock #6 on the left hand wall about half way up, near a bomb.
    Now head down toward the exit, look high up for Door Lock #7, shoot it and head into the final room.

    Before collecting all the Tribals, you'll find Door Lock #8 by the first cell on your left. Shoot it, collect all the Tribals and you're done with the S.S. Anubis.

    Tawfet: Juno

    Bog: 10 to collect

    Exit the ship area into the bog.
    Kill all the zombies with rockets and a lif force door will open.
    Head through for the first 2 Tribals in the middle of the trees.

    Return to the previous area and continue along the path to the village.

    Enter the village and head towards the broken church.
    Shoot the door off the little hut on the right of the church and head inside for 2 more Tribals.
    Exit and run around the back of the church, on a high wall you'll find 1 more Tribal.

    Jump into the trapdoor and follow the path for the next 1.
    Now in this room you'll see a tribal trapped behind bars.
    On both sides of the room are black doors which open as you approach them.
    Open each one and kill the enemies inside becareful the remaing 4 Tribals are in some of these rooms.

    Once done the bars will open and you can collect the final 1.
    Head back to the village and through the door to complete the level and begin the bridge.

    Bridge: 12 to collect

    Head up the bridge and behind or by the poles you'll find Tribals:
    The first pole hides 1
    2 are behind the next pole
    The final pole has 1 more Tribal.

    Head along the path until you come to the water with an island and a tree in the middle.
    Go to the right here and it will lead you to the church area.
    Enter the door at the bottom near the water.

    In the sewer continue on till you see the sunlight on your left.
    in front of you in the tunnel theres a torch and a block, shoot the block to reveal a crawl space.
    Head inside for 2 more Tribals.
    Follow the sewer along and you'll find 2 more on your right in an open area, then exit the sewer.

    Go up the steps into the church area, head right and into the hole in the wall.
    Inside an enemy surrenders, you'll find a weapon crate and 1 more Tribal.
    Head out and around the buildings past the exit door.
    You'll find a wooden door behind a building it, blow it open and head in.

    Inside is a trap door, go down for 1 Tribal.
    Exit the trap door and head to the dark area at the back.
    Light a flare and jump up the platforms, up here are our final 2 Tribals.

    Now head on through the exit to our final area Castle.

    Castle: 6 to collect

    Continue along the path till you get to the waterfall.
    Now follow the path with water on it and you'll find 1 Tribal in the next room.
    Continue along and till you reach the gate at the end.

    Jump out here and go around the corner to the left.
    Between the sniper platforms are 2 more Tribals.

    Continue following this path and you should see 1 tribal in a corner near the life-force door.
    Follow the path around past the life-force door and theres 1 tribal on the opposite side.

    Head to the pillars area along the path and look to the right.
    There is the 1 remaining tribal in Tawfet.

    Sekhmet: Juno
    Red & Green key is required

    Battlecruiser 15 to collect

    The first 4 Tribals are in the room you start in, just run around the boxes to collect them.
    Continue down the path to the Lava room, jump into the lava and head through the pipe, climb up the platforms at the end.
    Through the door, on you right will be the next 2 Tribals.
    Head back through the pipe and follow the path through the red door.

    Use your jetpack in the next room to fly up and grab 2 Tribals by an enemy, sniping him first is a good idea. Refill your jetpack and head to the next room 1 Tribal will be on a platform in front of you.

    Into the next room and you'll find 1 Tribal on a low platform.
    Continue on to the room with a chest in the glass floor.

    In the room with the glass on the floor, shoot it and grab some fuel.
    Look up and shoot the two layers of glass and fly up into the hole.
    Above you are platforms slowly climbing higher, on some are fuel pads, on others are Tribals. Fly to each one going higher each time, eventually you'll find the 3 Tribals in this room.

    Drop down and continue on the path, it will take you right back to the start.
    Keep going until you go through the red key door in the next room there is a fuel pad.
    Fuel up and fly to the secret walkway above for 1 Tribal.
    Continue along this path past the twisting walkway and you'll find the final 1 Tribal.

    Turn around and follow the path back you'll find your ship and open the Water Ruins level.

    Cerulean: Any Character

    Dune: 8 to collect

    Follow the path until you get to the big open space, continue on to the red tunnel for you first 6 Tribals. Head through the level until you find your ship, the last 2 Tribals are behind your ship.

    Ichor: Lupus
    Blue key is required

    Military Base: 16 to collect, Lupus required

    Start the level and follow the path into the building and through the first room.
    In the next room a big enemy will be on a box firing rockets at you, to the left of him you'll find the first 2 Tribals.Kill everything to open the life force door and as you approach it turn around, at the bottom of the ramp are another 2 Tribals.

    Change to your sniper rifle and enter the next room.
    Look up a little and to the right you'll see 1 Tribal near a sniper, kill that sniper first. Kill everything else and use the fuel pad to reach the Tribal you just saved.
    Fuel up again and look at the door you entered here you'll find 1 more Tribal.
    The final 1 is on the left hand wall near the exit door.

    The next room has the yellow moving blocks, kill the enemy head up and past the first block. Look to your left, hover jump over the gap and grab your next 2 Tribals.
    Head into the room with the moving platforms, ignore the platforms and hover jump over to the 3 Tribals in the corner.

    As you enter the next room kill the enemy straigh away here are our last Tribals.
    2 you'll find on the ground floor and the other 2 are on the boxes and above the doorway. Don't waste time like I do in the video trying to climb up there's a fuel pad in the corner of the room.

    Then just finish the level, choose a character with a blue key and load it back up for Perimeter.

    Perimeter: 8 to collect

    When the Base level loads head to the second life force door and enter the Blue key door on the left of it, to get to the Perimeter. Follow the path to the first life door, above and to your right. In front of you are windows, snipe the enemies through the windows to open the door.

    Run towards the back of the room and you'll find 1 Tribal waiting for you behind the final box on the right. Go around here and you'll see a fuel pad, so grab some fuel, continue along the path and you'll see the next 1 at the top of the black and yellow pillar.
    Grab him and behind the third black and yellow pillar you'll find another 1.
    Go back and grab more fuel, follow the path again and around the corner you'll find the next 1 on a ledge.

    Go past the machine gunners and transform into an enemy, head on into the night club. If you need it you can speak to the DJ to pick up
    Rare ReplayNow That's DedicationThe Now That's Dedication achievement in Rare Replay worth 335 pointsJet Force Gemini: Request a song from the DJ.

    Go to the back near the bar for the next 2 Tribals, head back, transform back and go into the machine gunners room. Look up and to your right, you'll see a hole, fuel up back at the fuel pad and fly in here for the final 2 Tribals, completing Ichor.

    Spawnship: Vela
    Red & Green keys required

    Troop Carrier: 15 to collect

    Follow the path until you get to the room with moving platforms grab the 1 Tribal on your left and fall down. On the lower floor in the corner you'll fine another 1, grab him and exit the room. Go straight ahead into the room in front of you there's another 1 Tribal in the middle and 1 in corner, save them and exit.

    Head towards the door with the green marker above it and then turn right, go through this door and swim into the exit. Continue on till you enter the room with 1 Tribal on a box in front of you. head up the ramp and you'll see 2 more Tribals above the door, if you turn around. Use the fuel pad to fuel up and get all 3 Tribals, now head back to the moving platforms.

    Head across the moving platforms and continue until the room with four doors
    Enter the Green key door and go past the electricity for 4 Tribals, then return to the room with four doors. Head into the green marker door, next to the life force door and through the next room. When you see the Red key door turn around for 1 Tribal above the door.

    Head through the Red key door and drop down, either grab the final 3 Tribals here or kill the enemy, he will kill the Tribals if you give him a chance so which ever you do just do it quickly.

    Tribals saved we're done with the Spawnship.

    Rith Essa: Vela
    Blue key is required

    Bluff: 8 to collect

    Head down the path and into the blue key door, stick to the left hand side and when you enter a room with health pickups at the back, 2 Tribals will be on your right.
    Continue along the main path through the next 2 life force doors, sticking to the left hand side. When you see the room with flying drones in a circle and boxes quickly rush in and you'll save the next 2 Tribals among the boxes up ahead.

    Follow the path and you'll exit right next to the next 2 Tribals, grab them and jump down off the ledge. Continue on till you see a big reocket enemy, kill him and quickly rush round the corner, between 2 more big enemies are the final 2 Tribals.

    Ascent: 6 to collect

    Head through the Blue key door to load Ascent.
    Once the level loads grab the 2 Tribals you can see in front of you.
    Head on through the Jetpack part and in the next room you'll find the remaining 4 Tribals.

    Interior: 4 to collect

    Head through the green mark door to load Interior.

    When the level loads you'll see 1 Tribal to the right, grab him and follow the path.
    A little further ahead in the alcove on the left is 1, follow the path onwards.
    Just past the flying enemies you'll find 1 on a ledge by some tokens.
    The final 1 is on the path waiting to be saved after you cross the bridge.

    Now jump down and head back to the entrance, don't leave via the ship so we can head into the Mine.

    Mine: 15 to collect

    Head up the steps and through the wooden door, enter the hut.
    Give the guy the magazine (Vela gets this from Eschebone) for the mine key, then head into the mine.

    Follow the path into the big room, drop down for the first 4 Tribals.
    After saving them head further down the path and drop down, there's 2 more here.Shoot the boxes to reveal the elevator switch, then shoot the switch green.
    Ride the elevator up and behind the left pillar is 1 more Tribal.

    Take the left and head into the next area, 2 Tribals wait for you at the bridge 1 hides behind the pillar on the right.

    Follow the path past the transform pad and grab the 2 Tribals in front of you.
    Continue on down the stairs and you'll see the next 1. Follow the path straight ahead along the water to the door, shoot the switch behind the door and get on the elevator. Leave at the water at the bottom and hit the fuel pad, fly to the top of the elevator shaft, here are the next 2 Tribals. Head back down and continue past the fuel pad, when you see the elevator turn to the left for the final 1 completing Rith Essa.

    Eschebone: Vela

    Approach: 6 to collect

    Enter the first room and there is 1 on your left, before you leave this room grab the 1 near the exit to the right. In the next room are 2 more Tribals 1 on the left platform and 1 on the right platform. The final Tribals can be found in the next room on a platform on the right (look down) you'll find the last 2.

    Now enter the Thorax and continue on to the end of the area.

    Cortex: 5 to collect & a Ship part

    Head out the Thorax through one of the three exits on your right and blow open the wooden door. Fuel up the Jetpack and fly onto the thorax, ignore the 4 holes and enter the tunnel to load the Cortex.

    Take the right path for 1 Tribal and then back track and take the left hand path.
    This path will lead you onto the other 4 Tribals, just take the left path each time.

    Continue onto the end and you'll see some floating platforms and a big brain, climb to the top and across for a Ship part (Oxygen Tank).

    Now go all the way back to exit the Cortex.

    Thorax: 12 to collect

    Jump into the second hole on your right for 1 Tribal and then jump down, head outside again and rocket the wooden door. Fuel up and fly into the hole to save the other 1, then leave through the green mark door. Continue on through the life force door, till you enter the room with four bones, 2 Tribals are by the far left bone.

    Go on down the path until you come to the water, jump in and enter the tunnel. In here are 6 more Tribals to save. Take the left hand fork for the first 2
    Continue down the path and you'll find 2 more Tribals down another left hand fork. Keep going and when you get to a room with light shinning out of a pool in the floor, run around for your final 2. Head out the water and up the stairs, enter the room with flying enemies and kill them all, drop down for the final 2 hiding behind the wall.

    Mizars Palace: All

    Flume: 6 to collect
    Vela required

    Go straight ahead and then turn right and enter the water tunnel. Navigate through here and out the other side. The first 4 Tribals will be on your left as you exit, enter the next room for the final 2 on a ledge to your left.

    Lobby: 14 to collect
    Juno required

    Head into the building to enter the lobby, you'll be in a big room with torches. Run to the back of the room and enter the left door. Kill the enemies in here and then turn to the left you'll see 2 Tribals near the entrance. Save them and then head back and through the other door. Go through here and into the door at the top, you'll find 3 Tribals waiting for you, save them and head back to the torches room.

    Jump into the second torch on the right to enter the basement, take the right path each time until you enter a room. There should be 3 Tribals to save in here, exit and take the right path once again, leading you to a room with 2 more to save.
    Leave here and run past the entrance, this time stick to the left forks the room with four gold enemies room has 2 Tribals on the right. Save them, exit the area and cross the lava just before you use the door head to the left for our final 2 Tribals.

    Chasm: 10 to collect
    Lupus required

    As soon as you start grab the 2 Tribals to the left of the door.
    Continue on to the night vision section, take a right at the fork and then go right.
    You should be in a room with some tokens and a small hole in the wall, go in the hole for 4 more Tribals.

    When you get outside turn around and save the 1 tribal on the far ledge.
    Hover jump over the gap and rescue 1 Tribal in the waterfall.
    Climb up and you'll find the last 2 tribals at the far right near the door.

    Gem Quarry: Lupus

    Landing: 5 to collect & a Ship Part

    As soon as the level loads your first 2 Tribals are in front of you.
    Follow the path and around the corner are the last 3 Tribals.

    Now backtrack and go into the huts.
    In one of them speak to Magnus, he'll tell you about shooting the gems.
    Follow the path again through the door.
    Shoot the green gems near the vehicle and it will suck them up.
    After the cutscene return to Magnus to collect your next Ship part the radar dish.

    Water Ruin: Lupus

    Lost Island: 8 to collect

    The first 1 is behind you, so head around your ship to save him.
    Now follow the path and grab the 1 on the rock to your left. As you approach the stairs turn to the right and head towards the broken castle out at sea.On the wall of the broken castle is our next 1, no go towards the arch way and turn right as you approach it.1 Tribal is hiding behind a rock near a weapons chest.

    You now need to do some jumping all remaining Tribals are on the walls.
    Jump on the rock and then onto one of the broken walls and up then just follow the wall for the next 4. Our final 1 is out on the rock overhanging the ocean, hover jump over to rescue him and finish the ruins.

    Space Station: Any

    Abandoned wreck: 12 to collect

    Go through the door and drop down then run past a Tribal on the lower level and continue down the path. Go right, through the doors, left, right, right again and then left and you should come to 1 Tribal alone.

    This is the 1 that sometimes fails to appear so check with the video to make sure you got the right one.

    Now head back for the 1 Tribal we passed on that lower level. follow the path for 1 more. Take a right and drop down into the next room with 2 Tribals in it. From here go down the hall on the right and then turn right at the fork enter the second door 2 Tribals. Go out the room and take two rights to find the elevator, head up and take the left path then the right one for the next elevator.
    At the top turn right for 1 Tribal, then grab some jetpack fuel. Jetpack over the gap and follow the path, you'll come to the bridge we started on.

    Cross the platform bridge thing and ride the elevator, you should be back at the ship
    Carefully drop down one level near the ship becareful if you go too close to the ship the level will end. Once you drop down turn to the right and go through the hole, for 1 Tribal. Jump on the box and head up into the celing hole, now do it again on the next box, turn around for 1 Tribal. and continue towards the weapons chest.
    In this room is 1 Tribal and if you drop down the hole you can save the final 1

    Walkway: Juno

    Peak: 6 to collect

    Follow the path to the building at the end and head to the left side.
    Grab some fuel and fly up for 1 Tribal, Fly up to the totem pole and look down you'll see a walkway and another 1 Tribal to save.
    Return for more fuel and look over the edge for another 1, this is repeated on the right side of the building. So fuel up head round, look over and grab another 1. Now enter the building and follow the path for your final 2 Tribals, try not to shoot them as you approach.

    That's it all Tribals resuced all you need to do is wait for that well earned POP.
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    RaginCajun928@ObemeMosquito thanks for the reply, I guess I know what I'm playing this weekend. Getting so burnt out on PDZ need something different to get achievements on.
    Posted by RaginCajun928 on 05 Feb 16 at 18:30
    SpoolinChaosI don't understand this guide at all? Are the levels all out of order?
    Posted by SpoolinChaos on 30 Mar 16 at 04:02
    DarklightsYou can choose any level you want, it's ordered in the most efficient way through.
    Posted by Darklights on 30 Mar 16 at 21:22
    SpoolinChaosSo use this guide AFTER completing the game?
    Posted by SpoolinChaos on 31 Mar 16 at 02:06
    DarklightsYes, sorry I thought the guide stated you have to complete the pyramid before you can collect them all
    Posted by Darklights on 11 Apr 16 at 21:41
    JerikkoFYI: At least this happened to me. I earned the achievement when I still needed 20 Tribals to get the spaceship part. If you are trying to beat the game keep this in mind if Jeff doesn't want to give you the final part.
    Posted by Jerikko on 12 Jun 16 at 23:39
    Chrille 1983I don't know if anyone else has encountered this glitch but when I played "Spacestation" the first time I played as Vela and the Tribal no 8 in your guide didn't appear. So I replayed as Juno and they were all there...
    Posted by Chrille 1983 on 28 Feb 17 at 15:09
    Greedy136Great guide. Many thanks. One part confused me a bit:
    "Ichor: Lupus
    Blue key is required"
    I thought I need to have the blue key with Lupus, if I want to finish this level in one go. Everything is clear, when you continue to read the guide, but I thought that I should skip Ichor and come back, when Lupus has the blue key. So I stopped reading and visited another planet. I later found out that there is no blue key for Lupus. This guide is a few years old, but if you like, you could change like this:
    Ichor: Lupus
    Blue key is required for either Juno or Vela
    Posted by Greedy136 on 05 Jun 19 at 18:15
    DarklightsThanks will do
    Posted by Darklights on 05 Jun 19 at 18:26
    GreenEyesMikeWhen i finish the game and i didnˋt collected all of the ship parts And the bears, I can select the level where i miss those parts or do i have to go through all the game again?
    Posted by GreenEyesMike on 12 Jan at 03:57
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