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Totes Amazing

Jet Force Gemini: Activate all of the totem poles over time.

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How to unlock the Totes Amazing achievement

  • ObeseMosquitoObeseMosquito697,618
    06 Feb 2016 06 Feb 2016
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    Using this guide in conjunction with the more vague locations helped me gather these in no time.

    ***TOTEM POLES***

    (1) - Goldwood: Entrance - As Vela, head to the right wall and look for a crack
    leading into a hidden area. When you find it, go
    inside and dive down to the bottom of the pool for
    the totem. - YELLOW DRONE

    (2) - S.S. Anibus: Hold - In the conveyor room at the end, smash the glass and
    head through. Follow the path and you'll get to the
    catwalks of another room. Cross them and on your left
    is the totem. - BLUE DRONE

    (3) - Spawnship: Troop Carrier - In the fourth area (the large gap that you
    use platforms to cross) use Lupus to hover to
    the hole in the wall. Head inside to find the
    totem. - GREEN DRONE

    (4) - Ichor: Military Base - In the final inside room, hover with the jetpack
    to another lava-filled room. Follow this to the end, where the totem lies. - RED DRONE

    (5) - Tawfret: Bridge - In the first area, as Lupus, wipe out all the enemies
    to open the door. Then hover to the hut and enter to find the totem. - ZOMBIE DRONE

    (6) - Sekhment: Battle Cruiser - In the Fishface room, you can find a Magenta
    Key Door. Head inside and head down the hall
    to the end, where you'll find the totem. - MALE TRIBAL

    (7) - Rith Essa: Mine - In the room with the Jetpack Pad, boost to the very top
    area where the totem lies. - FEMALE TRIBAL

    (8) - Tawfret: Bridge - As Vela, in the first area, dive into the water and
    search for a hole in a rock. Inside the hole is the
    totem. - BEETLE TERMITE

    (9) - Sekhment: Battle Cruiser - As Lupus, in the final area with the spiral
    ramp, hover to the ledge in the center to find the totem. - METALLIC TERMITE

    (10) - Mizar's Palace: Lobby - In the final area, there's the Weevil guarding a
    passage on your left. Wipe out the Weevil and
    then crawl through the passage to find the totem. - PURPLE TERMITE

    (11) - Spacestation: Abandoned Wreck - In the first maze area, follow the maze
    to a gap that you can't cross. Drop down
    to find the totem. - SPACESTATION

    (12) - Walkway: Peak - Use the jetpack to fly to one of the highest parts of the
    roof and the totem is just sitting there. - RITH ESSA MINE

    (13) - Cerulean: Dune - To find this, make your way through the first set of
    caves and when you get thorugh them, the totem will be on a ledge. - KING OF THE HILL

    (14) - Rith Essa: Nameless Area(Area before the mines and Ascent) - After the Bluff, use Vela to dive into thewaterfall. You'll find the totem shortly after. - TUNNELS

    All credit goes to 'me frog' for posting this on gamefaqs. LINK:

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    warm slurmAre any of these (as well as tribals, spaceships, etc.) missable? Just wondering. Thanks. :)
    Posted by warm slurm on 20 Jun 16 at 00:36
    ObeseMosquitoNone of these are missable. I retrieved most of these near end game.
    Posted by ObeseMosquito on 02 Jan 17 at 01:45
    For #9 you need a green key for Lupus, correct? Where do you get the green key?
    Posted on 04 May 19 at 00:14
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  • GINES55GINES55301,654
    13 Sep 2016 18 Sep 2016
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    Hi guys, here I leave you a video guide made by me, I hope you will be helpful to find those missing totems. Greetings from Spaincn_guide rock cn_guide

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    Where do you get the green key for Lupus?
    Posted on 04 May 19 at 00:13
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